I Quit Social Media For 30 Days: My Journey in Time Travel

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  1. Johnny Harris

    Johnny Harris

    6 mesi fa

    It was awesome to work together on this!

    • Linda Andrews

      Linda Andrews

      4 mesi fa

      @Cutie Lovely das klingt

    • Linda Andrews

      Linda Andrews

      4 mesi fa

      @Cutie Lovely das

    • Linda Andrews

      Linda Andrews

      4 mesi fa

      @Lk Rigor 9

    • Linda Andrews

      Linda Andrews

      4 mesi fa

      @Cutie Lovely das

    • Basil Gerard

      Basil Gerard

      5 mesi fa

      Yes yes yes! What a collab! I would listen/watch to the raw chat between you gentlemen :)

  2. The Sophist Quotes

    The Sophist Quotes

    22 ore fa


  3. Annalie Agad

    Annalie Agad

    2 giorni fa

    Whenever I watch and rewatch your videos, I always do it on my laptop with a full screen. Watching on your channel is always such a pleasure.

  4. AliShine


    6 giorni fa

    After watching this video I deleted tik tok, I spent way to much time on this pointless activity

  5. Eve


    6 giorni fa

    "Maybe this makes me an asshole, but I did NOT miss the constant updates from everybody" BAHAHA YES In all seriousness though, thank you for your work. It's really helping me.

  6. Sreelal Bs

    Sreelal Bs

    7 giorni fa

    Happy to see pickup limes in your photos

  7. Adel the moderator

    Adel the moderator

    7 giorni fa

    Yo how does he get these shots especially the first ones

  8. Guistudies


    10 giorni fa

    8:09 "acho que é muito bonito" amei kkkk

  9. Lucía Moya Conde

    Lucía Moya Conde

    10 giorni fa

    wow you say what you feel in such a beautiful way

  10. paolo


    12 giorni fa


  11. studioaivie


    14 giorni fa

    Alright I wonder who's taking those drone shots of you two or is there a third person.

  12. Sera Özkıvanç

    Sera Özkıvanç

    15 giorni fa

    This is the most beautiful video I've ever watched on youtube.

  13. iman bell

    iman bell

    19 giorni fa

    0:27 wow

  14. Georgia Lobo

    Georgia Lobo

    19 giorni fa

    rita lee! hahaha amei

  15. Prerana Peeps

    Prerana Peeps

    22 giorni fa

    Nathaniel: i wrote a book when I was fourteen Johnny: pffff🗣️💨💨💨

  16. Azalia Valadez

    Azalia Valadez

    25 giorni fa

    This is what they should be teaching us in school.

  17. Marco Quiroz

    Marco Quiroz

    26 giorni fa

    Daré like a cada video porque es lo menos que puedo hacer por todas las cosas que pueden dejar ver tu contenido. Muchas gracias:)

  18. A Wolf that loves to howl

    A Wolf that loves to howl

    28 giorni fa

    love this man

  19. alison farkas

    alison farkas

    29 giorni fa

    beautiful video on so many levels!

  20. Lord Farquaad

    Lord Farquaad

    29 giorni fa

    I quit forever and haven’t gone back.

  21. Ptrcdln_


    Mese fa


  22. shantoochee


    Mese fa

    among all the apps, youtube gotta be the hardest to quit lol im interested in a lot of things even the stuff i dont even know that it gives me the urge to know it, bruh seconds later i got all these random tabs lining up

  23. WiFi MONK

    WiFi MONK

    Mese fa

    What's the point? If Social media is bad then why comeback in the first place or if it not so bad then why stay away from it. It is better to have a serious view about social media and make sure it doesn't overpower us. Why only Social media ....its about everything in life.

  24. Jude Benz

    Jude Benz

    Mese fa

    I felt insanely the same way about analog, delivering me more, and enabling me to reconnect with the world around me, and even in my musical compositions. Just getting to shoot in nature, and coming back to Paris to deliver the roll at the lab! Merci beaucoup pour cette vidéo, et surtout n'hésites pas si tu cherches des amis pour shooter sur Paris, ça sera avec plaisir Nathaniel !!

  25. Karita Celli

    Karita Celli

    Mese fa

    Que hermoso...todo!!! Gracias!!!

