How I Became Fluent in French (A Love Story)

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This is the story of a place that has shaped who I am.
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00:00 Intro
2:56 Part I - The Discovery
10:24 Part II - My Return
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  1. Thierry Bercin

    Thierry Bercin

    3 giorni fa

    Merci pour ce partage mon ami. Ton amour de la France est particulièrement émouvant et touchant. Bon séjour à Paris. Amitiés de l’Ile Maurice. PS: je me suis inscrit à ta news letter.

  2. Kareem Elnaggar

    Kareem Elnaggar

    10 giorni fa

    كتفم الفرينش من مصر

  3. julien hendrickx

    julien hendrickx

    10 giorni fa

    I'm frustrated bc you don't speak so much about France. You speak more about exchange in general. It feel like you would say the same thing if you were going to another country.

  4. RaNee Rah

    RaNee Rah

    10 giorni fa

    Oh my ghad, when he talked about his first kiss that was soo cute😭😂💕 Ah... the innocent youthful days

  5. RaNee Rah

    RaNee Rah

    10 giorni fa

    And I just fell in love with Drew's Love Story in France.

  6. Caroline Brochu

    Caroline Brochu

    11 giorni fa

    Super, tu as des choses très intéressantes à partager et à dire!!

  7. Charlotte M.

    Charlotte M.

    11 giorni fa

    Me watching this video after ITput algorythim recommanded it to me until he said « Cholet » and my heart stop. Dude I AM FROM Cholet!!! I live in Canada since 2015 so we would never met but so funny !!! how world is so small!!! Probably one of the very few ppl watching this video who can place this city on a map 😂 Wow bravo pour cette video! Superbe video et ca me touche de te voir parler de la France de cette façon. Je redécouvre mon pays d’origine a travers tes yeux. Pour avoir fais le chemin inverse pour immigrer en Amérique du Nord je te souhaite que les visas et l’experience fonctionne pour toi 🙏🏼

  8. ava sage

    ava sage

    12 giorni fa

    Im attempting to learn French in a fully English household. Very difficult but I will make it!

  9. Simo Ritto

    Simo Ritto

    12 giorni fa

    2:37 wait is that fitgirl ?

  10. Gian R. Grob

    Gian R. Grob

    12 giorni fa

    man I‘m half-way through and just have to tell you: how good ! so beautiful to see the passion in your eyes. great story! keep it up

  11. lance li

    lance li

    13 giorni fa

    C'est super. Tu parles très bien français. Mais tu penses que tu vas faire le voyage au Québec ? Bienvenue au Québec ! Je suis Québécois.

  12. paul position

    paul position

    13 giorni fa

    Paris n'est qu'une vitrine et certains parisiens pas représentatifs des français. Le plein sud de l'Île de France est déjà plus plaisant.

  13. Deuz Deuz

    Deuz Deuz

    14 giorni fa

    You have more love for France than most of french people, lol! On pense toujours que l'herbe est plus verte ailleurs et, du coup, on oublie souvent d'apprécier ce que l'on a déjà. Ton amour pour la France nous rappelle la chance que nous avons de vivre dans ce beau pays :)

  14. Sofía Durante

    Sofía Durante

    14 giorni fa

    I was cry with this video. Je veux aller à France quelque jour😔

  15. Yoga Bliss Dance

    Yoga Bliss Dance

    15 giorni fa

    Italy is that place for me!

  16. Gael Dareal

    Gael Dareal

    15 giorni fa

    Heureux d'avoir été accueilli par la France ? Mais c'est tout à fait réciproque ! Ravi de voir des étrangers s'y plaire dans mon pays. Et apres avoir vu la vidéo avec ta grand-mère, ta bienséance et tes capacités me prouvent que c'est génétique.

  17. Julia G

    Julia G

    15 giorni fa

    however, someone clearly prepared you the sentences that you said in French. it's not natural how you say it.. you story is nice, but the title of the video is not "top top"

  18. Ajax 020

    Ajax 020

    16 giorni fa

    As a French we are lucky to receive tourists like you

  19. répond moi

    répond moi

    16 giorni fa

    Multiculturalism kill culture

  20. répond moi

    répond moi

    16 giorni fa

    Real lovers of France hate Paris

  21. Marlon Zubizarreta

    Marlon Zubizarreta

    16 giorni fa

    Amazing video , amazing story ❤️

  22. Rickline Rickline

    Rickline Rickline

    17 giorni fa

    Did you enjoy Cholet? I would like to know more about your time in Cholet ? Did you visit Vendée départment ?

