I Learned Portuguese in 7 Days - Part 1 (My Method)

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Sources cited/research used in the making of this video → sites.google.com/view/nd-portuguesesources/home
Check out Jo Franco's channel → itput.info/black/pawk6aEKblSZde6AYKQHSQ
This video documents my journey learning Portuguese in 7 days by breaking down what is ordinarily and overwhelming task (learning a new language) and focus my time and energy on the most important parts. My goal here is become conversational as quickly as possible and demonstrate that you're capable of more than you think if you're strategic & disciplined about how your approach things.
Time Stamps:
0:00 - Accelerated Learning
0:45 - Context for this challenge
3:00 - Step 0: Finding Your Mission
4:42 - Step 1: Gathering the Building Blocks
9:20 - Step 2: The Glue
11:13 - Step 3: Enter the Bubble
13:08 - Final Thoughts + Putting it all Together

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  1. Nathaniel Drew

    Nathaniel Drew

    Anno fa

    Part 2 is out now! → itput.info/zone/video/nG-cdIKa1LuqeII

    • Vervídeos giros

      Vervídeos giros

      Mese fa

      The way you pronounced "Meu Deus" are both correct, depending on which region your in. The first is how we pronounce in Portugal or in Rio de Janeiro (in Brazil). In most parts of Brazil the pronounciation is like you said the second time.

    • albert simao

      albert simao

      Mese fa

      @Michel Saldanha kkkklk

    • albert simao

      albert simao

      Mese fa

      @Michel Saldanha know

    • Aaron Marques

      Aaron Marques

      2 mesi fa

      Are you from Portuguese or Spanish descendent from Iberia peninsula



      4 mesi fa

      portuguese is very easy to learn, you gringo learn quickly, you will try to learn chinese, japanese, korean.ai it is very complicated.

  2. Michael Nistal

    Michael Nistal

    6 ore fa




    Giorno fa

    I stumbled across this video because I am really motivated to learn this language. My girlfriend is from Brasil, and I want to surprise her, so my motivation is that. I find Portuguese really hard but this video motivates me even more. I hope I can study this language because I really like it. Wish me luck! 🍀

  4. Candy babyTv

    Candy babyTv

    3 giorni fa

    Started to learning Portuguese last February and 3 months later I could speak with native freely. There ain't no big secrets to do so. 1 )Dedication 2} Study at least 30 minutes a day. (Verbs, expressions) 3) Repeat what you have learned in the shower like a maluco 4) Watch portuguese movies , listen to Funk musics( hahahah) The best part ! And that's it 1

    • Candy babyTv

      Candy babyTv

      3 giorni fa

      Oh yeeaa, the most important one: Take notes when you're watching movies or listening to songs !

  5. TheMikester307


    5 giorni fa

    I've known a couple of people who did the immersion thing when it comes to learning languages! More power to you!

  6. Ana Luiza Henriques

    Ana Luiza Henriques

    5 giorni fa

    Cara, eu poderia escrever em inglês mas vou te ajudar a treinar o português. Vc tá de parabéns pela iniciativa. Eu também amo estudar línguas, sei falar inglês fluente e estou aprendendo italiano. É incrível o quanto uma nova língua pode mudar nossa forma de ver o mundo. Quando tiver mais confiante no português dá uma pesquisada nos sotaques, nas gírias brasileiras porque você vai se surpreender com a riqueza da nossa língua!!

  7. Michael Aboud-Azran

    Michael Aboud-Azran

    6 giorni fa

    4:28 Oh my god me too! That's why I am watching this🤯

  8. Haydn


    6 giorni fa

    “Accelerated learning for me, is about being smart.” -Nathaniel Drew

  9. Edu xdux

    Edu xdux

    7 giorni fa

    I LOVE ur videos, specially our motion design style

  10. J. S. McKee

    J. S. McKee

    8 giorni fa

    you should try learning modern Greek

  11. Victoria Valdez

    Victoria Valdez

    9 giorni fa

    Hi! Can any of thr people that are riding this an app for learn Japanese, please don't say Duolingo bcs I hate it :)

  12. Manu M.

    Manu M.

    9 giorni fa

    Rapaz, agora que você sabe português, vou te falar sinceramente: Rio de Janeiro só é bonito de longe. Essa ideia de morar aqui é uma cilada. Não faz isso. Fica quietinho em Portugal mesmo que já tá bom. Essa cidade é um perigo pra quem é daqui, e um perigo maior ainda para quem não é.

