I Tried Picasso's (incredible) Daily Routine: What I Learned

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  1. KameHameHuy Le

    KameHameHuy Le

    3 ore fa

    "You have to sacrifice to be great"

  2. Jeff


    5 ore fa

    Not sure I'd describe that daily routine as incredible. Maybe unimaginable or unthinkable. Or even astounding. But def not incredible.

  3. Stéfanie Sande

    Stéfanie Sande

    Giorno fa

    This video is incredible, I loved it

  4. Melissa Jetzt

    Melissa Jetzt

    Giorno fa

    Pablo Picasso was also known to abuse women, being quoted as saying, “For me, there are only two kinds of women - goddesses and doormats.” As much a horrible human being as he was a productive one, creating more works of art than anyone else in history and having droves of mistresses, several of whom committed suicide because of how he treated women.

  5. Jonah Johnson

    Jonah Johnson

    2 giorni fa

    Do Hunter S. Thompson

  6. Natures 1st Green

    Natures 1st Green

    2 giorni fa

    Breakfast is when you break your fast so technically the first time you eat after you wake is breakfast, lol!

  7. Deondry Aguilar

    Deondry Aguilar

    3 giorni fa

    Is it just me but the comparison picture for the thumbnail, he looks kinda like younge picaso cause the eyes and eyebrows

  8. Srees video diaries

    Srees video diaries

    3 giorni fa

    Your videos is 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌😍

  9. Yvonne Mariane

    Yvonne Mariane

    3 giorni fa

    pathetic satanist agenda

  10. Santilmu Nine

    Santilmu Nine

    4 giorni fa

    You do you ? For me i don’t want to be in the foot steps of a sexist sadistic man

  11. Kimberlee Brooks-Trakis

    Kimberlee Brooks-Trakis

    5 giorni fa

    I am a night nurse and I also keep a similar schedule to Picasso, who knew??? I paint in the middle of the night. I sleep in increments. I am highly creative and prolific with this type of schedule. Of course, my talents are not even a drop in the bucket of what Picasso had. I can hope to attain this though.... hmmmm.... at 62 I doubt this will be the case. HA. I started doing this three years ago.

  12. TheMikester307


    5 giorni fa


  13. Amita Bhakta

    Amita Bhakta

    5 giorni fa

    Hindus take off their shoes before the enter their home or their temple, they also believe their home is a temple.

  14. EEGAR


    6 giorni fa

    Ok but he kinda went insane so it might not be the best idea idea to copy his lifestyle

  15. Ed Heinzelman

    Ed Heinzelman

    8 giorni fa

    I am not sure an 11 AM to 3 AM schedule would work for me but I know the traditional business day wasn't exactly right during my work career either. So finding your own rhythm would be a key. The other take away for me is blocking out the time for the various activities that you feel are important to accomplish. Now in retirement I have taken up writing and have returned to music and painting. But without blocking out the time I find myself jumping from one to the other and too often taken over by distractions. So next is to commit to blocks of time for preferred activities. This video is inspiring and incredibly well done. thanks!!

  16. Edu xdux

    Edu xdux

    8 giorni fa

    Who make those motion grpahics elements? They are awesome

  17. Mlungisi Gwala

    Mlungisi Gwala

    8 giorni fa

    I remember you tried out meditation once but did it on a soft seat. You should keep doing it and never stop but this time chose a hard seat, it's better for getting the best out of your meditation. I have been practicing for more than a year now and something keeps pushing me to want to put in at least 3 hours of meditation in a day for a few days and see what that does to me.

  18. Nevaeh Pillsbury

    Nevaeh Pillsbury

    9 giorni fa

    This video was great but this man talked about how productivity can be found by a few simple principles one of them being having no distractions, and then continues on to promote and app (which I use) that allows you to multitask and in turn have a distraction from what you are doing. I found the irony in this fucking amazing so thank you. Also I really did enjoy this video.