  23. Rickline Rickline

    Rickline Rickline

    17 giorni fa

    Cholet dans le maine et loire je suis originaire de Cholet ..

  24. Amlan acho Solange Esther Brou

    Amlan acho Solange Esther Brou

    17 giorni fa

    C'est fou qu'un américain parle aussi bien le français🥰, juste choquée bravo !👏

  25. OIivia Delgobbo

    OIivia Delgobbo

    17 giorni fa

    i'm really touched by your video 🥺 so accurate everything you said. I also did an exchange with Rotary to France but i'm from brasil heheh it was a life changing experience for me! C'est une culture magnifique et j'ai hâte d'y retourner 💕 profites en ton temps à Paris!

  26. Lauria Zoldyck

    Lauria Zoldyck

    17 giorni fa

    Happy to know you fell in love with my country ❤️

  27. Tony


    18 giorni fa

    j'aime tellement cette vidéo!!

  28. MiyagiTib Karaté

    MiyagiTib Karaté

    18 giorni fa

    7:30 Ne t'inquiète pas, en tant que Français, la première fois que j'ai embrassé une fille, c'était avec une Espagnole à Oxford, en Angleterre ^^ Translation: Don't worry, as a Frenchman, the first time I kissed a girl was with a Spanish girl in Oxford, England ^^

  29. Gaulois très réfractaire !

    Gaulois très réfractaire !

    18 giorni fa

    Il n'y a pas que Paris en France. Voici trois autres belles villes que j'aime beaucoup (parmis d'autres) : Aix-en-Provence, Bordeaux, Strasbourg.

  30. Bruno Maralhas

    Bruno Maralhas

    19 giorni fa

    I love your story! It’s so expiring! Thank you so much for this video

  31. Catherine Levison

    Catherine Levison

    19 giorni fa

    I wanted to move to France when I was 16. I had already graduated from high school so the plan was to clean restaurants and learn the language as I lived there. I never got there but I did teach myself French in 2020. Thank you!

  32. Sophie Olivale

    Sophie Olivale

    20 giorni fa

    Hi Nathaniel, I've just found your channel. This video made me cry my heart out, it may be silly but i'm not ashamed of it. I am French, and am absolutely passionate about languages. The connection you describe, and your explanation as to why multiculturalism is important just made me emotional. I am a cinema student that gets incredibly artistically inspired by multiculturalism. It felt so good to listen to you. I felt like I was listening to myself. This video is how I speak of polyglottism to my surroundings. I'm 22 years old, and I never met anyone that talks about languages like I do. Your connection to French is mine to English. I'm glad you love Paris, because I love it too for the exact same reasons. I'm trying to get into a cinema school in Poland or Belgium, cause man I'm never stopping learning languages. Wish me luck ! Thank you for your channel and this video, this is so inspiring. Hope you're loving life in Paris, I'm in Dublin atm and gosh I MISS IT !! Take care !

  33. The Asian Polyglot

    The Asian Polyglot

    20 giorni fa

    Beautifully put together! J'ai fait un video recemment aussi en parlant de mon parcours avec le francais. Le votre est super! Chapeau

  34. asing red

    asing red

    20 giorni fa

    i hate france

  35. Ana Ruth Gutiérrez

    Ana Ruth Gutiérrez

    21 giorno fa

    You have such a beautiful mind!

