3 Simple Ideas That Are Changing My Life

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A few reflections of mine on relationships.
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  1. Nandy S

    Nandy S

    Giorno fa

    Thank you)

  2. Youssef Mejri

    Youssef Mejri

    14 giorni fa

    I'm really impressed by the depth of your ideas and thoughts . I'm only 16 , but I feel we've got many qualities and hobbies in common . I'm a very active person , doing many activities , but I'm seriously lacking balance and being very distracted by my phone . I really hope - and I'm sure-your creative videos will make me improve my life ! Your fan from Tunisia !!

  3. Stan Stanminson

    Stan Stanminson

    15 giorni fa

    I once took a girl golfing for a first date and kissed her at the end. Best first date of my life

  4. Emilie tristano

    Emilie tristano

    15 giorni fa

    Hello I just want you to know that you are my favorite youtuber ever. Your videos literally speak to my soul and I just want to let you know that you are amazing and your influence is one that this world needs. Wish u the most success.

  5. Glen Clark

    Glen Clark

    18 giorni fa

    I tended to date girls with unique personalities. The most beautiful girl was in college. And for a few years after. She had been raised with the idea that she would be the child who would take vows and join a convent (yes, even in the latter half of the 20th century that stuff went on). Anyway, "Hey let's go see a movie, there is a little indi theater I want to check out". OK, it didn't help that the guy sitting in front of us smelled of M/D 20-20 (his dog smelled worse), was eating a pomegranate and spitting seeds on the floor. The movie was Zardoz (which I actually think is an interesting movie). Unfortunately, the opening lines are "The penis is bad, the gun is good." She walked out. It was not the last time I saw her but the relationship never went anywhere after that. Several years later a bunch of people from my masters class were sitting around having a beer after an exam, we started talking about where we worked. One of the guys said he worked at the company I knew she did. "Oh, hey, do you know " ...... his response was "Oh man, she is weird." .... my shock did not lighten the mood "Yeah ..... we use to be a thing." He didn't talk to me the rest of the night. Haven't seen her in like 30 years. I hope she found a nice guy, or gal, or convent or something and had a great life.

  6. Glen Clark

    Glen Clark

    18 giorni fa

    For the first 62 years of my life, I put the needs of others before my own. Striving to get good grades, striving to keep jobs, striving to get better jobs. Some I look back and have nothing but positive soul growing thoughts of, caring for my parents. Spending 8 years one on one caring for my mother. Fulfilling a promise I made to her to go back to school. I am now a doctor of medicine, but can't practice, because no one gives residencies to 62 year olds. And now I am adrift. Yeah, time to take care of me, put me first. It is not a skill I had ever learned and I still have not mastered. I suspect I will still not totally understand what it means when I die.

  7. Gortak the freezer hope

    Gortak the freezer hope

    18 giorni fa

    Místico, unico y transendente sigue adelante en tu travel, bendiciones 🍃

  8. Sarah Schaller

    Sarah Schaller

    19 giorni fa

    I love the cringey bowling date story! We all have them (:

  9. Degio Adors

    Degio Adors

    24 giorni fa

    8:35 "If you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else? can i get an amen up in here?!"

  10. Lloyd Irving

    Lloyd Irving

    25 giorni fa

    "audiobooks are my drug of choice" is probably the lamest thing I've ever heard someone say

  11. محمد Suleman

    محمد Suleman

    29 giorni fa

    Yeah it happens, those awkward moments - but it’s more important to accept life with all its imperfections. Appreciating the complexities and subtleties of our existence and appreciating the life in general.

  12. Bella Vlogs Life

    Bella Vlogs Life

    Mese fa

    Loving your vids! Even though they were produced a while back they’re speaking volumes to me today. Thank you The one with your mama by the way, wow! That completely re rooted me. Just hearing people saying all of the things I’ve always so deeply believed in, has reminded me how OK it is to allow that depth to be a part of us I live in England in a town near London, and here in the UK I’ve never felt at home, whilst at home. I’m born and bred here but also have Greek blood and I’ve always felt like a fish out of water here I love this place. But I don’t fully resonate. The “stiff upper lip” is not just a phrase. Lol. It’s very real! And I often feel very judged for truly being myself, philosophical, experiencing emotions fully, questioning and exploring etc I just love how You are so expressive and open, and in tune with your own truth rather than your environmental truth as such. If we allow ourselves to be shaped by each environment we encounter, we became shape-less! Your mind has an amazing shape. I’m looking forward to more of your vids

    • Bella Vlogs Life

      Bella Vlogs Life

      Mese fa

      Ps I’m learning Spanish and I’m inspired by your long travel concept. This is something I’ll definitely be doing once it’s safe to do so. I hope I say this correctly, but ... tienes un bien dia 😆 (have a good day)

  13. Sangha Modak

    Sangha Modak

    Mese fa

    'was just thinking about how to incorporate these into my life and noticed , you've really beautiful eyes Nat

  14. Bem Partington

    Bem Partington

    Mese fa

    7:45 For ‘the path to guidance is one of love and compassion, not of force and coercion’ - The Bab

  15. Bem Partington

    Bem Partington

    Mese fa

    On my first date I didn’t consider it a date, until a few months later when a friend questioned me.