  13. VillalbaAlan


    9 giorni fa

    14:24 Eu sou falante de espanhol nativo mas estou a aprender o inglês, acho complicado mas este canal me ajuda demais, além disso o conteudo do Nathaniel é fixe, meus parabéns. Saudaçôes galera kkk

  14. Guistudies


    10 giorni fa

    Very good!!!!

  15. Guistudies


    10 giorni fa


  16. Dan Dutra

    Dan Dutra

    10 giorni fa

    Challenge to learn Esperanto in 7 days

  17. gabi the ancient

    gabi the ancient

    13 giorni fa

    ai meu deus por que eu acho gente aprendendo português tão foda? enfim, que bom que você tá aprendendo a língua, é uma língua legal, eu acho, mas difícil pra cacete

  18. Yan Daer

    Yan Daer

    13 giorni fa


  19. Ezekiel Carvalho

    Ezekiel Carvalho

    14 giorni fa

    First of all, excellent video, I've been checking out your videos and your website (I'm a web dev), it's really cool, you've done a good job. Your video editing skills are off the charts. Secondly, Parabens, you're also of Portuguese ancestry as am I. I discovered my Portuguese roots a few years ago and I finally found my identity (my ancestors came to India, Goa, in the 1500s from Portugal. All the best with applying for your Portuguese citizenship. I received mine last year, it was a long and arduous process but it's worth it man. Thirdly, I agree with everything you said about the way of learning languages. It's almost the same style that I'm adopting, except I don't keep messy notes haha. I just try to study and study a lot and use various resources. But you're absolutely right, focus should be given towards the most commonly used words coupled with the ability to construct sentences and converse with speakers as soon as possible. All the best with your ventures. Com os melhores cumprimentas meu amigo!

  20. me meee

    me meee

    14 giorni fa

    I learn very quick, i reached level five with Spanish in a week, but I forget quickly. I understand some Spanish. I’d the same thing with Persian. What’s your advise?

  21. X X I I

    X X I I

    14 giorni fa

    what if there is 3+ ways to say some of them?

  22. Agnes Roberta

    Agnes Roberta

    15 giorni fa

    Mamilos is a very good podcast! I will explain to you why it is called nipples. Some time ago we had a meme in Brazil where a boy with no shirt looked at his nipples and said: "Mamilos são polêmicos. (Nipples are controversial)" Don't ask me why? This podcast talks about topics that are being debated on the internet, controversial topics and this podcast is made by female journalists. Do you understand now?

  23. Bruno Patrick de Sousa Brito

    Bruno Patrick de Sousa Brito

    15 giorni fa

    Nathan, tu não precisa falar com sotaque carioca apenas usa o que for mais fácil para ti

  24. Davi Costa

    Davi Costa

    16 giorni fa

    nossa, ta solteiro??

  25. OIivia Delgobbo

    OIivia Delgobbo

    17 giorni fa

    agora você pode rir dos memes brasileiros que são muito muito bons! 😂😂 welcome to brasil

  26. Ana Beatriz

    Ana Beatriz

    17 giorni fa

    Se eu dissesse que eu pesquisei “how to start learning portuguese” e cliquei nesse vdo vcs iam me achar normal ou não?

  27. erzsebet sofro

    erzsebet sofro

    17 giorni fa

    Gratulation.Try my language to learn,Hungarian.I was try arabic, and urdu,.I knows writing and read but words and talk is very hard..Im knows now 4 languages write and speak omost as mother language(hungarian,serbian,german,and english......Spanish and urdu and french im undestand but writing and talk not so much good..All of them are different thinking and letters.I mean latinic ,cirilic,arabic, letters.Whenn you learning similar group of languages is not so hard to learn,but if you learn from other group of languages it not can learn so fast as wish..i mean french ,italian spaniesh is similar,lot of words are same sound,,,but slavish and hungarian expl,is qwite oposit of thinking,talk,and much moore things..not easy.

  28. Nathanael Ferraz Vieira

    Nathanael Ferraz Vieira

    17 giorni fa

    beautifull name!!!!!!!! kkkk

  29. ReptilianPoopsBR


    18 giorni fa

    Nathaniel: Portuguese language music is so beautiful. Brasil: BEJIN NO OMBRO PRO RECALQUE PASSA LONGE Bom, antes que falem qq coisa, tô só zoando, claro que como qualquer país o Brasil tem músicas bonitas e feias, sem falar que gosto musical, assim como muitas outras coisas, é relativo.

