How to Get Unstuck In Life (and start building momentum)

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A few thoughts on what I like to call "The Law of Momentum." Inspired by the following books on this subject (affiliate links):
Good to Great by Jim Collins →
The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy →
Atomic Habits by James Clear →
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  1. maddie g

    maddie g

    8 mesi fa

    So excited for your Skillshare course! You have really inspired me to want to start a channel so I cannot wait 😁 thanks for another great video!

    • sanjith kkr

      sanjith kkr

      7 mesi fa


    • John's Automotive Channel

      John's Automotive Channel

      8 mesi fa

      I've just stumble across your channel through ITput Recommendations and I've spent quite a while watching your videos and Inwould say it is quite inspiring. As a matter of fact I felt that your one of the best presenter put there,and it is hard to imagine you have such a matured level of thinking at such a young age I really hope I can be just like you one day. Looking forward for more Awesome Content Ahead, Cheers.

    • Amelia Yamato

      Amelia Yamato

      8 mesi fa

      @Aditya Cahya Pramana Maintaining for sure😩

    • Aditya Cahya Pramana

      Aditya Cahya Pramana

      8 mesi fa

      Which is harder: to start or to maintain? 🤔

    • 5 Minute Psychology

      5 Minute Psychology

      8 mesi fa

      So many new content creators here - that’s amazing! So much good energy to start a new chapter in life and your own development. Kudos and fingers crossed!

  2. atika Park

    atika Park

    6 giorni fa

    if you have a podcast I'd listen to you talking while I'm doing house chores

  3. lara singh

    lara singh

    13 giorni fa

    I know that I must not feel defeated at such an early age but I just can't stop feeling not worthy enough to be alive as I have no purpose , no goals nothing to keep me going. I don't know what to do for tomorrow or even today. Success meant something for me before but now it has no meaning to me. Just scrolling through apps to kill time and crying my eyes out rest of the time. Direction to go is very important as well.

  4. Searchinsachin Turkey

    Searchinsachin Turkey

    14 giorni fa

    Short. Sweet. Simple. Thanks.

  5. 1987iuli


    21 giorno fa

    if everyone has a map in their hand, then who is digging for the treasure? the phase is that we are indoctrinated from an early age to aspire to the ideas of others and not to what makes us feel good and at peace with ourselves. plus society needs people who dream only for the sake of consuming.

  6. Arthur Sena

    Arthur Sena

    26 giorni fa


  7. Chad L. Brown

    Chad L. Brown

    26 giorni fa

    Beautiful. Thank you for the reminders and the push for passion and perseverance.

  8. SpendingTimeTogether


    27 giorni fa

    Very inspirational, thank you.❤👍

  9. Dylan Rubin

    Dylan Rubin

    28 giorni fa

    Anyone know if he does these animations himself or has someone help him out? Super cool animations. Assuming he uses after effects?

  10. Cristina Csizmadi

    Cristina Csizmadi

    Mese fa

    I’ve seen the goat in your eyes when you said goat

  11. Chris Branton

    Chris Branton

    Mese fa

    The tricky part for me is choosing the single path to apply the grit towards :/

  12. Abid ullah official YouTube

    Abid ullah official YouTube

    Mese fa

    My life is totally stagnant.

  13. no name

    no name

    Mese fa

    wtf this is 10/10 !

  14. Buddhi Chaudhary

    Buddhi Chaudhary

    Mese fa

    I wait his videos and start watching. The funny things when I watch one video and I want to watch more

  15. Mioko / Cloudy

    Mioko / Cloudy

    Mese fa

    Someone help me- I can definitely follow and understand this video, but I keep thinking about the mistakes I made and it’s kinda demotivating me

  16. Summer Bee

    Summer Bee

    Mese fa

    “Your potential is dictated by the amount of effort you are willing to put in.” ~ N. Drew

  17. Summer Bee

    Summer Bee

    Mese fa

    In uni I put the speed of lecture videos on 2x, while here i lower it down. Literally started taking notes 📝

  18. David Martin Bouldering

    David Martin Bouldering

    2 mesi fa

    Such high quality content. Very nurishing!! Subbed.

  19. Hira Farooq

    Hira Farooq

    2 mesi fa

    Hey Nathaniel, I appreciate everything you do! If you ever read this, I am hoping you'll consider sharing a list of books that have changed your life. Thank you, cheers!!