  16. Zeyad Alabdaly

    Zeyad Alabdaly

    Mese fa

    I feel intellectually and spiritually connected with you, Nathaniel. Thank you for the great content! Keep it up!

  17. K


    Mese fa

    I love this video! i like that you are down to earth and bringing in these reminders to use is so important, especially stay in your own lane.

  18. Nathaniel Luttrell

    Nathaniel Luttrell

    Mese fa

    Yes, of course, the dont-give-people-advice advice



    Mese fa

    There is no one on Earth that is more important than yourself

  20. Michael Gadarowski

    Michael Gadarowski

    Mese fa

    Thanks. I disagree with 3 but I appreciate your content. Thank you.

  21. N kk

    N kk

    Mese fa

    Awww...love the date story. So sweet....I bet she thought it was adorable!!

  22. Diana Carolina Chablé Ramírez

    Diana Carolina Chablé Ramírez

    Mese fa

    Getting to know your channel I think I'm gonna like it! I'd love you keep being so fresh in being truly yourself as you seem to be but most of all I wish you the best in all your projects! Thanks for sharing this kind of content and greetings from Ciudad del Carmen, México

  23. Alfie Miller-Sharp

    Alfie Miller-Sharp

    Mese fa

    Maybe investigate Brent Williams. He is changing the lives of young Australians through a progrm call Empower U, which teaches basic life skills like emotional intelligence, goal setting, money and finance, communication and so much more. It's a really fun expierience, and is super engaging.

  24. Pegakrux


    2 mesi fa

    I find it very interesting how you come to these rather spiritual conclusions just through striving for mental clarity. In a sense, the spiritual or mystical path to self- mastery has the exact same end goal as the process you are engaging in. Full mental clarity, unified awareness, single-pointed focus, equilibrium of consciousness seem to be all the same thing - a stage in psychological development. This involves both the inner and the outer world of each person's reality. I believe that people that are consciously striving for this goal, like you are, are the ones that make up the people of the Aeon of Horus, prophesied by Aleister Crowley. I probably got a few raised eyebrows from that last sentence, since I have yet to find out how to behave in this niche of lifestyle and personality :) Methods to achieve absolute control over mind, emotions, body and will do exist since thousands of years, not being engaged with, as the words "tradition" or "religion" rather evoke ideas of doctrines and unrealistic stories about talking snakes. People today are trying to get to that same state of being that humanity has been working towards since the dawn of their existence. I want to make those people, who may read this comment and are unaware of these esoteric and occult techniques, aware of the vast material that is out there. To recap: The goal of achieving perfect mental clarity (and there is such a thing as perfection) through this type of lifestyle, co-relates to the goal of achieving a certain state of psychological development through either mystical, occult, esoteric, whatever-you-wanna-call-it techniques.

  25. Julia S Silva

    Julia S Silva

    2 mesi fa

    It's really good to see the things that I've been working to be and do, happens to be a video about "live your life well" and relationships, that a person, just as I am, did. besides putting my thoughts in phrases! (which really help to clarify)

  26. Maria Teresa Cenerazzo

    Maria Teresa Cenerazzo

    2 mesi fa

    That expression is used in Italy as well, it’s “dimmi con chi vai e ti dirò chi sei”

  27. West Coast

    West Coast

    2 mesi fa

    I despise the word "influencer". It's for the sheep who need someone to follow

  28. Rick Larson

    Rick Larson

    2 mesi fa

    Amazing simple, straightforward advice. I think we frequently want to complicate things but it does not need to be complicated. Thank you for sharing it.

  29. Nacho


    2 mesi fa

    dime con quién andas y te dire quién eres

  30. Beau De jeu

    Beau De jeu

    2 mesi fa

    You're words are so well said and put together

  31. Clara Leung

    Clara Leung

    2 mesi fa

    If we hadn't already met in our previous lifes, we are and will again in the next ones. Because you are having an impact on now.

  32. Gessica Motti

    Gessica Motti

    2 mesi fa

    That Argentinian way of saying is exactly the same in Naples and Italy in general. "Dimmi con chi vai e ti diro` chi sei".