  30. lipsohlips97


    19 giorni fa

    Easy way I think to look at learning a language is think of a child. When your only 2, 3, 4 years old etc, you're not in school yet. You don't have hw to do and things to memorize. But the average child knows how to speak. They learned by listening! And repeating and connecting things in their brain! So, as the video mentions, best way to learn a language is by consuming it's art. Movies, TV, Music, Podcasts, YT Vlogs/Videos, and then finally books! Plus, it's waaaaaay more fun :) I spent 5 years learning spanish in school. I can't speak a word. I watch kdramas for a bit. Never took a class until many years later to which I was already too advanced for lol but I'm conversational! It's crazy how horrible and ineffective school is. Ironic really.

  31. Mark Garon

    Mark Garon

    19 giorni fa

    You learned Portuguese in 7 days? That's as credible as God creating the universe in the same amount of time. You are a liar.

  32. Jennifer Marea

    Jennifer Marea

    19 giorni fa

    Can you try this with a language that has a different alphabet?

  33. Guilherme Neumann

    Guilherme Neumann

    19 giorni fa

    Sua pronúncia é muito boa !! Parabéns;)

  34. Gayatri Naik

    Gayatri Naik

    20 giorni fa

    Olá amigos. Estou aprendendo Portuguese. Eu sou Indiano.

  35. Gabriel Silva

    Gabriel Silva

    20 giorni fa

    Você aprendeu em 7 dias , eu já nasci sabendo 😎😎

  36. Guido Mano

    Guido Mano

    21 giorno fa

    Can You translate " Ó auê aí ó"? It is tbe hardest sentence to understand in brazilian portuguese I believe.

  37. lawane Castro

    lawane Castro

    22 giorni fa

    Você pronunciando essas palavras foi a coisa mais fofa do mundo haha Parabéns!!!

  38. MoBiLe Marly

    MoBiLe Marly

    23 giorni fa

    🔥 Inspiration 🔥 🏖️ - thanks Nathaniel

  39. HeyDoc!


    23 giorni fa

    It is called “mamilos” because nipples are polemic (mamilos são polêmicos) look it up, it is comedy gold

  40. Nataniele F

    Nataniele F

    24 giorni fa

    Inacreditável 👏

  41. tio clips

    tio clips

    29 giorni fa

    Português é muito fácil, vocês não entendem muito bem por que tem terceira pessoa é etc

  42. Nicky


    Mese fa

    this video is so inspiring

  43. Ony baeee

    Ony baeee

    Mese fa

    Hi! I'm Mozambican. I really loved this video because I needed it. I can speak, read and listen to portuguese, english and spanish. But Ican only speak and read french, a very single time someone speaks to me I can't understand it, don't know why, probably because in my school my teachers were more focused on making as speak and not that much focused on our listening skills. And I'm also trying to learn greek, germany, italian and bulgarian. I just really love to learn other people languages, stories, cultures and backgrounds.

  44. Giulia Rodrigues Gomes

    Giulia Rodrigues Gomes

    Mese fa

    1:59 Me, being a Brazilian, looking at him just there, happy, saying words he don't know the exact pronunciation better than me. AS IF IT WAS NOTHING.

  45. Denise Fernandes

    Denise Fernandes

    Mese fa

    Ahhh aprendeu sim

  46. Ace Ar Jr

    Ace Ar Jr

    Mese fa

    First of all you dont have to spend any money for the random choruses that teach you how to speak a language.. I've learnt how to speak English in like a year and a half but It took me that long cause I didn't spend that much time learning..I was focusing on games more than on learning..but now once I realized it I stopped playing games and I'm ready to learn Russian (I know alot of words, how to write and read it already)and Portuguese..

  47. melina benchadi

    melina benchadi

    Mese fa

    I just realized that this is how I learned English in the first place. (I'm a Spanish speaker)

  48. melina benchadi

    melina benchadi

    Mese fa

    A rapid break bc I just realized that somehow Nathaniel became the only ITputr I watch

  49. Nelson Manvella

    Nelson Manvella

    Mese fa

    11:51 does this apply to watching anime? lmao

  50. Djuliany Santos

    Djuliany Santos

    Mese fa

    Nessas alturas ele deve estar falando português melhor que nós, rs Ele escolheu o melhor podcast para ouvir s2

  51. Kyle Roberts

    Kyle Roberts

    Mese fa

    This method can be applied to learning any langues great content love this video.

  52. Cédric


    Mese fa

    Is portuguese conjugation really more complicated than the other romance languages?? Let's say french for example...

  53. Tlhologelo Selapa

    Tlhologelo Selapa

    Mese fa

    Can please do one for Afrikaans with me

  54. Sai Kiran Ayan

    Sai Kiran Ayan

    Mese fa

    Don't believe this, technically need 6months to learn any language.

