I'm struggling to stay disciplined this year.

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  1. RFMilie


    Mese fa

    Hey, French follower here, what does it mean when at 2:22 you say "right self-discipline 101" ? Thanks in advance for the answer !

  2. Nick


    Mese fa

    I'm really sad i havent felt happy in years. I don't know why I'm like this

  3. Matthias Herzog

    Matthias Herzog

    Mese fa

    Thank you.

  4. DeepFriedLemonWedges


    Mese fa

    sad that his videos don't have a million views

  5. Cami


    Mese fa

    Such a great video! True, profound, and yet funny. Love it. Merci merci et bel épanouissement ! :)

  6. Nasty Guardz

    Nasty Guardz

    2 mesi fa

    so basically discipline means a lot of things to you? okay? no solutions discussed at all 😂 alllrighty then

  7. Jeremiah


    2 mesi fa

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  8. Monica Veiga

    Monica Veiga

    2 mesi fa

    I am loving your soundtrack!!! Well done!

  9. cathypayne


    2 mesi fa

    Would love to see an update on this please! So much has happened since, and we’re still very much in lockdown. I feel like a lot of people (myself included!) are feeling more undisciplined and demotivated than ever. 😔

  10. Gabriellho


    3 mesi fa


  11. OcularAMVs


    3 mesi fa

    What song is in the beginning? I love it

  12. martin smit

    martin smit

    3 mesi fa

    Have you ever lost your sense of taste or smell? It’d be cool to see what you think of how it feels!

  13. Jairo Souza

    Jairo Souza

    3 mesi fa

    Listen to this song that you all will feel better heheheh itput.info/zone/video/nquBqYx92LfZlJw

  14. Leo Varghese

    Leo Varghese

    4 mesi fa

    The 'Got eeem' at 7:01! Man, Nathan..you are a man of the memes too! Mad respect! For those of you wondering what it is, check this out: itput.info/zone/video/Z61pmKJwuKfKgoY

  15. Rayane Hammoud

    Rayane Hammoud

    4 mesi fa

    Tu vis à Lyon?

  16. DRVN


    4 mesi fa

    Discipline is the foundation for all that we can build and all that we can or cant break.

  17. Rodrigo Kormann

    Rodrigo Kormann

    5 mesi fa

    Awesome messages! Your videos are getting better and better: soundtrack, editing, motion design.....I wonder where all of these is going to take you :) Congrats!

  18. Fatma Gamal

    Fatma Gamal

    5 mesi fa

    Your channel is the best thing happened to me on the internet.. ❤️

  19. Do It Yourself DIY At Home

    Do It Yourself DIY At Home

    5 mesi fa

    Lazy results when you are not responsible for yourself; instead you are relying on society, government, or others to take care of you.

  20. Samantha Carrera

    Samantha Carrera

    5 mesi fa

    i connected to this video on a spiritual level.

  21. Jesse Bracamontes

    Jesse Bracamontes

    5 mesi fa

    I love that you acknowledged the word "lazy" as a judgemental word that carries a lot of weight. People throw words around like that without understanding and end up doing more damage to others.

  22. melina pieper

    melina pieper

    5 mesi fa

    I have realised that if you are actually doing things for you and because you really want to grow on a personal level { I always desperately try to give life a meaning. I have come to realise that for me life has a meaning if we follow its natural flow, evolution. Evolution on a personal level seems to give life a meaning. I owe this to myself.} thats when you are the happiest and the healthiest mentally. Doing things just to impress others and taking up hobbies for example for other reasons and not because you genuinely want to do them FOR YOU is not healthy.

  23. Lauro


    6 mesi fa

    You sure live in a bubble Nathaniel. American problems...

  24. Dhinakar Senthil

    Dhinakar Senthil

    6 mesi fa

    Brother your contact number pls

  25. Stephanie Froebel

    Stephanie Froebel

    6 mesi fa

    I have been procrastinating watching this video for months. Not sure why. I am glad I found it in myself to watch it now.

  26. truthbomb


    6 mesi fa

    When you've lived in Paris for too long and the nihilism kicks in.

