Billionaires, American Identity, & Is Paris Overrated? - A Conversation with Damon Dominique

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  1. Damon Dominique

    Damon Dominique

    8 mesi fa

    Who would have thought that the modern-day philosopher would be found on ITput?

    • Barbara Sales

      Barbara Sales

      Mese fa

      yep, me here

    • Paulo Brito

      Paulo Brito

      4 mesi fa

      YEah! I ship you guys

    • Kenya Kalon

      Kenya Kalon

      5 mesi fa

      Omg DAMON

    • Ka T

      Ka T

      5 mesi fa

      Is Damon gay?

    • richie


      6 mesi fa

      It’s the French influence.

  2. Mikayla DeBasio

    Mikayla DeBasio

    4 giorni fa

    When I saw that these two did a video together I gasped they have inspired me to learn so much

  3. J M

    J M

    5 giorni fa

    Great talk. I feel the same way

  4. Zen Dragoon

    Zen Dragoon

    7 giorni fa

    Video games has helped me through the darkest points of my life. Through depression and anxiety. And it also its a wonderful medium that provides different views about the world. I think they get alot of flack for little reason. Do i think playing fortnite or call of duty all day every day is useful? Yes and no. If it makes you happy and you are socializing and not taking things harshly then maybe. But if you explore different games and see the artistry and storytelling then is it any different then visiting a museum or reading a book?

  5. Aurore


    12 giorni fa

    There was so many times I wanted to jump into this conversation!! Aah I feel so frustrated!

  6. Sebastian Oleinic

    Sebastian Oleinic

    13 giorni fa

    Can i find this conversation in apple podcasts, or somewhere else ?

  7. Moon Tide

    Moon Tide

    20 giorni fa

    They bangin? Hot couple 😏

  8. Tomaz


    22 giorni fa

    Hold on, you two match perfectly, would make the cutest couple ever hahahaha Sry, I had to say it out loud

  9. Liam Kruchten

    Liam Kruchten

    23 giorni fa

    I think you guys would love to read some work by Jean Baudrillard (if you haven't already). I'm doing a term paper on him and a lot of his stuff is about how we already do live in a simulation through mass media. Simulacra and Simulacrum would be what I think you guys would be the most interested in!

  10. jaalen g

    jaalen g

    Mese fa

    Enjoyed watching loved the different topics always looking for something to challenge my perspective on things🙏

  11. Rameen


    Mese fa

    I don't understand why the 'who am I to say how much money someone can have' thing was brought up because theres so many levels to a conversation like this. We need regulation. Yes, someone does have to put a limit bc becoming a billionaire means exploiting people in various aspects and theres very few ways to become a billionaire ethically. That line sounds so laissez-faire capitalism-esk



    Mese fa

    Damon's arm game is on 100% ... Somebody preach



    Mese fa

    Nathaniel was borderline annoying with his obsessive questions about numbers and projections. The guy gave you his answer..' you cant tell!' Like stop already.

  14. maldives00


    Mese fa

    I've watched this video for 10 minutes and I feel dejected. Both Nathaniel and Damon have been insightful and entertaining in past videos, but their conversation on America and geo-politics is complete drivel. At the time of this posting, I think, Nathaniel is 22 and Damon is 29. Unfortunately, they're chattering like two 17-year-olds tipsy on a six-pack of cheap beer.

  15. Barbara Sales

    Barbara Sales

    Mese fa


  16. Barbara Sales

    Barbara Sales

    Mese fa

    ok i can't put into words how it moved me and made me think, again, about all these questions and how grateful i am for yt had recommended me your channel one year ago. and then i gotta say that i'm reaaaaaally happy that i realized that now i'm fluent in english so... yep thank you one more time

  17. TheAnthraxBiology


    Mese fa

    7:04 did he just say...America has done a lot of good for the world and human rights? I guess moving from one colonial country to another leaves some glaring blind spots.

  18. TheAnthraxBiology


    Mese fa

    Sustainability is not as profitable as destroying the planet and so those 100 companies causing 71% of the emissions will continue to do so. The solutions are A) make sustainability profitable. This would take a lot of time and effort that we don't have, and the burden could be shifted onto taxpayers. Or B) abolish capitalism, the economic system that drives people to profit no matter its consequences. Your choice.

  19. Aaron D

    Aaron D

    Mese fa

    "Why invest that much time in video games?" What? Because it's fun. And a lot of us enjoy it.