  55. Yago Martínez Toyos

    Yago Martínez Toyos

    Mese fa

    I believe, even though it is incredibly impressive, that you have been able to learn this much Italian and Portuguese in such small periods of time, however, you did know how to speak very similar languages like Spanish and French previously which also have Latin roots, I think it would be interesting to see how much it would take you to reach such a level of comprehension and talking (not writing) in a language that is more disconnected from these roots like Arabic (which btw I also really want to learn).

  56. Costanza Tranchina

    Costanza Tranchina

    Mese fa

    min 3.55 you have been in Palermo too!!

  57. Nana Botelho

    Nana Botelho

    Mese fa

    Sua pronúncia é muito boa! Good job :D Carioca accent is the best :P

    • Happy Boy

      Happy Boy

      Mese fa

      Kkkk carioca curte passa vergonha puta que pariu kkkkk

  58. SeoFor Art

    SeoFor Art

    Mese fa

    Hi, Nathaniel! How did you collect the words you use most often in your speech? Did you record the tape recorder?

  59. sommerdepression


    Mese fa

    did anyone succeed with his method?

  60. Laura Williams

    Laura Williams

    Mese fa

    Thank you so much for this!!! It is exactly what I need to hear and much more! I have been living in portugal for an embarrassingly long time and my Portuguese is terrible. You have just given me the inspiration I need to get the hell on with learning the language properly.

  61. Winnie Nguyen

    Winnie Nguyen

    Mese fa

    I'm vietnamese I like to learn portuguese Brazilian language ❤👍🏽

  62. Ghessyka Schmidt

    Ghessyka Schmidt

    Mese fa

    Muito bom Nathaniel, parabéns!

  63. aZedo


    Mese fa

    What a channel, my friends! Além do cara ser um filmmaker muito foda, ainda traz um conteúdo de qualidade. Congratulations, broooo!!!! This is the way hahaaha

  64. Gutembergue Felix

    Gutembergue Felix

    Mese fa

    O cara aprende a falar algumas frases em Português (usando como base todo seu conhecimento em línguas latinas) e vem dizer que aprendeu em 7 dias. Qualquer falante de Português consegue entender boa parte do vocabulário do espanhol sem nunca ter estudado o idioma, e vice-versa, porque são comuns aos dois idiomas. E ainda por cima, como todo estrangeiro, a principal referência que ele tem do Brasil é o Rio de Janeiro. Ah cara vá plantar batata!

    • N.Luis.P


      Mese fa


  65. Marcella Moura

    Marcella Moura

    Mese fa

    Aprendi portugues em 7 dias Chega no brasil: - Oi - Tudo bom? - A banana esta em cima da mesa - As cadeiras na areia da praia ensolarada - Macacos me mordam

    • Francile Souza

      Francile Souza

      9 giorni fa

      Kkkkkkkk mds véi

  66. albert simao

    albert simao

    Mese fa

    I am trying speak english More or less 5 years ago. Still I'm not fluently. Also started learning Franch and Spanish. I Preciso de amigos native american e tambem amigos franceses.

  67. Renato Silva

    Renato Silva

    Mese fa

    Só acho que nós opderiamos trocar conhecimentos em nossos diomas, what do you think about it? 🤩

  68. Glicia Mamede

    Glicia Mamede

    Mese fa

    I don't know if someone has explained it already, but the podcast is called "Mamilos" because they talk about polemic subjects, just like nipples hehehe



    Mese fa

    Thanks brother, I'm Rajesh from india now in Brazil 🇧🇷. In two months. I'm affried how to learn português. But watch your viedo confidence come to me. Thanks, i do my best...

  70. Destinaz Dryandra Yudistia

    Destinaz Dryandra Yudistia

    Mese fa

    I like your channel :D

  71. Carol Akie

    Carol Akie

    Mese fa

    Você escutou o podcast mamilos! Arrasou! hahaha I know you´ll understand this! ^^

  72. J.A.B. 888

    J.A.B. 888

    Mese fa

    where was the video shot? that place is beautiful.

    • Indiana Jones

      Indiana Jones

      Mese fa


  73. Lobo ALFA

    Lobo ALFA

    Mese fa

    Oi sou do brasil voce e o bichão mermo em

  74. terra treta

    terra treta

    Mese fa

    Por favor, ponha mais legendas em pt/BR nos seus vídeos

    • Henrique FR

      Henrique FR

      Mese fa

      Aprende inglês ué kkkkkk

  75. Bite My Shinny Metal Arse

    Bite My Shinny Metal Arse

    Mese fa

    How I learned to Speak Brazilian Portuguese in 7 days would be the correct title ;D.. especially the slang, that part was funny.