  19. 14 Chura Castellon Andres

    14 Chura Castellon Andres

    10 giorni fa

    Picasso was a disgusting misogynist who has sexual impotence, and very horrible exactly.

  20. devonte williams

    devonte williams

    10 giorni fa

    Picasso schedule is perfect for an artist

  21. Constantino Benjumea Bellott

    Constantino Benjumea Bellott

    11 giorni fa

    El horario de un buen andaluz

  22. Kshitij Pratap singh

    Kshitij Pratap singh

    11 giorni fa

    He use the word guru

  23. Corrie


    12 giorni fa

    when your pattern is the same as picassos. i disagree though with opening statement, i think more of the population than you might expect find 11am not late.

  24. GodzHarleyGirl Studio

    GodzHarleyGirl Studio

    13 giorni fa

    Tolkien routine next please! New subbie here! I'm a huge night owl. My whole routine/schedule is severely out of whack due to depression from last year because of covid. Any suggestions on how to start changing to a new routine? Also, any idea's on how to get inspired again? I've lost my oomph. 😖 Hugz, Tree

  25. Calem Anderson-Barwin

    Calem Anderson-Barwin

    13 giorni fa

    Breakfast = Break Fast

  26. daniil tabacari

    daniil tabacari

    13 giorni fa

    You need to be out of rythm with everyone else. You meet world during the mid day. When everyone is bright. At night no one distracting you.

  27. daniil tabacari

    daniil tabacari

    13 giorni fa

    Dude that’s my routine. Works great. You work till you fall asleep. Wake up, warm up, set your mind. Work till you dead.

  28. julian


    13 giorni fa

    how bout hunter s thompson?

  29. EM Studio

    EM Studio

    13 giorni fa

    great studied video

  30. Reggie


    13 giorni fa


  31. Silver Screen Productions

    Silver Screen Productions

    14 giorni fa

    This was so interesting! You literally walked a mile in someone else's shoes. Great concept Nathaniel.

  32. Faraz Rahmani

    Faraz Rahmani

    14 giorni fa

    Why would you shit on him ? All artists are crazy and he’s one of the best to ever do it so how about give his weirdness a pass

  33. Vlog with King

    Vlog with King

    14 giorni fa

    I could see the dark shadow under your getting darker and darker as the days progressed it seems

  34. Luisa Mota

    Luisa Mota

    14 giorni fa

    Gosh I went through the same process of "digesting" Picasso 😆😅 At the same time that he fascinated me as an incredible and admirable artist he was just an terrifying and awful person that goes again almost everything I value, he was so creepy I got torn in my admiration and disgust for him. I gotta give it to him , he was an monstruosity of an artist 😅😆

  35. Andrew H

    Andrew H

    14 giorni fa

    ...he did not "get to a level" he is a prop of the elites that you will never have access to....he is celebrated mediocrity....

  36. Melo Earth

    Melo Earth

    14 giorni fa

    Did you include abusing women in that project?

    • Melo Earth

      Melo Earth

      14 giorni fa

      (posted before I watched the video...I see that you mention it. hehe)