  33. Río Rodríguez

    Río Rodríguez

    2 mesi fa

    0:43 que flash, no esperaba ésa referencia XD

  34. erika pino

    erika pino

    2 mesi fa


  35. Sarah Baylere

    Sarah Baylere

    2 mesi fa

    In NVC we say that "heard" or "seen" are not feelings. Advice : look up for a list of feelings made by someone who works with NVC

  36. Rachel Anne

    Rachel Anne

    2 mesi fa

    You’re utilizing your “influence” to let others know about Alan Watts! Yay!

  37. Certinho


    2 mesi fa

    I just discovered your channel yesterday. I love your channel. Keep up the great content and showing European footage. Je t'aime Paris.

  38. Mahua Roy

    Mahua Roy

    2 mesi fa

    Awwww....I think that episode at the bowling date was incredibly cute 😄

  39. h Boon

    h Boon

    2 mesi fa

    Once again - such life enriching content! - Thx

  40. Marko Mejicanos

    Marko Mejicanos

    2 mesi fa

    The expression you said is a very common one in a Spanish Language

  41. Logan C

    Logan C

    2 mesi fa

    Great stuff!

  42. monalisasmoustache


    2 mesi fa

    Per staying in your lane at 6:34 most importantly is "unless somebody's asking for it". Because we all learn from each other or the bit about show me who your friends are wouldn't be true. Best said is, "When the student is ready the teacher will appear." And you can learn some pretty deep stuff from the most innocuous sources.

  43. Ibrahim Et

    Ibrahim Et

    2 mesi fa

    Dates hahaha, one of mine was when I and the girl got busted by her whole family (in India). Was embarrassing and somewhat funny as well lmfao.

  44. Goon


    2 mesi fa

    It's a waste of time to try to change other people *spends enormous amounts of time on videos that could very well change people's lives*

  45. Nicky Treagus

    Nicky Treagus

    2 mesi fa

    I love the idea that you concentrate on improving yourself. Not in a mean way, if someone asks for help then give it whole heartedly. But you have enough of your hands working on and improving yourself. I realise you didn't say that. I'm struggling with words today 😅. I think I'm going to use this thought a lot. I often want to help others but maybe I could do with some help for myself for a bit.

  46. ana alvarez

    ana alvarez

    2 mesi fa

    Hi! I'm Spanish living in Ireland and like a lot your videos. Always learning something new in your videos and very positive. Thanks for sharing your live and aventures.

  47. Anik Pelchat

    Anik Pelchat

    2 mesi fa

    3: 12 and he is rambling on, and on... He needs to be seen rather than having something genuine to share.

  48. Tasha Clarke

    Tasha Clarke

    2 mesi fa

    My worst date was either the time a guy decided to greet me like a kiss and it felt like get my face sucked by an octopus. Or the girl who stood be up and proceeded to block me on social media while I was standing outside the bar waiting for her, which nearly made me decide to stop trying to date for a while but then I started talking to someone and just... knew... our first date was awkward as hell and we barely spoke for the first hour but it is now one of the best days of my life, a year and a half later I still... know.

  49. brocklanders1984


    2 mesi fa

    ‘I really like listening to smart people articulate and connect ideas, I think that’s a great weight to further develop the ability to do the same thing’ ....Absolute fucking genius articulation there. Another Sub. ❤️

  50. Charlie Wainger and Rain Dog Farm

    Charlie Wainger and Rain Dog Farm

    2 mesi fa

    great video mate.

  51. Marleen B

    Marleen B

    2 mesi fa

    Hey! A newbie to your channel and I am absolutely inspired by your down to earth, well-read, articulate and mindful way of communicating your thoughts and ideas. Your work has such a refreshing pace to engage with, and I often find myself reaching for my notebook - rewinding, pausing, and making a note. Thank you for the amazing work that you do, and thank you for being a pen and paper, poet, painter soul - and somehow merging that with truly brilliant video procuction style. As to this particular piece, I was reminded of a quote in Shantaram (an incredible book!) : "Fate gives us three teachers, three friends, three enemies, and three great loves in our lives. But these twelve are always disguised, and we can never know which one is which until we've loved them, left them, or fought them."

  52. Ross Campbell

    Ross Campbell

    2 mesi fa

    I've got nothing to say but this ones for the algorithmsout there

  53. msel


    2 mesi fa

    "Dime con quien andas y te diré quien eres" :)

  54. E. M.

    E. M.

    2 mesi fa

    Thanks for being you. I love life, and I love it even more since I stumbled upon your excellent channel. Bon courage and keep shining!

