Nathaniel Drew

Nathaniel Drew

I am in search of mental clarity and how to live a better life in the 21st century. Videos on living intentionally, slow travel, language learning, self-exploring and the occasional vlog.


Q: What camera do I shoot with? A: A link to my full gear list is in the description of all of my videos. But the short answer is Fuji.

Q: How old am I? A: 23. Born in '97

Q: Where are you based? A: Paris

Q: How do I have money to travel the world? A: I created two videos explaining how I make this happen called "There's a Better Way to Travel the World" and "How to Make Money on the Internet: A Guide to Becoming A Digital Nomad"

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  1. Asier Urueña

    Asier Urueña

    Ora fa

    You and Matt should team up and make documentaries. Your edits are very inspiring and spot on.

  2. KameHameHuy Le

    KameHameHuy Le

    3 ore fa

    "You have to sacrifice to be great"

  3. Danica Dabic

    Danica Dabic

    5 ore fa

    Nikola Tesla also, supposedly, slept for only a couple of hours per day.

  4. Michael Nistal

    Michael Nistal

    5 ore fa


  5. Jeff


    5 ore fa

    Not sure I'd describe that daily routine as incredible. Maybe unimaginable or unthinkable. Or even astounding. But def not incredible.

  6. guazon kiler

    guazon kiler

    5 ore fa

    Quiero vivir una Vida sin temores pero éstoy en un país subdesarrollado es difícil quiero salir de aquí para lograrlo buen video Algún día lograre Miaximo Nivel gracias por los videos una Abrazo

  7. Jimmy Catalina

    Jimmy Catalina

    7 ore fa

    Just put the pen in your other hand and mimic the same motions as your usual writing hand, starting with both hands together then move the left hand to your left exactly as the right hand moves right. I learned this when I was about 10 yrs old. Maybe he wanted to have both hands working on separate projects simultaneously.

  8. Oliver Vega Hidalgo

    Oliver Vega Hidalgo

    8 ore fa

    This is so cool, and weird. I can understand 3 of those languages. But I'm so used to listen to him in English that I kind of hear him in English still.

  9. Rafa Rodríguez

    Rafa Rodríguez

    9 ore fa

    ¡Te ves genial con la calva Nathan!

  10. Ephraim Teller

    Ephraim Teller

    10 ore fa

    Mehn, you look nice bro

  11. Wyattt


    12 ore fa

    Do you think that someone made your house, even though you have never seen them? The house is the evidence of the builder. Same with this universe. It had a beginning, therefore it had to have a cause. And that cause, is God. This universe could not have created itself. So do you think God cares about how we live? If He has given us morality so that we have set up a system of law with courts and judges, how much more would the supreme ruler of the universe demand justice? Have you ever lied, stolen the smallest thing or thought a rude thought? If these were the things God would judge us by, would He find us innocent or guilty? The answer? Guilty. Sinning against an infinite authority figure brings infinite punishment. Hell. So how can we stop going to hell? Does doing good deeds take away our sins? If I get a speeding ticket in the morning, then do 5 good things, should the judge let me go free? No, the fine has to be paid. What about asking for forgiveness? If a criminal stands before a judge and says, I'm really sorry... Should the judge let him go free? No, because that would be a bad judge. If he forgave every criminal because he loved them, that would not be doing justice. Justice has to be paid. God is merciful, but not so at the expense of justice. The only way we can go to heaven is if someone pays our hell punishment for us. Jesus lived a perfect sinless life and then took all of God's wrath for our sins upon Himself on the cross. Since jesus paid 100% of our sins, there is none left for us to pay. Our punishment has been paid and we get off scot free. Justice has been paid and Gods mercy has been upheld. Our good deeds don't save us. Nor do they contribute anything to our salvation. Jesus paid it all. Just acknowledge your sins, and accept this gift of Jesus Christ to go to heaven. Readthe gospel of John. It's free online.

  12. Milagros Vega Goñas

    Milagros Vega Goñas

    13 ore fa

    Wow this is so impressive, I think that your grandma is really smart, I learned English but it's kind of difficult, but I was so impressive that your grandma can speak more than 3 languages.

  13. Parker Hammock

    Parker Hammock

    15 ore fa

    I realized my hairline started receding a few months ago and I’m gonna start treatment on it now since I’m 18, maybe I can save my hair🥲

  14. ¿?


    16 ore fa

    Nathaniel’s spanish sounds exactly like Lionel Messi’s. Real argentinian accent

  15. Emrah Eryilmaz

    Emrah Eryilmaz

    16 ore fa

    You are such a piece of shit, you will get what you deserve

  16. Cristobal Escorcia

    Cristobal Escorcia

    16 ore fa

    todos hablando en ingles.....

  17. zrnki


    17 ore fa

    Hi Nathaniel, thank you for this and all other videos. You are talking about things that capture how I feel lately and it brings me a lot of joy in life. First time in my life I feel like I'm living my life rather than being a passenger and the changes are immense! I started to trush my feelings, guts, intuition....whatever you call it and things started happening so fast that I'm struggling to believe it's all true. I feel like I'm living in my dreams. I set myself a challenge to paint a big canvas blindfolded. And I'd like to ask you a big favour. Can you recommend a music that speaks to you, music YOU like? I've been struggling to find music that "moves" me, make me feel. Something that resonates with my soul. And who ever READS this, please do the same. I've realized that PEOPLE will always give you the answer to your questions if you listen carefully🤗 Thank you all!!! Love, Jan

  18. N S

    N S

    17 ore fa

    The emotional "numbing yourself out" ...that's scary..the only coping mechanism you had to mentally servive.

  19. Geziny dias de moraes

    Geziny dias de moraes

    17 ore fa

    Cara foi muito legal ver você se esforçando pra falar português. Sucesso pra você. Aqui de Manaus - Amazonas.

  20. The Art of Mar

    The Art of Mar

    18 ore fa

    So proud of your growth, Nathaniel! :) Cheers to more adventures with an open heart.

  21. Krisha Cheatem

    Krisha Cheatem

    19 ore fa

    Board of Education Professionals.. Refresher Courses... Glory Hallelujah 😇😇😇😇😇

  22. Krisha Cheatem

    Krisha Cheatem

    19 ore fa

    Years ago ...

  23. Krisha Cheatem

    Krisha Cheatem

    19 ore fa

    This Great for Psychology 101 and Christian Psychology etc.hmm.. [email protected] 12:20

  24. Krisha Cheatem

    Krisha Cheatem

    19 ore fa

    THATS THE Whole Point...

  25. Krisha Cheatem

    Krisha Cheatem

    19 ore fa

    Hmmm ... Cognitive Ability. Great that's my research too...