  37. HTNPSullivan


    15 giorni fa

    We're living in an era of PC Nazis, by which I mean people who want to erase the work of anyone they feel is/was sexist, racist, misogynist, you name your "ist." Whether or not to separate accomplishments and talent from the person's character and personal life is and should be an individual's choice. If something offends you, you have the choice to not watch it, read it, buy it, etc. Changing the name of Aunt Jemima pancake mix, for examle, doesn't make the world a less racist place. I feel that when people make these kinds of things a "cause" they're doing it to feel good about themselves to get public attention as an "activist", to feel like they are "doing" something when in fact they're not really putting their time, talents and energies into activities that will make a deep and lasting difference. I say all this in relation to Picasso who despite the song, "Pablo Picasso was Never Called an Asshole," probably was indeed called that and much worse in his time, as well as posthumously. I personally feel his unsavory character shouldn't detract from the work. People, all of us, are complicated... we're made up of many parts. Focusing on the worst part(s) is a mistake. I suspect people who are successful in the creative realms have more potential to act in ways we think of as egotiscal or narcissistic simply because they hone in on their avenue(s) of creativity and as Picasso said, this can diminish the importance of other people's need for you to act the way they expect. I do think there are successful creative people who also manage to be good to others, but that doesn't give us a good enough reason to reject the ones who make pretty awful choices in other parts of their lives. One more comment -- about Nathaniel's experiment -- He didn't really follow Picasso's schedule because he kept doing the other stuff he was previously in the habit of doing and he had other commitments he had to fulfill. And Picasso wasn't video-taping himself. So, while Nathaniel had some interesting insights into, for example, the value of more focused time and as he said, being mindful of the time set aside for painting, he didn't fully commit to the experiment. He probably didn't have the luxury of doing so, which is understandable, but I don't think he had a full experience. For example, he said Picasso had his first meal of the day (close to noon, I guess) with friends and cohorts -- he spent a couple of hours a day in this stimulating exchange with other people and then went to the studio to paint. Nathaniel was doing errands and going to the gym, which isn't quite the same. I think it would be difficult to recreate the atmosphere of Picasso's era, when you could be part of a tribe that was insanely passionate about art and spend hours talkings and arguing about it. For some reason, in our era, being an artist tends to be a solitary pursuit. I will agree with Nathaniel's point that each of us has to find our own routine . We can certainly pick up ideas from productivity and motivational "experts" or even our role models but ultimately, we have to find whatever rhythm of the day is healthiest for us and allows us to continue to enjoy what we do and not focus so much on recognition. There are literally millions of people currently making art in one form or another all over this planet, so you're better off making art because it gives you pleasure than trying to make art that makes you "rich and famous."

  38. Murly's Snippets

    Murly's Snippets

    15 giorni fa

    Don't forget he had wives, mistresses that were his inspiration.

  39. Herman Ingram

    Herman Ingram

    16 giorni fa

    Beethoven woke up at sunrise and he was greater than Picasso.

  40. Herman Ingram

    Herman Ingram

    16 giorni fa

    Picasso was a genius because he went to bed at 3 o’clock?

  41. Herman Ingram

    Herman Ingram

    16 giorni fa

    When are you going to respect Beethoven and Bach?

  42. Nicholas Payne

    Nicholas Payne

    16 giorni fa

    Picassos art is terrible. Fuck that guy

  43. Adrian G

    Adrian G

    16 giorni fa

    Stumbled upon this video, well actually it was recommended lol. But I enjoyed your analysis of why you would not want to meet him. Brings about the irony of live and why we admire things from afar but when we get closer or think deeper we realize it's just not there. Good, honest video!

  44. Natalia Culbertson

    Natalia Culbertson

    16 giorni fa

    Love it, resonates with me!!!

  45. Josh Keating

    Josh Keating

    17 giorni fa

    I get that young people want to mimic routines of influencers from history like picasso, who was the least dysfunctional of most famous artists, because they're inspired and want to learn what it was like to live like them. I get it, but you gotta do what works for you. I'm so tired of the lonely 21st century. Stop copying people and be yourself. Success is subjective. There's not one cookie cutter way to be successful. What one considers a successful life could be completely different from what another believes is a successful routine. Of course, you can't go wrong with excercises every day. I'm just saying.

  46. Davide Osella

    Davide Osella

    17 giorni fa

    Epic editing, thank you

  47. Arty Watts

    Arty Watts

    17 giorni fa

    btw learning a lot about the person in question is a really cool side effect. keep putting in random facts, it makes everything so enjoyable to watch

  48. Arty Watts

    Arty Watts

    17 giorni fa

    Next one: Ozzy Osbourne daily routine :^)

  49. Onepiece barca

    Onepiece barca

    18 giorni fa

    So Picasso took "balance" and threw it out of the window of his house in Paris. I consider this the most genius thing he's ever done

  50. Onepiece barca

    Onepiece barca

    18 giorni fa

    It's about doing work and nothing else. Is it healthy? Hell no But will it get you results you never thought you could achieve? Hell yes

  51. Jewels


    18 giorni fa

    Awesome video! Did you ever get to read Picasso: Creator and Destroyer - it's on Audible - great book!!