  55. Isha Sharma

    Isha Sharma

    2 mesi fa

    Everything in intro is so slow and beautiful 🤍

  56. TracyLeaOh


    2 mesi fa

    I don't have anything profound to say. I just want to help with the algorithm because I enjoy your vids selfishly want you to keep making them :)

  57. maHoohba


    2 mesi fa

    How old are you? I think that is important to mention. These kind of behaviour need to time to grow

  58. Hannes Bezuidenhout

    Hannes Bezuidenhout

    2 mesi fa

    I love your videos Nathaniel. It is really inspiring and feels like I am rediscovering myself on a spiritual/philosophical manner. I want to know where you bought the wristband with the Cross on it. It would be a great reminder for me to always strive for a sense of Mental Clarity. All the best from South Africa!

  59. Interviewer Von Artista

    Interviewer Von Artista

    2 mesi fa

    awww.... nice..good observations

  60. Lucía Jobe

    Lucía Jobe

    2 mesi fa

    "Dime con quién andas y te diré quién eres"

  61. Kathleen Sullivan

    Kathleen Sullivan

    2 mesi fa

    I just found your channel a few days ago. I don't even know how to express how your delivery and thoughtfulness brightens my day. Life long learning and improving are keys to my life. Thank you for this sharing. I haven't dated in over 22 years and really can't recall bad ones or funny ones. I know they must exist. Cheers.

  62. Chase Randazzo

    Chase Randazzo

    2 mesi fa


  63. Natalia Matelski

    Natalia Matelski

    2 mesi fa

    When I was 18 I accidentally and very innocently led a guy to believe we were going on a date to a play but I was just inviting him to my church for a play. He was so excited. He told his family. They all wanted to meet me but I had no idea why. When we got there I introduced him to my boyfriend. He was so mad! He told me off the whole way as I drove him home. All I could do was apologize profusely as he recounted all the ways I led him on which really made me laugh because it was simple friendly things like always saying hi.

  64. Natalia Matelski

    Natalia Matelski

    2 mesi fa

    I really try to make people feel loved and connected and understood and yet I have some tell me they feel intimidated, judged, like they can't be themselves around me. I can't really control people's judgments and how they feel around me. I just try to bring what I have to who can receive it.

  65. Davit Janashia

    Davit Janashia

    2 mesi fa

    Very good video, you are not alone about these things ;)

  66. David Didato

    David Didato

    2 mesi fa

    The most powerful thought I've heard about reincarnation is: Imagine that each person you meet could have been your Mom in a past life. I've found that it dramatically changes how I treat others, how I view gender and roles, and how it generates compassion.

  67. Absoluthi


    2 mesi fa

    Really good piece of content!! Congrats from Brazil!!

  68. Karimah Hassan

    Karimah Hassan

    2 mesi fa

    Yo you've gotta come to London next!

  69. Adam Stuart

    Adam Stuart

    2 mesi fa

    When you lean in for a first kiss, make sure the car's in "park" first. 😉

    • Isha Sharma

      Isha Sharma

      2 mesi fa


  70. laura roberts

    laura roberts

    2 mesi fa


  71. Marina Garzarelli

    Marina Garzarelli

    2 mesi fa

    On pourrait voir des videos en francais?🙏merci

  72. adele davis

    adele davis

    2 mesi fa

    I find your channel so endearing.

  73. Louis Gard

    Louis Gard

    2 mesi fa

    Thanks my little boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  74. Linda Gomes

    Linda Gomes

    2 mesi fa

    Your aura is out of this world! Keep on striving on and blessing up :)

  75. missmayflower


    2 mesi fa

    The funny thing about watching a twenty-something waxing all philosophical and being serious and “wise” is that you discover once you hit your fifties and sixties that you actually didn’t know squat. As serious and earnest as you may have been about getting things “right”, you realize that you will never really know if you did things right or not. You never get to play out that other choice you could have made back then. We all just make the choice that’s the best for us in the moment with the information we have at the time.

  76. mary ann kyle

    mary ann kyle

    2 mesi fa

    Hi Ive been enjoying your videos. Ive been watching a lot of Christopher Hitchens lately. Id be interested in your response to his ideas.

  77. Demi Lopes

    Demi Lopes

    2 mesi fa

    no man your friend, no man your enemy, every man your teacher. This is a quote that I carry with myself as i navigate relationships. Thank You love your words and truth!