  36. mfg 2324

    mfg 2324

    22 giorni fa

    It's amazing that I don't even realize when you switch between languages parce que je ressens exactement la même chose mais avec un mélange de Französisch, Englisch und Deutsch

  37. Marco Azzurrini

    Marco Azzurrini

    22 giorni fa

    As an Italian, I used to dislike french people, until I was in a relationship with a beautiful french girl, it was a summer love type of thing, we were together three months, and they were some of the most peaceful months of my life, I haven't been able to hate the french since then, despite trying lol viva la France (don't tell my friends)

    • artno du lot

      artno du lot

      22 giorni fa

      c est marrant parce qu en France on aime beaucoup l Italie et les italiens .d ailleurs on dit que les italiens c est des français de bonne humeur ;o)

  38. Gérard Lafeuille

    Gérard Lafeuille

    22 giorni fa

    france is amazing if you are with wealthy people

  39. mariana gomes

    mariana gomes

    24 giorni fa

    okay, i'm really in love with this guy! Marry me please

  40. Vince


    24 giorni fa

    This is an inspiring and nicely presented vlog. I felt the same about high school.

  41. jm husson

    jm husson

    25 giorni fa

    43 years ago, i had the same experience and left France to live and study in the USA (Michigan). This was like a second birth, it can be difficult, depressing but you end up with a deep knowledge of yourself and a better perception of the word and the people around. For quite a time, i dreamed of a place which would gather the better parts of these two countries... it does not exist, I confess. I am now 63 years old, physically speaking, still feeling 20 in my head (so many projects to carry on, so many things to discover). You seem to be on the right tracks, I'll check your channel from time to time, you have definitely a personnal and interesting point of view about life. More specifically, the main difference between american and french people is the appreciation of quantity versus quality.



    27 giorni fa

    Thanks for this video. I am moving with my fiancé to south of France in July. I love France and j’adore paris. It’s true paris has a good part and a no so good part, like everywhere. La arquitectura es increíble, preciosa. My fiancé lived in paris when he was young after university. Like a lot of French people, he didn’t appreciate the city and enjoy the cultural sites. I do understand living in a big city it’s not easy, I live in London. The noice of the cars, trains, the pollution, stressed people... but how about if we start to appreciate the small things in life. The possibility of going to the bakery to buy bread and croissant, enjoy the petit expresso in the local cafe, discover the wine from the different regions, appreciate the sun when shine. I love how passionate French people are, the way they enjoy life just with the little things in life. Family and good food.

  43. Check Talk

    Check Talk

    28 giorni fa


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      Christopher Ronald

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      George Ronald

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      Drake Simon

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      Drake Simon

      28 giorni fa

      Don't be in a haste to invest. Know what and who you are investing to and be sure that the person will deliver before investing

    • Drake Simon

      Drake Simon

      28 giorni fa

      That's very correct !! And that is why most of them end up losing they m o n e y to s c a m m e r s.

  44. semper fidelis

    semper fidelis

    29 giorni fa

    Merci pour cette exquise déclaration d'amour pour celle que j'aime par dessus tout, la France. Olivier

  45. MichaelJacksonBeLIEve


    Mese fa

    En tant que Français patriote je suis heureux de voir que tu aimes autant la France, sa culture et son histoire. Malgré ton accent, tu parles très bien français.

  46. Abi Navaluna

    Abi Navaluna

    Mese fa

    Oh my, im loving your channel

  47. Edward Flbrth

    Edward Flbrth

    Mese fa

    I couldnt stop my laugh when you said you where going for the first time in France with 11 month in Cholet. I lived there one year as a kid. But the town is known as a ....kind of very very still place.

  48. Brigitte Montet

    Brigitte Montet

    Mese fa

    Mais bien sûr que je connais Cholet ! Cette ville était réputée pour tisser les plus fins mouchoirs de France. J en ai quelques uns de ma grand-mère. Autrefois, à la cour de France, ils étaient réputés pour la beauté de leurs dentelles. C est pas Louis XlV qui vous dira le contraire. 😊

  49. Brigitte Montet

    Brigitte Montet

    Mese fa

    Mickael Khevoyan, bonjour. J habite dans le Cotentin au bord de la mer, presqu'île de Normandie juste en face de l ile de Jersey. Sinon ma famille est parisienne depuis de nombreuses générations.. Ici c'est plus calme, mais on s ennuie un peu l hiver. Bonne soirée.

  50. Johan


    Mese fa

    As a foreigner like you who lived in France for 10 years, I comprends parfaitment tes feelings xp

  51. estrellitamarineable


    Mese fa

    Thanks for such a lovely story!