  52. Fernando Roque

    Fernando Roque

    18 giorni fa

    So based

  53. Karen Espig Art

    Karen Espig Art

    18 giorni fa

    Good on you for trying this out! Very insightful investigation of art process and also of Picasso in particular. Picasso is one of my favourite artists for his dedication and focus and views about creating art....but yes, clearly narcissistic and harmful to those close to him. Thank-you :)

    • Jason Bryan

      Jason Bryan

      18 giorni fa

      Hello how are you doing 😊

  54. Saucey Boi

    Saucey Boi

    19 giorni fa

    Seeing the thumbnail , I thought if he would do cacaine

  55. Catherine Levison

    Catherine Levison

    19 giorni fa

    This is a good look at considering eating when we are hungry, sleeping when we are tired, and painting when we feel like it.

  56. Eshu Lade

    Eshu Lade

    19 giorni fa

    Picasso was Picasso that’s what made him you he was that’s why he’s a legacy he was original and that’s what makes him one of the greatest artists in the art world .. what makes you a great artist is being you

  57. anonydust


    20 giorni fa

    Also, I'd like to request the Fred Rogers routine, ie: 5:30am wake up, 6:30am swim, 9:00am work, 5:30pm nap, 9:30pm sleep. It'd be fun to see something that wholesome.

  58. anonydust


    20 giorni fa

    I'm looking to land a career-shifting job in the next few weeks (knock on wood, fingers crossed, etc.) Coincidentally, it would have me getting home around 3am and waking up around 10:30am-11am. Thanks for the video, Nathaniel. Cheers to hoping I can upgrade to accidental Picasso.

  59. Alex Maximizing Time

    Alex Maximizing Time

    20 giorni fa

    Wow, just that intro was a work of art.

  60. Anni Shilcock

    Anni Shilcock

    20 giorni fa

    To be a genius does not encompass being a saint. You need to be selfish, arrogant, isolated and insular and convinced of your own truth. They are not endearing emotions.

  61. Lo


    20 giorni fa

    Omg now I don’t feel ashamed for having this kind of schedule 🥲 I don’t know creating at night feels different , glad you made this amazing video !

  62. I love Yellow

    I love Yellow

    20 giorni fa

    Hi Nathaniel? Thank you for this. You made me realize something and made me commit to not force myself to wake up at an hour where honestly my body doesn't want to move and has no energy to do stuff for the better. Thanks fo making me love myself more and making me feel natural about accepting my circadian rhythm. Im a night owl through and through since I was a kid. I function better at 9-10am till 2 am. Ive got so much energy from 9am-5pm lately and that made me question my sanity. watching your video made me realize Im normal. This is normal. We all have peak hours. So I just decided(just now) to embrace that. Thank you for making me feel sane. Be safe and Healthy! From a 31 y o woman from Manila

  63. Garay Workshop

    Garay Workshop

    22 giorni fa

    yep... i'm watching this at 2 a.m... while painting...

  64. Disser ™

    Disser ™

    22 giorni fa

    Your glasses are really weird. Like... couldnt you decide on which color you want? So you chose no color at all.

  65. Andrew_Owens


    22 giorni fa

    He was a sociopath that drove more than one person to suicide. Why don't you do Matisse, an equal giant with a much gentler disposition.

  66. Benia Szejna

    Benia Szejna

    23 giorni fa

    amazing video! I enjoyed it so much!

  67. Dave Maverick

    Dave Maverick

    23 giorni fa

    just because he was first at something doesnt mean his works are that brilliant, picasso is overrated

  68. David Bamgboye

    David Bamgboye

    23 giorni fa

    Your videos aesthetics are so fucking beautiful

  69. Pipi Foo

    Pipi Foo

    25 giorni fa

    Every person has a different routine that works for them. Flow doesn’t care about time. It cares about you.