  20. relicofgold


    2 mesi fa

    The first decent video of yours that I've seen. Unfortunately, having stick-to-it-ness is impossible without hope that you will some day have success. People give up. Some people have persistence, some people don't. It has to do with how much hope you have, and some people never feel they'll make it, so they don't. The superlative video would be how to get hope because without it, you'll do nothing.

  21. toasteh


    2 mesi fa

    I was told since I was young by my teachers how special and great I was, and that anything negative that happens or resistance that I would meet in life would not be my fault, but that of others/injustice/imperfect society etc. To be honest, all that did was teach me to complain, get upset about things, give up and blame others, which didnt solve any of my problems. One valuable lesson I learned in working life was to take on the assumption that everything that happens in life is my fault, no matter how unfair that assumption might be. It really made me stop complaining about the past, think on how I could improve myself/my situation the next time. And if I don't, i know who to blame this time (me). I realise now this is what my dad tried to teach me for so long. I just wish he didnt do it in such a holier-than-thou manner.

  22. N A R I

    N A R I

    2 mesi fa

    i was just rejected from a scholarship that could have changed my life , this is so far my second rejection in educational fields and the 3rd biggest failure in my life , i am learning from this content and hopefully i will overcome this

    • Summer Bee

      Summer Bee

      Mese fa

      I am sorry it appears as a pattern to you. But maybe greater things are coming your way so don’t give up trying :)

  23. Fabiola Graceffa

    Fabiola Graceffa

    2 mesi fa

    And congratulations on your class!!

  24. Fabiola Graceffa

    Fabiola Graceffa

    2 mesi fa

    Got it. Effort, persistence and grit. Thank you Nathaniel

  25. Fabiola Graceffa

    Fabiola Graceffa

    2 mesi fa

    You need way more recognition for what you do

  26. MyTrainingSession


    2 mesi fa

    I really like this one quote attributed to Einstein: "Insanity is doing something over and over again, and expecting different results." But what I like even more is faith, which I see as doing something over and over again, without seeing the direct benefits instantly- you just gotta believe in yourself! :)

  27. cacerpop


    2 mesi fa

    What do you use to animate and edit?

  28. Madison Coviello

    Madison Coviello

    2 mesi fa

    2:48 "Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. She who utilizes it, earns it. She who doesn't, pays it." I keep this saying on the top of my weekly to-do list.

  29. Xander Zwemstra

    Xander Zwemstra

    2 mesi fa

    This video is so wonderfully and elegantly edited :)

  30. h Boon

    h Boon

    2 mesi fa

    Your Content is soo great. Especially in nowadays time. So Simply offered, inspiring and nurturing. Thank you so much Nathaniel!!

  31. Mick Rutjes

    Mick Rutjes

    2 mesi fa

    what do you use to edit?

  32. Isha Sharma

    Isha Sharma

    2 mesi fa

    So beautifully explained

  33. Carolina Bailon

    Carolina Bailon

    2 mesi fa

    You are cute tbh

    • Isha Sharma

      Isha Sharma

      2 mesi fa

      He is

  34. Malia Abayon

    Malia Abayon

    2 mesi fa

    But yo, you gonna be the wisest GOAT there is....

    • Isha Sharma

      Isha Sharma

      2 mesi fa


  35. Stella Rose

    Stella Rose

    2 mesi fa

    Nathaniel, if you haven’t read the book Beauty: The Invisible Embrace by the Irish poet John O’donohue then I’m highly recommending it cus I feel it’s right up your alley... I write this as if I actually know you or you’ll actually see this, but hey who knows, stranger things have happened.

  36. Faiz Farooqi

    Faiz Farooqi

    2 mesi fa

    I would say effort * time = grit.

    • Isha Sharma

      Isha Sharma

      2 mesi fa

      That's beautiful

  37. Lau MFreeman

    Lau MFreeman

    2 mesi fa

    Love this video

  38. gghgjh


    2 mesi fa

    Thank you Nathaniel for your inspiring videos. I understand persistance and effort can always be useful whatever then conditions we are facing. But how do we know if we are not putting our effort in the wrong direction? For example I put a lot of effort in consolidating my freelance activity, so that I can hopefully gain more freedom in my life and not be "trapped" with a standard job. And at the same time this effort brings me a lot a of stress, which tends to enhance anxiety problems I face. I guess one can be very persistant without success if the effort is not well directed, I'm curious to have your thoughts on the matter.