  27. Megi


    6 mesi fa

    i'm glad you showed us your human side as well, hahah :D

  28. Meera Niles

    Meera Niles

    6 mesi fa

    This video (and others) was so uncanny... literally read my mind. I have been relating to my disciplines (especially Buddhist practice) as PRACTICES - meaning to do and not to do are all part of it. Right when you said “there’s a beautiful French word” I was like “no, he’s not gonna say it...” You did. I usually can’t spell it either after much practice. (Épanouissment?) I left college prematurely, middle of the term, to try another path. My friend from Quebec drew a farewell letter with a flower and this word next to it, and explained that it means “to bloom” or “fulfill one’s beauty”. Thank you for your videos. They’ve been keeping me sane these last two (arduous) weeks. Also, please ask your mother if she will adopt me. I’m from and live in Portland (kind of). Long message. Thanks for reading if you made it this far ✨ back to work now.

  29. Argatore Clayton

    Argatore Clayton

    6 mesi fa

    I can be your companion and your life partner if you want to.

  30. nickky ivy

    nickky ivy

    6 mesi fa

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  31. Алина Любимова

    Алина Любимова

    6 mesi fa

    Ахаха, класс, название видео на русском, но в самом видео даже русских субтитров нету😃👍

  32. Maria Joan

    Maria Joan

    7 mesi fa

    Thank you for posting the kind of videos that you post Nathan. Keep posting when you get back to the social media world. Enjoy your vacation😊

  33. Matheus Fortes

    Matheus Fortes

    7 mesi fa

    Aaaah, achei que ia ser em português, tem que gravar um falando em português, nem que seja canal secundário, quero ver você falando com sotaque para perder a vergonha de falar também de forma diferente da nativa em outras linguas

  34. FlavaxLP


    7 mesi fa

    Thank you so much, this video helped me a lot!

  35. Mar de Yoga

    Mar de Yoga

    7 mesi fa

    SOY TU FAN NO. 1

  36. amluvsam


    7 mesi fa

    I hear you ❤️💙

  37. Kelsey Pippin

    Kelsey Pippin

    7 mesi fa

    I had such a bad day today and got nothing done and just felt so drained and sleepy, and I decided to watch this video before getting ready for bed so that I can have a better day tomorrow. Anyway, words cannot describe how much I started smiling when you began talking; your voice (through headphones is best!) always makes me feel so calm and grounded and happy and I am so grateful for you and your content. Hope your social media break is treating you well! :)

  38. CynLagos


    7 mesi fa

    yea catching up to your "normal" self is weird. For me quarantine felt far more normal. Calm.

  39. sh guderjan

    sh guderjan

    7 mesi fa

    You've got this!

  40. Diana R

    Diana R

    7 mesi fa

    I’m so happy I hope I change at least a lil bit in a good way 💯🔥❤️😁

  41. Nick F

    Nick F

    7 mesi fa

    Hmm. You’ve been saying for quite a while that you don’t have things figured out. But maybe you’re saying that to avoid your actual natural peace and “beingness”. I personally feel, that your searching for something that you already have, but put the excuse of not having it, to keep the search, to keep doing and doing. You can be at peace right now.. as long as you are connected to your interiorc whereas there lies your purposes. True peace can be acquired right now. But it is also acquired through connecting with your own human heart that possesses it’s unique talents, and visions to accomplish. Be at peace now, while you make true the desires and visions your heart moves you to do. And once all these desires are accomplished, you’ll be back at square one, happily laughing amongst your friends, or alone in your room, because you have realized you always had what you were looking for.

  42. Robert Pepe

    Robert Pepe

    7 mesi fa

    I am struggling as well, It is a black hole and its getting deeper by the day. Watching that debate the other night, confirmed my belief that America is on a ventilator and the prognosis isn't good..

  43. Luciano Luca Mallía

    Luciano Luca Mallía

    7 mesi fa

    Señor, estamos todos locos o que? Cómo va a hacer un contenido de esta calidad?

  44. Katarina vom Dach

    Katarina vom Dach

    7 mesi fa

    I have a feeling.. In the end you'll say: 2020 was a blessing. ..love the soundtrack! :)

  45. Sayurika


    7 mesi fa

    Soundtrack sounds so gooooood!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  46. FlipFilms


    7 mesi fa

    “Am I an NPC in Nathaniel’s existential crisis simulator?” 😂 Quality content

  47. Angeline Bien

    Angeline Bien

    7 mesi fa

    Amazing work! this definitely lifted my spirits and inspires me to be a "disciple" and continue learning!