  26. Anthony Jones

    Anthony Jones

    Mese fa


  27. Hafsa Elas

    Hafsa Elas

    Mese fa

    Me who is writing a book at the age of 12: 😅

  28. raginald7 Mars

    raginald7 Mars

    Mese fa

    …as a German Biologist - I quit social media for Good - I will never miss YOU ever…

  29. Rachel Lee

    Rachel Lee

    Mese fa

    I'm off of IG and Facebook for over a month now, but I WILL NOT stay off of ITput. Balance though. Amazing video! Subscribed.

  30. Karla Holt

    Karla Holt

    Mese fa

    the bird thing reminded me of the music video of Carmen by Stromae lol

  31. I N A

    I N A

    Mese fa

    Film camera 📸 🙌🏼

  32. Adil Shamji

    Adil Shamji

    Mese fa

    This is def the best video on youtube

  33. Adil Shamji

    Adil Shamji

    Mese fa

    I think i have watched the intro 40 times

  34. Felipe Castro Mejia

    Felipe Castro Mejia

    Mese fa

    Great video! What's the name of the song sang in portuguese in minute 7? Thanks 😁

  35. Peach Man Go

    Peach Man Go

    Mese fa

    The edit is insane! Keep the contents coming. Been watching the other videos. The insights, just wow.

  36. Shakia Korieocha

    Shakia Korieocha

    Mese fa

    I intentionally got myself put in FB jail! Twice, back to back. It’s no fun to log in when you can’t do anything with it. I just deleted it completely. I downloaded TikTok. 🤦🏽‍♀️ I need to do a complete detox. I want to attempt to do a week of complete detox! Then see how it goes. I feel like I’ll go through withdrawals.

  37. abhishek s

    abhishek s

    Mese fa

    This video should not end, it should go on.

  38. Melissa De La Rosa

    Melissa De La Rosa

    Mese fa

    the film photos tho 🤩

  39. Felipe Henrique

    Felipe Henrique

    Mese fa

    This video had an impact on me. This past year I've been trying to quit social media and spend less and less time online (youtube is my biggest problem), and coincidently last week I had a nostalgia trip in memory lane that made me miss that dreamy past. And today I found this beautiful video. Thank you for this. Time to change some habits and start living.

    • Jude Benz

      Jude Benz

      Mese fa

      indeed!! that one resonnates so much with me too!! all the luck to you Felipe and start living ;)

  40. Javian Johnson

    Javian Johnson

    Mese fa

    Suddenly I want to buy a film camera now...

  41. smtl lo19

    smtl lo19

    Mese fa

    That hit me hard : it’s amazing not to think what to post or what people think , most of my going out was for Instagram having iPhone having certain outfits all my options was for Instagram! Like Gary ver said stop buying shits to please people you don’t even like , I really need to quit Instagram!

  42. Ruben vh

    Ruben vh

    Mese fa

    daim, This video.... it is so amazing what it has to say in terms of content. but also the video, it creates a whole world that you want to be in and see more of. it also ties in very well with the content. it is like a super wel executed movie. Keep it up:)

  43. ravi biruly

    ravi biruly

    Mese fa

    I quite all social media last year

  44. Alaa Abdalla

    Alaa Abdalla

    Mese fa

    The part with the road trip reminded me of the movie 'The Motorcycle Diaries'. Highly recommended if you haven't seen it Nathaniel

  45. freestylefen


    Mese fa

    Thank you

  46. William H

    William H

    2 mesi fa

    Amazing subject. Been pondering about this for a while.

  47. Jason Caspirac

    Jason Caspirac

    2 mesi fa

    I've watched this 5 times already and am just as amazed at how beautiful it is as I was the first time.

  48. K C

    K C

    2 mesi fa

    I did this by living off the grid for a year! I know exactly what u mean about the nostalgia, your “true self” starts to come back :)

  49. Fabricchio _

    Fabricchio _

    2 mesi fa

    Casi nunca escribo comentarios en ITput, pero me ha encantado el video, cada vez que veo uno de tus vídeos despierta en mi sentimientos que estaban dormidos, muchísimas gracias

  50. Pilsizbatarya


    2 mesi fa

    this guy is a whole woody allen movie

  51. Clara Leung

    Clara Leung

    2 mesi fa

    One night, I tried to walk backwards slowly. Each step that I made brought me back memories of the past, painful and joyful in mixed order and emotions. I was lost but having fun. Is this nostalgia?