  70. 밀크빵


    26 giorni fa

    new subscriber. I really enjoyed this, thank you!

  71. Hoffman Miranda

    Hoffman Miranda

    27 giorni fa

    2:38 The most beautiful man of the earth

  72. Wendy O

    Wendy O

    28 giorni fa

    So, Nathaniel paints, writes, speaks different languages and who knows maybe 100 more things. Clark who?

  73. connor garratt

    connor garratt

    28 giorni fa

    wow this is shot really nicely xx?

  74. Dale Stavroff

    Dale Stavroff

    29 giorni fa

    How do you know what kind of person he was ? By reading the slime comments written by those who were jealous of his genius ? I suggest you reconsider where you get your information.... its source might be questionable. In fact, my money says it is. I've never heard such crap in my life than the comments of jealous competitors....especially artists. I'm quite sure the women in his life were fully capable of taking care of themselves...and I'd rather look at them as competent, fully formed women rather than " victims " ....as you seem to want to do. I think you need to grow up a little and learn something about women.... and stop treating them as " girls ".....

  75. TriniRoyQui Reyes

    TriniRoyQui Reyes

    Mese fa

    Hoping to be more intentional about our work. I love this motivational video you just made.

  76. iggyotisjimisunny


    Mese fa

    It's interesting to think because PP was alive during a time of film and modern media, he was not only biographied, but analyzed in print. Thus we knew a lot about his actual personality and traits. Older celebrities who one may look up to or admire don't always have this level of saturation in the press. History is written, and remains relatively unchanged. It's harder to judge someone like Ben Franklin or especially older historical figures on nuanced aspects of their personality or faults, many have been erased by history.

  77. RealTaiter


    Mese fa

    The Hunter S. Thompson daily routine is what I wanna see.

  78. kkhorimoto


    Mese fa

    You should do Hunter S Thompson's daily routine

  79. NoIntel_iGoKrazy


    Mese fa

    Do Malcolm X

  80. Keith B

    Keith B

    Mese fa

    Spends a lifetime with habits only gives 12 days to make assumptions it’s not for him 😂

  81. Nieves Calvo

    Nieves Calvo

    Mese fa

    Picasso's routine is awsome, especially the abusing women part

  82. Faisal Rashed

    Faisal Rashed

    Mese fa

    I feel like Picasso just did what he liked to do whenever he wanted to do and didn’t think much about a schedule? Just like when it comes to gaming and playing video games. I have some days in my life that I just give up on schedules and just play video games whenever I wake up or whenever I want and don’t think of it much.

  83. Arie Scherson

    Arie Scherson

    Mese fa

    Thanks for this video Nathan :) Great insight!!

  84. Daniel32396


    Mese fa

    Picasso sucks.

  85. Diccdaddy Gorilla

    Diccdaddy Gorilla

    Mese fa

    The "morning" routine, is the structure and self discipline, you jump into whenever you wake up. It puts you into a flow state of production. Whether you wake up at 6am or 9:45pm. When you associate putting coffee on and taking a hot shower with productivity in your life, it becomes second nature the moment you put the coffee on. And get in the shower. Your subconscious, recognizes it's almost time to start producing, and to start pumping out production hormones without you forcing it like an assembly line. I'm sure you're all too fucking dense to understand that though, so go back to watching vloggers. Wishing you had their shit.

  86. Lizzie Goiran

    Lizzie Goiran

    Mese fa

    I'm glad you addressed the type of person he was because often we can be so obsessed with someone's art and neglect their personal life, which, for a lot of people, was very detrimental to others.

  87. Daclapo


    Mese fa

    If you speak with a French of a Spaniard, most of the time he will speak bad of him 5:04

  88. Julia Ray

    Julia Ray

    Mese fa

    I had similar surprise when I got to know that Frida Kahlo was egoist, asshole and only cared about her feelings. Disappointing.

