Moving to Paris - Travel Nostalgia

I shot this in the last week of February and by the time I had finished editing it, it no longer felt appropriate to post what with everything going on around the world. I waited a few months and now it's weird to even watch what I made.
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  1. Steven Goossens

    Steven Goossens

    29 giorni fa

    I Will be moving to Paris this september. I'm so unbelievable excited! This video makes me even more hyped to move, I really can't wait even tho it's kinda frightening too!

  2. Santiius.S.T


    Mese fa

    I don't know that said ;-; I need listen more of this videos in english xd 🥵😖 i don't speak english 😪

  3. jerome abadie

    jerome abadie

    Mese fa

    j'ai failli pleurer, très émouvant !

  4. Wiktoria_


    Mese fa

    I always cry on your videos even if there's nothing sad HAHA

  5. Valèria B

    Valèria B

    2 mesi fa

    I really enjoy your videos and the energy you face the new challenges, it makes me smile. You are very courageous! I am about to take a similar adventure and is great to see you doing it already!

  6. sdrawkcabdaer


    2 mesi fa

    First off your parents look very cool and interesting, have you done any videos on them? Secondly, this was filmed on a phone? The quality is great, must be a good one, what phone do you have if I may ask?

  7. Axelle’s Life

    Axelle’s Life

    2 mesi fa

    Be careful for your phone and bag in back in metro

  8. Maite Bravo

    Maite Bravo

    2 mesi fa

    Thanks for your videos, i just found you and i find them really interesting, i went to paris a couple of years ago and loved it and sometime would love to live there. Greetings from Argentina

  9. Natasha S.

    Natasha S.

    2 mesi fa

    “No bitching allowed”❤️🙌🏼

  10. carrol mavelle

    carrol mavelle

    3 mesi fa

    What phone are you using? please reply

  11. Vishal Thokade

    Vishal Thokade

    3 mesi fa

    how can one talk on random things for such long durations and still not being called talkitive...? what's the magic share with us....

  12. Djefer69


    3 mesi fa

    Jazz variation of "La vie en rose" not "Someday my prince will come" ;)

  13. Aija Peltola

    Aija Peltola

    3 mesi fa

    This makes me miss the times I jumped on a plane and moved to a new country alone. That experience is something I wish everyone did at least once. For just a month or two. I would not be who I am without those trips.



    3 mesi fa

    That’s the best thing I’ve ever seen

  15. Dilnoza


    4 mesi fa

    great video!!!

  16. Alba Beltran

    Alba Beltran

    4 mesi fa

    "I got a good feeling about this year"...hilarious!

  17. Kiara Smith

    Kiara Smith

    4 mesi fa

    I’m surprised at the amount of views ...this video is so refreshing and reassuring...PEOPLE NEED TO SEE THIS!!

  18. Ewelina Czapiewska

    Ewelina Czapiewska

    4 mesi fa

    I watched every minute of this video with such an intrigued! It was so refreshing to see everything real, your talking in the background, how you go through everything, see the struggles but at the same time it was so inspiring to see! It is also my very deep dream to live in Paris. I fell in love with it while being there many times in the past already, but always there is something that keeps me from just packing and going to live there the next day, just like that (as I imagine many times in my head) . But I guess you need to have a plan and leave things well behind you. I hope and believe I will experience the same as you show in this video! Thank you because I feel one little step closer to my dream.

  19. Charlotte Cherasse

    Charlotte Cherasse

    4 mesi fa

    Welcome in Paris Nathaniel :) Hope to see you in this city ( I'm in the seventeen district) :)

  20. ABO T H E B A

    ABO T H E B A

    4 mesi fa

    13 days and you didn’t go to Eiffel Tower !!

  21. JB Crunchy

    JB Crunchy

    5 mesi fa

    Nice video. Your camera work is great. Paris is a beautiful city. Would be great to live there for 6 months like you did.

  22. Sk Jaoata Afnan

    Sk Jaoata Afnan

    5 mesi fa

    You inspire me

  23. keepingupwithabs


    5 mesi fa

    Loving the content . I've been to paris this year January it was awesome need to go back.