  52. Antoine


    Mese fa

    Ca fait du bien toute cette positivité sur notre beau pays sois heureux😀

  53. Sara Reigel

    Sara Reigel

    Mese fa

    Stromae and Angèle are not French lol they're Belgian

    • China Number1

      China Number1

      Mese fa

      But they speak french

  54. moine chang

    moine chang

    Mese fa

    3:19 yeeeeeees Angers

  55. Raphael Arhuidese

    Raphael Arhuidese

    Mese fa

    Great video, and a confirmation of the saying that "travelling is a part of education"

  56. Cyril Beauvironnois

    Cyril Beauvironnois

    Mese fa

    Salut mec. Tu es venue dans mon pays en temps étudiants, sûrement les familles d'accueil qui ton accueillis à côté de Nantes et tu as été toujours dans la même région où t'es autres familles d'accueil étaient dans d'autres régions. Car si tu veux parler de la France à t'es amis ou ta famille au usa. désolé si te choqué est-ce-que en temps américains tu préfère la mentalité française ou américaine car à mes yeux mes américains connaissent rien de leur histoire des fondamentaux car le français était autrefois parler dans la Louisiane qui était jadis grand état pas comme celui que vous connaissez actuellement car heureusement que certains état américains remarqué que des américains souhaite ravoir le français avec l anglais car j'espère que t'es envie de connaissance de la France grand avec les territoires Outre-mer etc car oui la précarité, chômage, rasicme ect... Comme dans tous les pays dans monde car même si je déteste mentalité américains en général car il me rappelle mes anciens ennemi qui sont anglais car sait tu que l'anglais utilise 40% de mots français et qui provient du vieux français moyen âge et que les premiers américains ont fait pareille que avec l anglais de souche car j'espère que tu réalisé tes rêves car moi j'attends de quitter mon pays natal car en temps de français native fière de mon histoire glorieux ou pas trop glorieuse mais nos élite français sont tous des connard et c'est polie comme mot français. J'espère que avec covid-19 sa ce passe bien actuellement et que tu as pu profiter de découvrir plusieurs territoires français et les autres cultures françaises qui forme cette grande nation qui est avec sont coq 🐓 qui et le symbole de la France car les étrangers qui viennent étudier ou travaillent en France connaît une France bidon qui et la France en carte postale pour touristes qui reflets pas la France réelle ect........

  57. broe5010 broe5010

    broe5010 broe5010

    Mese fa

    His hands too are French!

  58. broe5010 broe5010

    broe5010 broe5010

    Mese fa

    He even pronounces Picasso in French! Let’s go!

  59. Ludan Coutin

    Ludan Coutin

    Mese fa

    Je vais poster mon commentaire pour honorer tout le travail d'apprentissage et le travail de la langue. Un seul défaut que j'ai relevé, c'est la vielle carte utilisée date de la période 1871-1918 car elle ne prend pas en compte le territoire de l'Alsace et de la Lorraine qui faisait parti à ce moment là de l'empire allemand. À part cette "faute" historique je me sens très ému de regarder cette vidéo entant que français et parisien. Je comprend en sans comprendre le sens philosophique de l'attachement, car le point de vue présenté reste celui d'un américain, et je ne peux donc pas, par définition le comprendre. Mais je ressens le même sentiment, les mêmes surprises et éblouissements en regardant la France. Je suis heureux de voir que même une personne d'un autre pays ressens cet attachement si particulier a mon pays. J'en suis honoré et suis heureux de voir que malgré la situation ici même n'empêche pas une bonne intégration. Au plaisir de vous rencontrer dans les rues de Paris

  60. Thomas Colasson

    Thomas Colasson

    Mese fa

    Thank you for this video. I French and fascinated by the US. I feel that our countries have so much to share and to complement each other ❤️❤️❤️

  61. Levi


    Mese fa

    Paris is not French.

  62. Fanthøm


    Mese fa

    WoW ! I just stumbled upon your video. The titled got me interested. I found it nice that you decided to do this both in English and French. And then ... you talked about living in this small town called Cholet. That's my town !!! that's where I grew up, and where I still live (I'm almost 50 years old). That was mind blowing !