  20. Rick Kikta

    Rick Kikta

    Mese fa

    "Humans been around for what, like millions of years?" WRONG! "Or at least several hundred thousand years?" WRONG! Just to be clear then; If by "The Latest Version" you mean Homo sapiens, the oldest fossil records place Homo sapiens evolving in Africa around 200,000 years ago. Why should the calendar start at the birth of Earth? What advantage, in your view, would that have over our current Gregorian calendar?

  21. Elina I

    Elina I

    2 mesi fa

    why do I see the title in russian? is that just for me?

  22. Sonya D

    Sonya D

    2 mesi fa

    This meet up is missing Johnny Harris 😋

  23. Michael Joel

    Michael Joel

    2 mesi fa

    Dude, how did your Picasso thumbnail make me stop watching this mid-video? I was researching your and Damon's camera gear and 30 mins later I'm catching myself falling down the ITput rabbit hole again🤡

  24. Isabel Hernández

    Isabel Hernández

    2 mesi fa

    nathaniel: oh that's a super interesting point! damon: so you think i'm skinnyyyyyy

  25. Nidia Gomez

    Nidia Gomez

    2 mesi fa

    my 2 favorite youtubers in 1 video are you bloody fuckn kidding me!!!!!

  26. Ezgi


    2 mesi fa

    there shouldn't be billionaires, because that implies that resources are being wrongly distributed. people become billionaires not because they work so hard, but because they exploit other people. a few people make a billion because most people in sweatshops, at wal mart, at mc donalds, in diamond mines or on farmland make almost nothing. that is why billionaires shouldn't exist. it's quite easy to understand.

  27. lollipopss30


    2 mesi fa

    agh people like Nathaniel feel like they hold the truth, he's not even listening or questioning himself when talking to Damon. Kbye

  28. Meeriak


    2 mesi fa

    Hearing the part of videogames while studying how to create videogames I had some of the psychological answers for their questions hahahaa

  29. Aba Kadabra

    Aba Kadabra

    2 mesi fa

    "If smart people are in leadership positions, smart decisions will be made". I wonder: What chemical disfunctionality goes on in (t)his brain? Absolutely naïve.

  30. Jeremiah


    2 mesi fa

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  31. Free


    2 mesi fa

    Cool discussion, but I think on some topics you were too wishful in your thinking. If you're pessimistic about human nature, why don't you also have a good dose of skepticism around topics such as the simulation hypothesis and the potential implementation of VR as a total simulation of reality? I think both of these expectations are totally wrong. The simulation (hype)othesis is the product of our present way of looking the world, a time when we've put aside Cartesian Dualism with its soul-body dichotomy and have upgraded it by introducing terms such as software (for the brain), hardware (for the body) and simulation (for a computer program that's supposed to represent reality). We'll get past this phase at some point and we'll again replace these terms with other ones. Nonetheless, this pattern continues to be immature. To think that we suddenly figured out the world just because we're at a certain stage of technological progress is very pathetic. As for being able to simulate reality on a classical computer, that's just impossible by design. The world is not pure black and white, so 1s and 0s cannot possibly span the entirety of reality. Maybe quantum computers would be a somewhat better choice, but we know too little about them and have no reason to suppose that they're without limitations.

  32. Daniel Nign

    Daniel Nign

    2 mesi fa

    So refreshing! Actual intelligent conversation.

  33. principessa


    2 mesi fa


  34. M Chang

    M Chang

    2 mesi fa


  35. Caramel Tigress

    Caramel Tigress

    2 mesi fa

    It's true. You shouldn't have to work, work, work and then can't afford to retire or work hard in college only to have to move back in with your parents because of massive student loan debt or work, work, work and pay your health insurance premiums religiously and then can't afford to get sick due to an ever increasing deductible and out of pocket costs. US is not the land of milk and honey anymore, it's all about greed. College grads have to put off buying houses, having kids and opening a business.

  36. Kovács Dóra

    Kovács Dóra

    2 mesi fa

    why America is in the focus of attention? cos US is the economy leader.

  37. Anthony Orsini

    Anthony Orsini

    2 mesi fa

    100% there should be a limit on wealth. Look at Musk and Bezos.. 200b? You would need a hundred lifetimes to spend that. Meanwhile people are hungry and dying from poverty. We have smart people.. they can come up with a limit that is reasonable. Wealth tax all the way.