  76. Laura Beckman

    Laura Beckman

    Mese fa

    Incrível, adorei o vídeo 😍 amo vê estrangeiros se esforçando para aprender a nossa língua maravilhosa haha

  77. Mustafa Pere

    Mustafa Pere

    Mese fa

    Perfect channel 💯 if you want to force yourself you should try my language (Turkish)

  78. Morrow


    Mese fa

    I LOVE your approach. It basically translates to learning about something 'bottom-up' rather than 'top-down' and, 'just-in-time-learning' when it comes to grammar and things like that. That is totally how I think we should approach learning anything!

  79. a a

    a a

    Mese fa

    4:20 I knew it, I knew it - MAZAL TOV!

  80. a a

    a a

    Mese fa

    3:30 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk love it TRUE lol. Dude you look Brazilian..no homo. kkk means hahaha ok?!

  81. a a

    a a

    Mese fa

    Cool! You can research more about the different Brazilian accents (there's a lot..) and stick to it .

  82. Lucas Barros

    Lucas Barros

    Mese fa

    Caralho e poja na lista kkkkkkk

  83. Neko friend

    Neko friend

    Mese fa


  84. Pedro Lapi

    Pedro Lapi

    Mese fa

    You're amazing dude!

  85. tuija21


    2 mesi fa

    Thanks for this mind opening video! I love languages and talking with people in their native tongue, even if it just a sentence or two. I've studied 15 languages (more or less) and always found the learning part to be so boring and tedious. And that might be the reason I can speak only 4 out of those 15 well enough, plus my mother tongue. I'm intrigued by your way of learning a new language and am definitely going to give it go!

  86. moonnax


    2 mesi fa

    Alguém sabe algum podcast em inglês pique o flow? Pq se eu fosse americana eu ia amar escutar o flow por ter muitas girias e conjugações também Se souber por favor me fala

  87. Leandro Monteiro

    Leandro Monteiro

    2 mesi fa

    Mate you're amazing

  88. sofia


    2 mesi fa

    the podcast is called nipples because in brazil we have a widely known expression that I'm not sure where came from that is: mamilos são polemicos, or, nipples are polemical

  89. Ronny Oliveira

    Ronny Oliveira

    2 mesi fa

    Kkkkkkkkkkk ordem e pau grosso

  90. Michel Marques

    Michel Marques

    2 mesi fa

    It take years. There is no shortcut. This guy is a fraud.

  91. Elie D

    Elie D

    2 mesi fa

    You've learned a language in 7 days? What about you stopped talking nonsense?

  92. Juan Esteban

    Juan Esteban

    2 mesi fa

    i learnt portuguese with tus clases de portugués here in youtube!!! and the teacher is the best

  93. relicofgold


    2 mesi fa

    Bullshit! Amazing editing, but: 1) prior to listening to the video I thought: This is total bullshit that you can learn a language in 7 days. 2) after listening to the video I thought: This is total bullshit that you can learn a language in 7 days. Bullshit! Very disappointed in your LIE that one can learn a language in 7 days. Bullshit!

  94. João Henrique de Oliveira

    João Henrique de Oliveira

    2 mesi fa

    please teach us how you edit your videos :) they look amazing! great work dude!

  95. nicoragua the savage

    nicoragua the savage

    2 mesi fa

    Love your videos Nathaniel! You are obviously very well educated and I love that you include your sources as well! I am fluent in Portuguese but strangely enough, have been having trouble in French recently. Thank you for sharing your tips and knowledge!

  96. Frederico Nobrega

    Frederico Nobrega

    2 mesi fa

    In 7 days!? Faz 40 anos que estou aprendendo !! hahahahaha....

  97. Bobby Halsall

    Bobby Halsall

    2 mesi fa

    I hate all of these comments about duolingo, firstly your not original, secondly your not funny and third duolingo uses odd phrases occasionally, but it great for remembering them for example « Le chat mange le cheval », this may not be the most helpful phrase to order a coffee in a restaurant but it will help you remember if it’s masculine or feminine.

  98. Breno Dos Santos Gomes

    Breno Dos Santos Gomes

    2 mesi fa

    do you want to learn to speak portuguese?

  99. H Morris

    H Morris

    2 mesi fa

    Can you make a video explaining your English video in Portuguese

  100. Eudes Martins

    Eudes Martins

    2 mesi fa

    Ver isso faz o povo acreditar que é fácil, mas experimenta aprender uma língua que não seja da mesma família. A exemplo: russo, ou algum dialeto africano. Para ele aprender português em uma semana, quando já é fluente em espanhol - língua irmã- é muito mais simples e fácil. Aqui até temos a menção ao "portunhol", a mistura do português Brasileiro e espanhol da América latina.

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