  39. Dakota Lewis

    Dakota Lewis

    2 mesi fa

    I really enjoy the way your brain works

  40. PopcornSticker


    2 mesi fa

    where the second part?

  41. Jeremiah


    2 mesi fa

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  42. oko r.r.

    oko r.r.

    2 mesi fa

    my elementary and middle school always talked about changing to a growth mindset and it was kind of annoying but helpful

  43. Esteemity


    2 mesi fa

    those tags aren't a waste of time Nathaniel

  44. Roscoe Studio

    Roscoe Studio

    2 mesi fa

    Talent is underrated to those who don't have much.

  45. Ryan Sulak

    Ryan Sulak

    2 mesi fa

    Did you do the motion graphics in the beginning? They are really great, I'd love to see a tutorial if you ever make them

  46. Tim Orton

    Tim Orton

    2 mesi fa

    Brilliant and good music aswell!

  47. Tim Orton

    Tim Orton

    2 mesi fa

    Thanks for your advice and experiments..

  48. Nomadic Wolf

    Nomadic Wolf

    2 mesi fa


  49. Syn


    2 mesi fa

    can anyone recommend a book similar to that "grit" mindset that the female psychologist that nathaniel talked about? 😭

    • Chris Branton

      Chris Branton

      Mese fa

      Also Mindset by Carol Dweck. Quick easy read about the fixed and growth mindsets.

    • Eugene Ford

      Eugene Ford

      2 mesi fa

      Hi Syn, there's a book called Grit, by Angela Duckworth, that goes into it more....

  50. Syn


    2 mesi fa

    the editing quality is so juicy please it's highly stimulating i can't stop rewatching the animations 💀

  51. Aude Myrddin

    Aude Myrddin

    2 mesi fa

    I just told people about the stallion story this week ! !!! So funny to hear it here today !

  52. Create Fresh

    Create Fresh

    2 mesi fa

    Powerful brother, epic ideas backed with facts! Hope you are doing well. I'm heading to Quito South America soon.

  53. Lewis Dunkley

    Lewis Dunkley

    2 mesi fa

    just sounds like virtue ethics

  54. Анна Юрчик

    Анна Юрчик

    2 mesi fa

    Привет! I think the competitive view of life is pretty primitive. We have global problems that need to be solved as one team, where the strength and contribution of each member is important. If we look at each other as rivals, then inevitably we want the other to fall, which actually destroys the team, and this harms the person himself. I don't see the point in the long run. People compete, but they do not understand that each person has his own values, interests, biography, perception of reality and happiness, that in fact, each participant in the game plays his own game and according to his own rules. How can you win? Of course, a marathon, not a sprint.

  55. Andey Skanes

    Andey Skanes

    2 mesi fa

    "Failure is not a permanent condition." Don't mind me~ just leaving this quote here for my depressed ass.

  56. Too unmotivated to find a name

    Too unmotivated to find a name

    2 mesi fa

    Nathaniel, I just love you

  57. Lucy Elliott

    Lucy Elliott

    2 mesi fa

    Just discovered your channel and am slowly moving through your videos! Love the style and heart very chefs table esc.

  58. Andrei


    2 mesi fa

    COMPOUND INTEREST WHEN INTEREST ON SAVINGS IN LOWER THAT INFLATION... KEKW!!! Stop watching self-help guides on ITput, guys!

  59. interlene


    2 mesi fa

    Luck does not exist. Everyone gets opportunities in life, some people grab them, some people don't. Some people, negative and cynical, with low self confidence, don't even notice them when they come their way and then are jealous of the people who do grab opportunities and think of them as having all the luck in the world!

  60. Iago Fantin

    Iago Fantin

    2 mesi fa

    Masterpiece !