  38. Sarah Triscik

    Sarah Triscik

    2 mesi fa

    this is the best video I’ve watched in a long time. It was so fun and interesting and I can identify with a lot of your views. Also, it’s so refreshing to watch a video where two people are just thoroughly enjoying each other’s company and conversation.

  39. Mihai Mihai2

    Mihai Mihai2

    2 mesi fa

    Nathaniel would be such a strange person to go on a date, suddenly asking you about Earth's survival percentage hahha

  40. الفن الكوري والصيني

    الفن الكوري والصيني

    2 mesi fa

    24:00 wow deep

  41. Henry B

    Henry B

    3 mesi fa

    I feel that if they read Marx really quickly in the middle of the money discussion and came back the discussion would be very different. A lot of people are like Damon saying that we "need some form of exchange" but Marx poses the idea that there can be a society without money. He is right in some way that money is not the issue but it does facilitate the issue. There is a finite amount of it, it should be dispersed equally and if that can't happen then there should be no money.

  42. Dana A

    Dana A

    3 mesi fa

    “There’s always been a lot of excess” I don’t think that’s a good justification to allow billionaires to multiply their wealth while the majority can’t make their ends meet.

  43. M A

    M A

    3 mesi fa

    Damon is so funny and smart. I love him.

  44. Rosalie Sturkenboom

    Rosalie Sturkenboom

    3 mesi fa

    im sorry i rlly wanna react on the question of virtual reality. I would not want to live in a virtual reality because it will not have history. " he who does not know history is doomed to repeat her". the way we live this life is al based on history. the way we live, eat, wear, travel and speak. this world is full of history we do not have to repeat. if we go into a virtual reality we are basically doomed to make grand mistakes which could really get us in to trouble. Idk if it makes sense to someone else but that thought really freaks me out. excuse my english btw

  45. 6KRIUS


    3 mesi fa

    That duo is great Damon is the French energy and Nathaniel the Argentinian-American one haha

  46. 6KRIUS


    3 mesi fa

    I've only heard Americans saying they're the center of attention 🤣

  47. Zachary Ferguson

    Zachary Ferguson

    3 mesi fa

    The way I look at America is that it was an extremely hopeful experiment that yielded a lot of good things (technological advancement) and because of those global contributions, they became the favored child of the world. And of course, as is likely to happen when you're the favorite, we thought we could do no wrong. Even as the evils of our worst systems are glaringly obvious, some people in the states will never concede that anything could possibly be better. The rest of us are either fighting to change the systems, or booking plane tickets and taking secondary language courses (I happen to be the latter). The US bought into the idea that "The freer the market the freer the people" and ignored the corporate monstrosities that began to spring up and massacre the market. And now that those horrifying beasts of industry are so wealthy (tends to happen when you funnel an entire country's economy into your pocket) they can buy off as many politicians as they want and game the system in their favor. The IRS refuses to audit the uber wealthy - the billionaires and millionaires - because it's "too complicated" to make a corporate Bond villain pay what he owes, but when the exact same amount is being taken from the people trying to better themselves through college, it's downright simple. I wonder what makes taking money from poor people so much simpler...

  48. Ahmed Dahmeni

    Ahmed Dahmeni

    3 mesi fa

    damn! damon is jacked!

  49. Francesca Kraus

    Francesca Kraus

    3 mesi fa

    Thank you for opening up the conversation about the US because I feel like it isn't talked about enough or in a constructive manner.

  50. Dylan McHenry

    Dylan McHenry

    3 mesi fa

    umm humans have been around for several thousand years😂 oh! and same as the earth; the first humans were on the earth on the 6th day of its existence. and i think y’all know their names😂

    • Zen Dragoon

      Zen Dragoon

      7 giorni fa

      Depends if you beleive in that.

  51. Rafael Teixeira

    Rafael Teixeira

    3 mesi fa

    Parece uma tentativa de um red wine talks, mas mais formal e um pouco chocho

  52. EasyMoneySniper


    3 mesi fa

    Thanks both of you for this discussions! you are amazing

  53. Bob Confiant

    Bob Confiant

    3 mesi fa

    I am way less positive about where the world is heading. 1,000 years, I give it 40-50% chance.

  54. K. F.

    K. F.

    3 mesi fa

    Why did’t you mention those big military trade with, say, Saudi Arabia ??

  55. Jack Fuller

    Jack Fuller

    3 mesi fa

    god damon's nerves are killing me 🥵🤤

  56. LiyaElle KSco.

    LiyaElle KSco.