  63. Kasia Fatyga

    Kasia Fatyga

    Mese fa

    No one will probably see it but imma write it anyways lol My history is very similar to yours. I finished my first year at polish university and I went to work in Paris during holidays for 3 months thanks to the Erasmus exchange. That's when I really started to learn french since my boss didn't speak english at all etc, same with many customers. I got to experience the same place as you did and the video you prepared is just amazing, thank you for your great work :-) Even though it was really tough at times, I still think that these 3 months were one of the most remarkable and amazing times of my life.

  64. Thomas Brunel

    Thomas Brunel

    Mese fa

    Des bisous, merci pour tes gentils mots sur la France :) Nous aimons nous aussi beaucoup la culture anglaise et américaine :p

  65. Grégoire Dalle

    Grégoire Dalle

    Mese fa

    Bienvenu en France !!

  66. Alex Biotteau

    Alex Biotteau

    Mese fa

    Incroyable, à Chollet, juste à côté de chez moi dans les Mauges. Ton Français est excellent, ton accent fait parti de toi. bravo pour la vidéo

  67. Neenah


    Mese fa

    Dude I loved this video

  68. Rishabh Arora

    Rishabh Arora

    Mese fa

    J' d'accord avec vous.Cela fait 4 mois que j'apprends la langue française et c'est amusant. Merci.

  69. Thibaud Laguérie

    Thibaud Laguérie

    Mese fa

    American accent or no, you speak french really well mate !

  70. Morgan NAVEL

    Morgan NAVEL

    Mese fa

    I'm really honored to see people glorify France even though I know a lot of a bad things in France, but I think It's the same for USA and England, I really love speaking english, hearing English I feel like I can talk to people without being understand by my family, but when I was little I was like "It's too hard I don't understand anything, I hate english" but after starting watching english videos and taught myself I've started to be very good at it and started to just enjoy english, now I want to travel and make new friends.

  71. Raphael cto

    Raphael cto

    Mese fa

    So you appreciate africa?

  72. Paulo Pinto

    Paulo Pinto

    Mese fa

    what is he talking about at 2:20?

  73. Fabiola Graceffa

    Fabiola Graceffa

    Mese fa

    I completely get you. I remember not feeling at home since I was a little kid. I always asked my parents to be an exchange student but they always denied. When I was 14 I went to america to visit part of my family and for the first time I understood what that feeling inside me was. When I came back (to Italy) I struggled with depression. Now I'm 22, once I'm done with university I plan to interrail around France. And obviously I'd love to meet you. Hope to see you soon 💖

  74. Bellickdo21


    Mese fa

    Ta grossy wesh

  75. Raphaël Vauthier

    Raphaël Vauthier

    Mese fa

    J'habite dans le même quartier de Paris depuis que je suis né. Je n'ai jamais vécu ailleurs depuis 21 ans. Je rêve souvent de voyager mais j'oublie souvent que la ville dans laquelle je vis est extraordinaire. Merci de m'avoir fait découvrir une magnifique vision de la France, alors même que je suis Français ! Et vive le multiculturalisme :)

  76. Romain Mure

    Romain Mure

    Mese fa

    I'm french and your video made me so happy. I feel like french people have this horrible reputation in the world! Thanks for showing me that some foreigners actually appreciate France AND french people!

  77. Remi Legrand

    Remi Legrand

    Mese fa

    Heartwarming story bro ! Love the fact that u found that "somewhere" you feel you belong to, it also makes me smile when I think about all the nice people like you that find the beauty in stuff others don't particularly see ! Hope u have a delightful time here !

  78. Sara Vaccaro

    Sara Vaccaro

    Mese fa

    Bien Merci!

  79. Léopold Denis

    Léopold Denis

    Mese fa

    4:29 .... Euhhh two things : 1)No Cholet isn't a little city for french citizen, I thinks it's the second city of Maine et Loire (département), maybe you was in a city next to Cholet 2)Really Cholet?!!!

  80. Giant and Omniscient Levitating Baby

    Giant and Omniscient Levitating Baby

    Mese fa

    Aaah c'est beau... Bon j'avoue je commente juste pour dire "t'as été à la dune du pyla!? Super ! Coucou de là bas!" I'm immensely grateful for all the content you upload, it inspires me so much, gives me the hope and the motivation to genuinely become a better person ! Thanks, Nathaniel.