  52. Callum Hughes

    Callum Hughes

    2 mesi fa

    This video is easily the best cinematography I've seen on youtube good work man

  53. natalya sofia ramon orosco

    natalya sofia ramon orosco

    2 mesi fa

    Tus guiones :o

  54. Neo enemy

    Neo enemy

    2 mesi fa

    Anyone who lost their nostalgia?

  55. HLB512


    2 mesi fa

    I’m sure this video resonated with a lot of people. During our time of lockdown I went thru old pictures and became nostalgic. It’s strange really, remembering a different version of yourself. And also the people in the picture who are no longer in your life. Oddly I also have nostalgia for when I was growing up because there wasn’t any technology. No cell phones, no internet or laptop etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love social media and the different platforms. I just don’t think our brains can handle all the information and as social animals we’re always looking for validation from others and comparing ourselves. I think everyone needs to unplug regularly or limit their screen time. Great video

  56. Oliver F

    Oliver F

    2 mesi fa

    woahh beautiful film photos!!

  57. Oliver F

    Oliver F

    2 mesi fa

    why do johnny and nathaniel's voices sound higher pitched when they are talking tho??

  58. Emilio di salvo

    Emilio di salvo

    2 mesi fa

    This is a truly excellent video

  59. i soularisedeep

    i soularisedeep

    2 mesi fa

    It's very beautiful that you talk about nostalgia and you were living in Portugal...because we have the word "saudade" that's kinda like "nostalgia"...missing something, someone...a feeling that never goes away. Thank you :)

  60. Nicole Arrage Music

    Nicole Arrage Music

    2 mesi fa

    Your intellectuality is beautiful and contagious 🔥Love your videos

  61. Joseph Nieves

    Joseph Nieves

    2 mesi fa

    What an amazing video!!!! I feel inspired thank you so much Nathan. Your the best bro.

  62. Meike Sans

    Meike Sans

    2 mesi fa

    Hey can you maybe make a video about your experience with film cameras and how to use and how to develop the photos I love the idea and the photos that those cameras make but I know nothing about it I would love to improve my knowledge:)

  63. Berrystone


    2 mesi fa

    I want to keep using the I internet, but I want to spend more time actually doing things. I'm going to limit my computer to school , learning, and a bit of fun time.

  64. Jeremiah


    2 mesi fa

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  65. no-thing thinging

    no-thing thinging

    2 mesi fa

    Love this, dude. I feel like nostalgia is yearning for a time before all the stresses and conditioning of society began weighing us down. Like, it's less about a specific TV show or experience, but about a state of mind where we were childlike, innocent and really in the moment.

  66. Jade Burchett

    Jade Burchett

    2 mesi fa

    I love that you take us on this journey so it feels like we're discovering it with you. Thanks for another incredible video!

  67. Sarah Neu

    Sarah Neu

    2 mesi fa

    Sadia! :D Anyone know how they’re linked? I just found Nathaniel but I’ve been watching Pick Up Limes for a long time.

  68. usenwill


    2 mesi fa

    It was the Twitter bird, the Twitter mascot who shit on you.

  69. Julia tapi

    Julia tapi

    2 mesi fa


  70. Bryan Santos

    Bryan Santos

    2 mesi fa

    I can't express how much I love this channel

  71. Danielle Conger

    Danielle Conger

    2 mesi fa

    This was amazing! Wow....

  72. Samin Yasar Anabil

    Samin Yasar Anabil

    2 mesi fa


  73. Tarun Lohani

    Tarun Lohani

    2 mesi fa

    I have quit social media in 2015 and guess what, I am alive.

  74. riley b free

    riley b free

    2 mesi fa

    I dont know if you hear this often, but thanks for your transparency! this is exactly what the world need rn

  75. Pedro Joaquim

    Pedro Joaquim

    2 mesi fa

    me seeing this video as a portuguese 8:09

  76. Shova Islam

    Shova Islam

    2 mesi fa

    I permanently quite social media 😍 And I feel awesome............😁

  77. betty


    2 mesi fa

    This video has inspired me to step away from my phone too, so thank you 🙏🏻💖

  78. Mackenna Swann

    Mackenna Swann

    2 mesi fa

    love your videos!