  48. Elayna Sheldon

    Elayna Sheldon

    7 mesi fa

    Sometimes I forget that you're gen Z because of your massive brain. Very wisdom, much smart

  49. egle LT

    egle LT

    7 mesi fa

    'I don't think peolple are lazy by nature.' Well you CLEARLY haven't met me yet.

  50. Papo Prático

    Papo Prático

    7 mesi fa

    Hey! Algum(a) editor(a) de vídeos brasileiro que goste muito do estilo do Nathaniel? Temos uma vaga para você \o/ www.papopratico.com/vagas

  51. Cooking Sistah

    Cooking Sistah

    7 mesi fa

    Love that books on the back



    7 mesi fa

    U look disciplined!

  53. Oz_TeeX23 Cs

    Oz_TeeX23 Cs

    7 mesi fa

    Same your not the only one man

  54. Collapse Quadrant

    Collapse Quadrant

    7 mesi fa

    De Shitty 😌

  55. Emma


    7 mesi fa

    3:29 I had to look at this so many times😂😂

  56. Farooq Alani

    Farooq Alani

    7 mesi fa

    The video is great and everything but where did you learn these super smooth text animations? Can you recommend some channels or classes

  57. Vera Razmyslova

    Vera Razmyslova

    7 mesi fa

    Thank you for this!

  58. Layla


    7 mesi fa

    i wanna be your friend tbh, i could sit down and talk to you for hours

  59. aleksien


    7 mesi fa

    I am French, living in Paris, and I can say that I find your French so cute! 🤗

  60. MamadoTV


    7 mesi fa

    Portugal here my friend , big love ❤

  61. Юлия Кудрицкая

    Юлия Кудрицкая

    7 mesi fa

    You are so freaking AMAZING I just can’t stop smiling)))

  62. Sean Conway

    Sean Conway

    7 mesi fa

    Being furloughed during this period, I initially thought "i got money coming in ill invest in a lot of stuff and ill be seeing profit in no time" but i didnt have the discipline to focus on growing the audience, and i didnt have the discipline to control my financial situation as the bars reopened. then I lost my job. then i sank back into depression, im still there now. But, Titchener, Drew and D'Avella have been points of reference to get myself back up. I had all these videos on watch later for weeks, depression even stopped me from watching videos... but this is helping.

  63. Kim Anderson

    Kim Anderson

    7 mesi fa

    Eudaimonia was likely the origin of epannouissement. It's an Aristotelean concept that says what is good for human beings is doing what we do well, i.e., living a human life well, flourishing, happiness, which is not a feeling, but a lifestyle. I encourage you to read the Nicomachean Ethics. It was my darling in college and is still so dear to me. Amartya Sen amd Martha Nussbaum have lovely contemporary expressions of these concepts that detail more fully what functions of humanity need to be expressed to live well.

  64. Donovan Delport

    Donovan Delport

    7 mesi fa

    Jesus Christ saves

  65. Javier


    7 mesi fa

    Your miminalist videos, and your self reflective videos are great. I think we all need to open up more. I really like minimalism and with a family not really onvoard it is a bit of a challenge. I like white space and openness. These are great videos!

  66. Sabrina de Leon Quintanilla

    Sabrina de Leon Quintanilla

    7 mesi fa

    That quote shook me to my core. Damn. Now I don't know what to do with this information.

  67. SeaPancake


    7 mesi fa

    Btw the background music in the beginning comes from Pink Lemonade by Johnny Stimson

  68. Black


    7 mesi fa

    Amazing 😍😍😍

  69. WEBAZE Labs

    WEBAZE Labs

    7 mesi fa

    Oh you live in Lyon! Cool. Yep, the way people see us and how we see ourselves can be SOOOO different

  70. Asma Hong

    Asma Hong

    7 mesi fa

    Thumb up because you shot this video from Lyon, my hooooome! I'm stuck in Tokyo now so I miss it so much!! Apart from that, great video as usual! 2020 has been the year of self-discipline for me and you have put words on things I have been thinking about. :)

  71. mamta singh miky

    mamta singh miky

    7 mesi fa

    I didnt get anything that u said in this video bcoz i was busy seeing u😘

  72. JORDɅN


    7 mesi fa

    Welcome to my life since 2016

  73. W4ff133z


    7 mesi fa

    Aren't we all...

  74. Leonardo CW

    Leonardo CW

    7 mesi fa

    Please, put english close caption! Thanks

  75. Charline Hallebard

    Charline Hallebard

    7 mesi fa

    love it. really.