  61. 33oonum


    2 mesi fa

    Lovely shots of the Palácio de Cristal gardens in Porto (my hometown). Hope you enjoyed your stay here! One thing I would point out about what was said that rang as somewhat not accurate was the role people ascribe to luck, particularly american people or cultures heavily influenced by the american mindset. I would argue that throughout the last century or further back even, more and more the emphasis on life's outcomes is placed on work and effort (it's a mantra central to the american way of looking at life) and definitely not luck. To the point that people blame themselves all the time (or are blamed) for being losers when they don't succeed. I think even Alexis de Tocqueville pointed it out in Democracy in America that 19th century american society was plagued by this new form of status anxiety, the corolary being that since it all depends on you (your efforts and talents) to be successful, people who were poor deserved being poor. In Europe, at the time, they would be considered simply unfortunate and worthy of compassion. Actually this video proves it also, it's not by accident that this topic of self-improvement and success interests you or any of us, for that matter. We tend to want to believe that we can outsmart luck and fortune and the massive impact it has on the way our lives unfold.

  62. Mohd Akbar

    Mohd Akbar

    2 mesi fa

    He expressions are like 'leonard hoffstader' from 'bbt'

  63. BlueMousy


    2 mesi fa

    Everything you said really helped me. It feels like everything I've been needing to hear

  64. Kendra Cooper

    Kendra Cooper

    2 mesi fa

    It's awesome how when we set an intention the universe (or whatever you want to believe) comes to meet us there. A couple of days ago I did an emotion dump in my journal and the first thing I wrote was "I feel stuck". Today this video popped up in my suggestions. some would say that was just a coincidence, and maybe it is. Maybe so, maybe not right!!! All I know is I took in and agree wholeheartedly with everything you said in this wonderful video. You have been such a blessing for me these last few months, thank you for all your hard work and time

  65. André Mariano

    André Mariano

    3 mesi fa

    compound interest is indeed the most powerful force in the universe? ever heard of an ion thruster? it's just an engine that adds to itself. and even though in the beginning it can be slow. with time it can achieve infinite velocities (theoretically speaking). all because it builds onto itself.

  66. Mike Lee

    Mike Lee

    3 mesi fa

    The son is trying to what the mare??

  67. Margie The Maker

    Margie The Maker

    3 mesi fa

    This guy is what I imagine Charlie Brown grew up to be. :)

  68. Lenni lenni

    Lenni lenni

    3 mesi fa

    I exactly understand the system and i`m incredibly impressed

  69. Fulvia Ferrari

    Fulvia Ferrari

    3 mesi fa

    I totally agree!!! Its all about effort for me. Even successful people goes through failure and by putting in the effort and being persistent they achieve success!! And thank you so much for making this video and sharing quotes, it really is a kick of reminder and motivation for me to keep on striving 💪🏻💓

  70. Glenn Barnette

    Glenn Barnette

    3 mesi fa

    Is not God the most powerful force in the universe?

  71. Juan carlos Ferra Aquino

    Juan carlos Ferra Aquino

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  72. Koté Green

    Koté Green

    4 mesi fa

    Nathaniel, do you do all these motion graphics? Do you use templates? Do you have an editor to preserve your sanity? Regardless, your edits are so so GOOD! The sound design too 🤤

  73. Greg Gidley

    Greg Gidley

    4 mesi fa

    I know it's a bit of a cliche but: persistence beats resistance

  74. Michaela Johnson

    Michaela Johnson

    4 mesi fa

    Your editing is literally insane! Good job man!

  75. Udskidt Hotdog

    Udskidt Hotdog

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    Do u have a team

  76. The 360 Life Journey with a Self Care Pixie

    The 360 Life Journey with a Self Care Pixie

    4 mesi fa

    I just have to tell you how much I love your videos and newsletter! The content is meaty, the visuals are lovely, and the information that you share is so useful!

  77. Max B

    Max B

    4 mesi fa

    Grit : stamina and persistence are very important. But i also believe you have to invest it into something you are talented at. There is concept ikigai - it's an intersection of something you have talent for, something you have passion for, something which world needs That you should invest time and effort in.

  78. Daniel Aleksandrov

    Daniel Aleksandrov

    4 mesi fa

    Love your channel. Keep it up man!!!!