  78. Analia Monzon

    Analia Monzon

    2 mesi fa

    "Dime con quien andas y te diré quien eres". Es el dicho argentino ..(soy Argentina si)

  79. Lena Spaet

    Lena Spaet

    2 mesi fa


  80. Rose Fox

    Rose Fox

    2 mesi fa

    Worst first date # 1 - the crying Korean. Long story short, through the process of a conversation over sushi, we discovered that I knew his ex-wife. Which he then told me all about their failed marriage which leads to him breaking down and crying. I honestly didn't know how to react to that and spent a good deal of time talking him down and then getting the cheque. Months later, I ran into him at a grocery store and he apologized for his outburst and asked for a 2nd chance. I politely declined. There's a #2 worst date but it involves someone not wearing pants.



    2 mesi fa

    Tying shoe laces, watching coffee, counting brushes thats hard dude

  82. Jy


    2 mesi fa

    Siempre me meto a los videos de este tipo y luego caigo en cuenta que habla inglés 🤦

  83. bambang winarno

    bambang winarno

    2 mesi fa

    How to balance the 2nd&3rd ideas without being a passive person?

  84. Edmund Young

    Edmund Young

    2 mesi fa

    just found your channel, I enjoy your approach and your ‘stay a student that learns’ I agree with you loving to listen to smart people articulate ideas. You are now one of those people to me

  85. Giulia Brinckmeier

    Giulia Brinckmeier

    2 mesi fa

    I love Audible! Thanks for the book suggestion..

  86. Syn


    2 mesi fa

    that phrase from 0:53 is similar to a phrase my psychology teacher taught me "show me your friends and i'll show you your future" which basically means those around us have a heavy influence on us

    • Syn


      2 mesi fa

      @Paula Panebianco it doesnt have to be your friends just your environment like for ex if ur in a lazy cluttered work environment ur nonconscious part of the brain will use that as an excuse to make poor decisions

    • Paula Panebianco

      Paula Panebianco

      2 mesi fa

      And if I got no friends?

  87. Todd Voeltz

    Todd Voeltz

    2 mesi fa

    I appreciate your honesty. It is refreshing and I truly enjoy listening to you. Look forward to your videos

  88. candy vore

    candy vore

    2 mesi fa

    i just want to say, i don't care how philosophical you get, to me you are my mentor because i can't find grown ups around me who want to talk to me or give me guidance. lots of love

  89. Biel


    2 mesi fa

    i love your channel, please post more often

  90. Earth Grazer

    Earth Grazer

    2 mesi fa

    This channel has helped me so much it's nice to have the same goal as you - to improve myself because you are so far ahead of me in the journey

  91. Juan Berasategui

    Juan Berasategui

    3 mesi fa

    Me encantó cuando dijiste la parte de aquel dicho argentino, un abrazo, much love man!

  92. David Bridle

    David Bridle

    3 mesi fa

    I love your videos. It would be amazing to meet you one day. Have you ever listened to anything by Jiddu Krishnamurti? I loved your thoughts.

  93. donamariako


    3 mesi fa

    The most important relationship that you have in life is with yourself but once you become a real mother -father a part of you mix in something bigger. It is not only you ,anymore.

  94. Cody


    3 mesi fa

    Agree with the third point. At the age of 23 I'm yet to have a relationship, purely because I don't think I can truly love somebody until I love myself. It's been a long path, but I'm definitely getting there. Largely due to self-consciousness, I care too much about what people think of me. Hopefully, I'll get to a stage in my personal development and career that I'll feel comfortable meeting somebody. Everything happens for a reason I suppose.

  95. tatikto


    3 mesi fa

    Really is very hard to believe he is 22...

  96. smidge of bridge

    smidge of bridge

    3 mesi fa

    your incredible. My dream man

  97. Jhonatan Diniz

    Jhonatan Diniz

    3 mesi fa

    Também temos a frase em português (BR): "diga-me com quem andas e eu te direi quem tu és".

  98. Sonia Alvarado

    Sonia Alvarado

    3 mesi fa

    Encontre estos videos buscancondo imformacion para finalizar, mis clases online. Y sus contenidos son super interesantes en conceptos, practicos que te pueden servir hasta para finalizar clases en Harvard!! Saludos

  99. Courtney Mayo

    Courtney Mayo

    3 mesi fa

    Clicked for the thumbnail intrigue. Stayed for the honest, valuable thoughts. 👌🏽

  100. Kara Salimbangon

    Kara Salimbangon

    3 mesi fa

    Thank you so much for this video. It's inspired me to make a video of my own about relationships. I'm admittedly not the best at relationships because I haven't fully developed a relationship with myself. I'm someone who preaches self-love and that's something I want to focus on this year. I want to focus on the relationship with myself and this video has really impacted me and I will carry these 3 lessons with me for the rest of my life. Be kind and love always.

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