    4 mesi fa

    In my belief before we come down to Earth our spirits choose who we want to be birthed by. So, in my belief you do choose your circumstances...👀

  57. Breezy 808

    Breezy 808

    4 mesi fa

    This was very enlightening. Thanks for this video

  58. Yoshiki


    4 mesi fa

    Fantastic converse... Thx a lot u guys...give me a lot of bravery⭐

  59. Gustavo Genu

    Gustavo Genu

    4 mesi fa

    The way Natheniel was looking at Damon’s arms is completely understandable! He be sitting like that and all those veins popping out in a ripped muscle generates both horniness and jealousness 😅

  60. Arnaldo Junior

    Arnaldo Junior

    4 mesi fa

    Vous êtes mimi ensemble tout le deux ☺️💕

  61. Joseph Jackson

    Joseph Jackson

    4 mesi fa

    the amount of biceps!!!!!👀

  62. ASULOVE22


    4 mesi fa

    Damon is me when people ask me what my nationality is....”yea I’m American” 🥸 to add to this, whenever I speak with my French husband and his friends they always love how Patriotic Americans seem. To them doing the pledge of allegiance in school seemed amazing. To me, well I thought that that was normal and that every country does it? Right? Well not quite. Ha! When I moved to France that was the rude awakening. That not everyone and every country is like that. Funny thing about all of this is that I have a baby who is Franco American but I don’t think he will ever experience what I did growing up in America because I think France is just that much better. And bim.

  63. jake


    4 mesi fa

    flat white with oak milk, isn't that a flat brown??

  64. 봄날 Te Quiero

    봄날 Te Quiero

    4 mesi fa

    When an eternal optimist like Nathaniel says "Aight I'm not giving humanity 200 years" ... we got a problem Houston ..and Paris and f**king Beijing too

  65. RScott Logan

    RScott Logan

    4 mesi fa

    Proud to be an American!☺️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  66. Maiah Morani

    Maiah Morani

    4 mesi fa

    "The U.S. has this strange ability to both destroy and restore your faith in humanity." Can someone call a doctor my brain just split in HALF

  67. Baylie Vike

    Baylie Vike

    4 mesi fa

    this conversation is everythingggggg. love love love the commentary on america. and all of it.

  68. Mathew Clephas

    Mathew Clephas

    4 mesi fa

    The USA’s problem is it’s too capitalistic

  69. A W 2

    A W 2

    4 mesi fa

    Thanks for this most interesting discussion. I was only subscribed to Damon before today but discovered you, Nathaniel, and your interesting bi-lingual video about France and about learning the French language, and your collaboration in designing a new method for language learners. *SUBSCRIBING* Bravo !

  70. Bernardo Padilla Baez

    Bernardo Padilla Baez

    4 mesi fa

    this is what happens when people lose the sense of homeland and the sense of belonging smh as a Mexican living in the US that has travelled to Europe, I am proud to be Mexican, to have been born on Mexican soil, to have Mexican ancestors, etc. Like the great Uruguayan Jorge Ramos would say “i am proud to be Uruguayan, and if I’d been born anywhere else I’d pay to be Uruguayan” (in my case Mexican)

  71. chickenfishhybrid44


    4 mesi fa

    Does anyone ever consider how or why other countries or the rest of the world allow the US to remain the center of attention?

  72. chickenfishhybrid44


    4 mesi fa

    The irony of talking about American national pride while in France. One of the OG imperialist fucking monsters.

  73. ayoitselaine


    4 mesi fa

    Nathaniel: "There's no limit, you can do anything?" Damon: "Mhm." Nathaniel: *existential crisis*

  74. Wynn Kresse

    Wynn Kresse

    4 mesi fa

    The lovely spaghetti connoly promise because lip exemplarily cough up a bite-sized system. guarded, selective form

  75. Nia Moutawakil

    Nia Moutawakil

    4 mesi fa

    the "should there be billionares" question segment really didn't mention poverty??? How can you two discuss excess wealth in 2020 without also discussing the redistribution of wealth?

  76. Saprilonty Last name

    Saprilonty Last name

    4 mesi fa

    Time isn't real? What? You gotta learn at least school physics.

  77. Johnny


    4 mesi fa

    Nate's mate is ripped asf

  78. bigbufobufo


    4 mesi fa

    This feels like late night conversations when I was back in college. Sigh.