  79. Pamela Pombo

    Pamela Pombo

    4 mesi fa

    Really cool topics bud, thanks for your videos

  80. Glen Feasey

    Glen Feasey

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    Love your Chanel Nathaniel, have you read Sophie’s World? Interested in your views and would love to see some content around literature which has moved and enlightened you. Glen

  81. Galaxy_World


    4 mesi fa


  82. alexis jeanneau

    alexis jeanneau

    4 mesi fa

    It's incredible how you just put words onto my reflections and thoughts that I have for years. I'd love to discuss about it with you. You're an incredible person and I admire you. Thank you.

  83. Fernanda de Alencar

    Fernanda de Alencar

    4 mesi fa

    i think i have already commented this, but it is true for me, this is the best channel ever. it talks me. the message and how it is delivered.

  84. Raj vikram !

    Raj vikram !

    4 mesi fa

    How what platform do you edit your videos?

  85. Ntokxzo


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  86. Meist Syans

    Meist Syans

    4 mesi fa

    Well he's trying to help us by telling us that we do have some sort of control over our success. But I don't have any grit! 😭 how do I make it emerge from within?!?

  87. Iren Green

    Iren Green

    4 mesi fa

    I'm in love with your mindset. I watched this Ted talk before, but the way you bring this topic up is amazing. And montage is so clean and laconic, that my brain doesn't realise on what to focus, your words or nice shortcuts design🤣

  88. Ross


    4 mesi fa

    One person's 'success' is another person's 'failure'. So just do your own thing.

  89. yasmeen nour

    yasmeen nour

    4 mesi fa

    10:38 this was in charlie something movie.. can't remember the whole name

  90. Berleen


    5 mesi fa

    I completely agree with you, especially in the "you're so talented" and "you're so lucky" part. I make music and I had to invest a lot of time and money in this hobby. It's something that happens in the long run, no one gets famous overnight. But people still don't seem to understand. When I planned a couple of shows in my home country, I've spent days doing arrangements and promo. Then all I've heard was "wow, you're really lucky that this happened". Yes, I am, but mostly it's just hard work. When I put out my own music, my friends told me that they wish they had so much luck and courage like me. I said "I don't have any courage, in fact, I'm really scared of where this all could take me. You can do this as well, just get out of your comfort zone." And starting to believe that ANYTHING is possible has helped me a lot in my career.

  91. James Durowse

    James Durowse

    5 mesi fa

    So in psychology grit was a big thing for a while, but it was never really proven to be separate from trait concienciousness, so if you acted out the behaviours that someone high in concienciousness would enact then the result is what appeared to be something separate, i.e. 'grit'. So it's basically a relabeling of concienciousness which is actually good seeing as that already has a long study history and alot of information about it

  92. Andrew Hart

    Andrew Hart

    5 mesi fa

    Could this be applied to relationships? I’m just thinking, but could we use the law of momentum or compound interest in cultivating or nurturing friendships/relationships?

  93. George Omari

    George Omari

    5 mesi fa

    your channel is the most valuable thing you can find on the internet.

  94. Loubna Ro

    Loubna Ro

    5 mesi fa

    Those editing skills.. 🔝🔝🔝

  95. Lx Px

    Lx Px

    5 mesi fa

    Where is part 2?

  96. Ocean Wave

    Ocean Wave

    5 mesi fa

    In my opinion and observation of life, what contributes to grit is pursuing something that uniquely aligns with you and being able to grow intuitively (cater to your unique shortcomings and learning curves with compassion). Its the courage to pursue something that speaks with you despite it not being popular. It's your bravery to constantly pursue self discovery no matter how cold it gets at times becuase you know that you cant live a life by going by the book of someone that isnt you. In a way, grit stems from the bravery to live your life and not survive behind comfort and what is popularly accepted. P.s. to those who got my point, would you be so kind to recommend a book about this idea (or is related to this idea at the least). I'm still learning :((

  97. Naman Chauhan

    Naman Chauhan

    5 mesi fa

    thanks to ITput, I saw one of your videos somewhere and now I'm on a binge watch roll

  98. Dirty Kimono

    Dirty Kimono

    5 mesi fa

    Aaaand... where is the Part 2?

  99. Technoness Team

    Technoness Team

    5 mesi fa

    Thank you for creating this video

  100. Raquel Plaza

    Raquel Plaza

    5 mesi fa

    Muchísimas gracias por este vídeo Nathaniel! This has been something I've been dealing with for some months now and I really appreciate to have watched your video today, great reminder :)

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