  76. E


    7 mesi fa

    I am so glad I came across your channel and I really hope your videos help me because I have felt stuck for so long now and I feel my life going in the complete opposite direction of where I wanted it to go. I've lost motivation for so much that I dont even know what I like or what I want to do with my life.

  77. Panic STOP

    Panic STOP

    7 mesi fa

    👍Секс и голод правят миром!

  78. ahad lone

    ahad lone

    7 mesi fa

    4:35 why is this extended version of f**k it list 😂

  79. Minor socialist

    Minor socialist

    7 mesi fa

    we humans are not lazy, we are scared to place ourselves in discomfort. even though some of us call it laziness, i think they are lazy too, in case they wouldn't have been lazy too keep their mouth shut

  80. H. G. Machado

    H. G. Machado

    7 mesi fa

    Pretty much... everyone! Me too :T

  81. daria maria

    daria maria

    7 mesi fa

    It was an avalanche of different fellings this year more then in other for me. It's really interesting but overwhelming.

  82. Sierra M

    Sierra M

    7 mesi fa

    You know one thing I've noticed about your videos and content, It's all flash and it's really not that deep. You just use obscure words and adjectives to make your copy/message seem it's deep, use dramatic visuals, but if you really break down your content it's really not that deep and meaningful. Your video cinematography and production is amazing and top notch, but the content is meh. 'Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content its not design, it's merely decoration." -- Jeffrey Zeldman

  83. Stella HC

    Stella HC

    7 mesi fa

    3:24 i already knew that quote, never been more accurate

  84. naz Ibragim

    naz Ibragim

    7 mesi fa

    Nathaniel pls make some videos in french too?

  85. Belle is #1 Scrub

    Belle is #1 Scrub

    7 mesi fa

    still in quarantine in aus

  86. Romelia Treviño

    Romelia Treviño

    7 mesi fa

    Tú acuñaste la palabra disciplina,!!!!!!

  87. JorA


    7 mesi fa

    Kind of sad some people only lived through something like this during quarantine while others live through this feeling over years. I'm glad you made this video.

  88. Jazmynn V

    Jazmynn V

    7 mesi fa

    This is probably one of the best videos you've made (for me) and idk why! But you seem more at ease and unpolished in front of the camera. Not that you didn't before, but you seem more you here.

  89. Coolie


    7 mesi fa

    Exactly what I have been feeling this year.

  90. André Lousada, Conductor

    André Lousada, Conductor

    7 mesi fa

    That's awesome dude!!!! New music and Portuguese!!!!!

  91. Anna Lim

    Anna Lim

    7 mesi fa

    I've been feeling this feeling lately. I just have to remind myself that my feelings are valid.

  92. Sneha Thakare

    Sneha Thakare

    7 mesi fa

    thank you for making this, it's good to know that I am not alone

  93. tiger oats

    tiger oats

    7 mesi fa

    Haha I've been struggling to stay decipline my whole life 😂

  94. Yassine Kaissi

    Yassine Kaissi

    7 mesi fa

    well, all was fine... Until i got the corona :(

  95. Tiago Castro

    Tiago Castro

    7 mesi fa

    If you're interested in knowing the struggle present on the integration of a personality in a "sick society", I would highly recommend reading the psychological novel "Notes from the Underground" by the Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky. It is very dark in a sense but it might give you some insight on the subject.

  96. Pénélope Foulquier

    Pénélope Foulquier

    7 mesi fa

    I'm still at a 1/3 in and a question that you can ask you to get greater awareness is: What's right about this I'm not getting? and stay open to any awareness that can bring new questions. I like your inside journey so much! Be shout out to you Nathaniel

  97. Revinda N Art

    Revinda N Art

    7 mesi fa


  98. Victoria


    7 mesi fa

    Not liking the extra effects. Not sure if it's the pressure to feel like you need to "loosen up" but we need influencers who are naturally authentic or else everything on the internet gets washed over with the same brush. Your videos have always been raw because you have a purpose. Please don't lose your purpose.

  99. Oh Jonquil

    Oh Jonquil

    7 mesi fa

    Thanks Nathaniel. I’ve been following you over the past few years and your honesty / vulnerability is so inspiring. Your words mean more to people than you may think! Love OhJonquil ✨👏🏼

  100. Lola Cáceres

    Lola Cáceres

    7 mesi fa

    Idk why he reminds me to Allen Ginsberg from Kill your darlings

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