  79. Charlotte Cherasse

    Charlotte Cherasse

    4 mesi fa

    I'm gratefull and proud to be a French , a Parisian :) 🇨🇵

  80. Julia Feller

    Julia Feller

    4 mesi fa

    As an American who lives in France, I relate to what you’re saying with regard to national identity and our world presence on a profound level. Love your videos! ☺️

  81. Hristo Stanchev

    Hristo Stanchev

    4 mesi fa

    Sean Cody

  82. Victor Blanco

    Victor Blanco

    4 mesi fa

    I am optimistic too because of the technology we already have to fight extinction and to create new technology! : )

  83. Mia moon

    Mia moon

    4 mesi fa

    Mis dos ITputrs favoritos en un mismo video, ya me puedo morir

  84. Brandon A. Ortiz

    Brandon A. Ortiz

    4 mesi fa

    I need a friend to mastermind just like ya'll. Well done!

  85. Furkan Kurtulus

    Furkan Kurtulus

    4 mesi fa

    The vein on Damon’s arm is very distracting

  86. Gabriela Cavalheiro

    Gabriela Cavalheiro

    4 mesi fa

    12:45 - Damon's experience in the retirement home. So TRUE.

  87. Vergine Harutyunyan

    Vergine Harutyunyan

    4 mesi fa

    I want Damon to be my friend😭❤

  88. Maryem Laalou

    Maryem Laalou

    4 mesi fa

    OMG The two of you in one video !!!

  89. geekbaritone


    4 mesi fa

    The political system is broken only the rich that run corporations have a say on what laws should pass and those that pass only favor corporations and the rich a like. super packs should not be a thing. Corporations should not be considered people. They don't have the same rights as a human being, the focus should be that laws pass that help the most not the few as they are nowadays. I don't think there should be a limit of how much money you can make but there should be laws regulating industries and protecting people from being taken advantage or making money on the back of specific class or suffering of others just to make a buck I.E. creating laws that require a minimum sentencing so private prisons paid by the tax payers make billions to keep people incarcerated for petty crimes since it's based on occupancy that's why America has the most amount of people in prisons in the entire world.

  90. This is Yams

    This is Yams

    4 mesi fa

    this is the type of conversation I crave for!!!

  91. Kira Kira

    Kira Kira

    5 mesi fa

    I think you're (nataniel) lowkey becoming obsessed with self-improvement and efficiency. What's the point of always becoming better, live longer, be smarter, if you don't take real-time to enjoy yourself? Whether we're in a simulation or not, whether we live after death or not. That's you're only chance to enjoy life. There is so much beauty in the world, that I can't possibly imagine life being just about improving oneself. (that goes for video games too)

  92. 樹昭仁


    5 mesi fa

    I mean... society might be gone but humans will still evolve. (Wow, Damon works out).

  93. duygu


    5 mesi fa

    pls watch theinfinitecup you’ll definitely get some answers

  94. Ferla García Santos

    Ferla García Santos

    5 mesi fa

    Finally, an honest conversation 😍

  95. Deven Jones

    Deven Jones

    5 mesi fa

    Right off the bat, I hope they hookup'ed after this....

  96. Celeste Divinity

    Celeste Divinity

    5 mesi fa

    I think the one thing that is sort evading me (as someone mentioned) is that we do have varied accessibility and circumstance informing us. In terms of life being a simulation; even if it is, we exist in it and the notion that we have to accept every part of it is a disservice to those who are systemically marginalized. I myself am a trans woman and my lived experience would not be possible if I didn’t challenge “what was given to me.” I think sometimes philosophy has some dead angles in terms of contemplating larger societal structures and the ways in which they inhibit our ability to exist freely and openly. This was an interesting video, but I also think there is some theoretical shortcomings we have to face in terms of enlightenment.

  97. Kenya Kalon

    Kenya Kalon

    5 mesi fa

    Never knew I needed a Damon and Nathaniel collab!

  98. Charles ChenTV

    Charles ChenTV

    5 mesi fa

    dammmmmm Damon's arm be poppin' veins ayeeeee thumbs up if you were staring too, be honest

  99. Helen Blunden

    Helen Blunden

    5 mesi fa

    I'd recommend you read Yani Varoufakis new book "Dispatches from an Alternative Present: Another Now" which talks EXACTLY what you mentioned at 21:20.

  100. Nikki Caldwell

    Nikki Caldwell

    5 mesi fa

    Who would have thought that the modern-day philosopher would be found on ITput?

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