  81. Chloé G

    Chloé G

    Mese fa

    This is a great video, congrats !

  82. Matt Gomes

    Matt Gomes

    Mese fa

    Merci de ton retour et de ton amour pour la France :) En France, on naît certe sur les papiers "Français" mais sache qu'en réalité on le devient, cest même inscrit dans notre constitution, dans nos valeurs française ! Si tu te sens Français, tu es Français, quelque soit ta religion, ta couleur ou autre détail, si tu ressens la vie à la Française tu es Français. Notre république c'est formé sur ce concept philosophique sache le La France, c'est avant tout un mode de vie

  83. hella multifandom

    hella multifandom

    Mese fa

    I recently discovered your channel and I love your videos. You have such cool, peaceful vibes and I'm learning so much. Actually I just came from the Italian video you did a year ago from this one and when you speak a different language with others do you translate what they say in your head to English, or do you just understand them straight away, and then when you speak do you think of what to say in English beforehand?

  84. Zofia Reych

    Zofia Reych

    Mese fa

    wow i've never heard a native english speaker speaking with such a great french accent!

  85. Reese


    Mese fa

    I just have to say that this really meant a lot to me. I’m in high school myself and it’s been my dream basically all my life to travel the world. I want to experience other cultures and people while learning so much from these unique, beautiful places. All my life I haven’t felt at home and have longed for a home that I could truly connect with. It’s almost like being homesick, but for the places that you haven’t explored yet (the unknown). I will see the world one day though and I thank you for inspiring my dream even further.

  86. Vertex Veritas

    Vertex Veritas

    Mese fa

    A personal story very well told. I wish you the very best for the future Nathaniel.

  87. Nico


    Mese fa

    Bro wtf was this video, i feel like i have a better view of my life in a strange but beutiful way. Lots of love to you

  88. Megan Hart

    Megan Hart

    Mese fa

    You’re just the best human ever, I love watching your videos!

  89. Antoine G

    Antoine G

    Mese fa

    You are in love with Paris, not with France, that's really different ahah

  90. Vipul Singh

    Vipul Singh

    Mese fa

    I am your neighbour, living in 19th arrondissement, lets meet for a drink?

  91. Beatriz Gurgel

    Beatriz Gurgel

    Mese fa

  92. J


    Mese fa

    You're making me miss my country. Je vis aux Etats Unis depuis quelques années !

  93. Christine Camley

    Christine Camley

    Mese fa

    As a therapist, who specializes in relational attachments, and what makes us feel connected, I find this video, and all of your work, fascinating. Thank you for everything you produce! This is amazing and so interesting.

  94. ms pepper

    ms pepper

    Mese fa

    love your face at 15:11

  95. Dennise


    Mese fa

    I watched the whole video with a smile on my face. I lived in Vichy for 3 months with an amazing host family so everything you say makes a lot of sense to me.

  96. Zhong611


    Mese fa

    Amo que tenga subtítulos en español, gracias 💖

  97. syuveil78


    Mese fa

    I'm not sure where you're from in the US, but I assume you lived in LA (just because you mentioned it in the video with your grandma I've just seen), but I imagine the shock you had arriving in Chollet. Largely unknown city even among french people (well... Except for le Puy du fou ^^).

  98. clairethiv


    Mese fa

    Excellent video and description of how it feels to move to a foreign country without speaking the language properly. "It was like getting an expansion box" :) soooo very true! Through your words, I re-lived my first year in the UK - quite emotional :) Par contre pour moi, ce fut l'inverse - il m'a fallut apprendre l'anglais et ce fut tout aussi galère. I now live in NZ and will be playing this video to my students (who are learning French). I'll also make sure to double-check your site as I can't agree more with how a language should be taught. Here I got to learn Māori and the way it's taught makes so much more sense. Thanks again for this great video!

  99. Marco Aurélio Nascimento

    Marco Aurélio Nascimento

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    Awesome journey, French is a beautiful language

  100. Lopyboy _Brg

    Lopyboy _Brg

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