  89. Robin O'Hara

    Robin O'Hara

    Mese fa

    oh shit i already do this. nice

  90. JCY W

    JCY W

    Mese fa

    As someone who’s lived in Spain for almost a decade I feel like couple things are missing from the routine: daily alcohol intake/cigarettes, considerable amount of womanizing...and we good to go 🤣

  91. Carlos Amorim

    Carlos Amorim

    Mese fa

    Did you hit a woman to? Culturally appropriated some minority? It improved your painting skills?

  92. Jade Beth J

    Jade Beth J

    Mese fa

    See, I’m a night owl and sleep I;late but now I have to wake up early for the baby’s new schedule lol oh lord

  93. erzsebet sofro

    erzsebet sofro

    Mese fa

    Interesting video,Thanks.Dont worry about this rutines.Everybody have other customs.Whenn not sleep somone inugh an end can loose healty,but i was ones 3 month every day sleeping just a 2h and was nothing happened just i was fall in meal at table an end .After i was sleep 2 day and agen nothing was happened IM now paint 22 year shon.An start:.4 Year i was make every day this:,Morning at 6h get upp hold kid in scool i walk with him 2km or with bike ther and back 2km .After im made order in home and cooking and so an and after i was go hold kid back,agen 4km walking.After diner cleaning.And then start paint.Whole aftenoon bis sunset.Outside or we was goo fishing and kid was fishing i was paint .bis end of light .After diner agen,he was waching tv or study and i was paint sometimes bis 1 or 2 o clook at night (4h sleeping ).Whenn we was going out paint or fishing ,agen was with bike going 2 or 5 km in one direction.Or whenn not fishing time was thenn we was going runing 3 km..So every day 4h bis 8 h i was spend with painting.After 4 year my painting skill and fantazie ideas was so much grow get the i was after 3 year painting get an international exhibition first place for my 3 work for,oil paint and oil pastell ..After more 4 year i was first and was getting grand master diplom to from international exhibitions .So i want a tell that if you just paint and paint and paint an end you gona loose motivation after one time .Its no mater wich time you paint.Maybe at night all is silent and better is for concentration,but if you doing in mean time something else to ,its gona help to be fit and healty and better paint after that,not just seat non stop.If phisicaly you doing nothing else an end its not gona be good for your body.AS nurse im saying this now.Frish air and moovments are also important the brain funtionate better.I you cut every contact with others also is not good.Internet is not the same as real contact.Whenn we was not going outside paint then we was visit other frends or was going in organisated paintings camp where was can all day paint with others together ,to see what others doing also get a beautifull day with them or experience and mode .I wish for you good luck for esess.!!

    • Jason Bryan

      Jason Bryan

      17 giorni fa

      @erzsebet sofro I'm doing great where are you from if i may ask?

    • erzsebet sofro

      erzsebet sofro

      17 giorni fa

      @Jason Bryan thanks im fine.And you?🙂

    • Jason Bryan

      Jason Bryan

      18 giorni fa

      Hello how are you doing 😊

  94. The other Alys

    The other Alys

    Mese fa


  95. Lisa Simmons

    Lisa Simmons

    Mese fa

    It’s still breakfast! Because you’re breaking....your sleep induced food fast!! Lol

  96. Amani Arts

    Amani Arts

    Mese fa

    Can we just appreciate the beautiful editing of this video. I can tell how much hard work went into creating this. With the typography and motion graphics and sound design. I hope other people notice how cinematic this video is. It was so interesting, as a person who wakes up late and draws late. Productivity is different for everyone and I think the part of having core values was such an important point.

  97. Amani Arts

    Amani Arts

    Mese fa

    2:28 I love this so much.

  98. lisa sommerlad

    lisa sommerlad

    Mese fa

    i wish you haf shown your own paintings for longer. they are beautiful..

  99. the_weirdkidd


    Mese fa

    This isn't very accurate, you didn't abuse any women

  100. cocopopp -

    cocopopp -

    Mese fa

    How do you edit your videos man can someone TELL MEE

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