  79. Mariann Raad

    Mariann Raad

    3 mesi fa

    all of your videos make me cry!!!!

  80. MKMajestic


    3 mesi fa

    Did you know that the root meaning of Nostalgia is Our Pain?

  81. Warriors_


    3 mesi fa

    You gotta make a video on your book collection, that's crazy how many you have.

  82. Louise Cartwright - Your Rich Life

    Louise Cartwright - Your Rich Life

    3 mesi fa

    Oh yes.. space ❤️

  83. TheFancyOne


    3 mesi fa

    This video makes me smile silently :) I also go 3 weeks every summer without digital media, I leave it behind while travelling. I find this a lot easier then quiting social media in daily life... Especially now, where uni and all other things are only aviable through media... It is literally impossible to make a break :( I struggle with this a lot.

  84. One Purpose

    One Purpose

    3 mesi fa

    Sir. I've been crying bout my life passing me by. Not knowing what it why or how did I get here. Your videos are one of a kind. I remember when books were another world for me to get lost in. I use to have a Kodak camera with me at all times to capture moments. I use to write poetry. But all of that, like you said in this video , life has made me feel like these things don't have a place in my life. I don't know how to get it back or if it's even possible. It feels like if I pursue those things, they are meaningless or trivial. Life has been sucked out of alot of us due to striving and social media. I hope to figure it out sooner than later. You are a true blessing to me. I live vicariously through your film, your moments and your exploration. Pray that God would help me.

  85. Paola Odierna

    Paola Odierna

    3 mesi fa

    Un magico momento di nostalgia è la canzone italiana 'O sole mio. Poiché il testo è stato scritto in Russia, lontano dal sole dell' Italia.

  86. A. Lambert

    A. Lambert

    3 mesi fa

    Je suis complètement en amour avec ton point de vue sur la vie! Je crois que tu mets le doigt sur les choses que notre génération néglige et oublie.

  87. Olivia Hamilton

    Olivia Hamilton

    3 mesi fa

    I wish I could give this a mega like

  88. Top Tier Nessa

    Top Tier Nessa

    3 mesi fa

    I have fallen in love with with you and your videos. When birds poop on you it’s good juju !

  89. Christine Lee

    Christine Lee

    3 mesi fa

    nathaniel drewwww i’m in love with youuuu. thank you for this.

  90. Gabriel Gonzalez

    Gabriel Gonzalez

    3 mesi fa

    Una vez mas logras cautivar mi atención con tu narración e ilustración de los videos. La verdad que gastar tiempo en tus videos es algo muy lindo, éxitos en los nuevos proyectos.

  91. Charles Wang

    Charles Wang

    3 mesi fa

    "Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains." - Jean-Jacques Rousseau I admire you for breaking some heavy chains!

  92. Jessica K Cabrera Cappas

    Jessica K Cabrera Cappas

    3 mesi fa

    ¡gracias por este video y su riqueza de contenido!

  93. Alin Brindis Zecua

    Alin Brindis Zecua

    3 mesi fa

    bro the sound desing on this it's amazing, eres increíble!!!

  94. Sara Matterazzo

    Sara Matterazzo

    3 mesi fa

    i can't finish this video, i feel like it hits too close to home. Maybe i will come back, who knows.

  95. Amquacktador


    3 mesi fa

    I don't think that people really appreciate the music in this video, it's amazing too!

  96. Daniela Londoño

    Daniela Londoño

    3 mesi fa

    This was so beautiful! thank you so much for narrating your reflexions to the world. It really touched me and make me inquiry on my own sense of nostalgia!

  97. Munchin' Panda

    Munchin' Panda

    3 mesi fa

    Hey, that’s Sadia! From Pick up Limes? 💕💕 beautiful video btw ❤️

  98. André Spinola

    André Spinola

    3 mesi fa

    Absolutely loved this video! The whole content was so well thought out and seeing Portugal in the background was an added bonus! You have to do a video of the Algarve come visit Lagos its beautiful! So glad you're getting into film photography, there's nothing quite like it.

  99. Cautious


    3 mesi fa

    Ive gotta know. How many of those books have you read?

  100. Alina Alexus

    Alina Alexus

    3 mesi fa

    Your energy and words are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with us ✨

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