  24. Amelia Smith

    Amelia Smith

    5 mesi fa

    Ahhh I’m planning on moving to Paris in the future, I’m only 13 rn but when I am older I WILL be going

  25. Marie


    5 mesi fa

    Moving to a new country is such an incredible experience! I did the contrary, I moved from France to the US. The way I felt in the plane was unique, I was so excited, a bit scared, happy, I just enjoyed the fact of not knowing what was waiting there for me! Hope you enjoy the everyday French life :)

  26. Dougherty Ballet Theatre

    Dougherty Ballet Theatre

    6 mesi fa

    Came up us a recommendation, so glad it’s a amazing vlog thanks for sharing 💕

  27. Lewis Grace

    Lewis Grace

    6 mesi fa

    Moved to Amsterdam without knowing anyone in August (3 and a half months ago), you've crystallised so much about the experience of moving to a new place. Moving anywhere, especially in the era of COVID, is a world of instability. But like you, I love it.

  28. Wendy Wanga Mbanzi

    Wendy Wanga Mbanzi

    6 mesi fa

    covid really said nope

  29. Inspiration Travels

    Inspiration Travels

    6 mesi fa

    Have you moved during the pandemic? Thanks for sharing :)

  30. nickky ivy

    nickky ivy

    6 mesi fa

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  31. Juliette


    7 mesi fa

    Hello ! I’m French and I leave in Paris since I was born. I know everything in Paris, good plans, restaurants, night clubs, culture. And this is my work by the way, I’m private concierge. U can add me on my instagram : Juliette Guez. If u have any questions, I will be happy to help you :) and I think it will be good to improve my English !! See u ! And welcome :D

  32. Jamie Acton

    Jamie Acton

    7 mesi fa

    Wow, this really takes me back to staying in Denmark as a student. Living in another country is such an amazing experience to learn about yourself not to mention other cultures

  33. Teo Scapato

    Teo Scapato

    7 mesi fa

    You look like your mom 😊

  34. Fernanda Zanini

    Fernanda Zanini

    7 mesi fa

    Algum brasileiro aqui?

  35. Vraie championne

    Vraie championne

    8 mesi fa

    I wanna move out 😩😩😩

  36. Fearless Dreams

    Fearless Dreams

    8 mesi fa

    I (Hope) am going to Paris this Friday. Can't wait!

  37. Sofia M

    Sofia M

    8 mesi fa

    I was visiting paris when you were moving there. I loved it. Hope its going well. !!!

  38. Jas Hoo

    Jas Hoo

    8 mesi fa

    definitely refreshing to reset life once in a few years.

  39. Olivier Njoh Sosso

    Olivier Njoh Sosso

    8 mesi fa

    Bienvenue à Paris 😊🧑🏾‍🎨🥖🥐🍷

  40. Robert Jimenez

    Robert Jimenez

    8 mesi fa

    Thank you!

  41. Le minasyan

    Le minasyan

    8 mesi fa

    I watch this experiencing what I will feel when I will move to Paris, I don't know how I don't when but I am going to live in Paris, I know it!

  42. Shaquando Biggums

    Shaquando Biggums

    8 mesi fa

    2:26 i thought this was remember u gay

  43. Lauren


    8 mesi fa

    Yes! You encapsulated the experience of being a new expat perfectly. When I first moved to Rome in 2017, I felt like a newborn baby learning how to do the most mundane, simple tasks. I was lucky enough to already have a community in-country to help me out at first, but what a learning curve! It's thrilling and exhausting all at the same time. I've since moved back to the States, but can't wait to experience that again

  44. Will Chester

    Will Chester

    8 mesi fa

    I wish I can be more like you. It sucks when you have commitments in life.

  45. Jonathan Pettersson

    Jonathan Pettersson

    8 mesi fa

    How do u find places to live, for a longer amount of time?

  46. Everyday Is Chris Evans Birthday

    Everyday Is Chris Evans Birthday

    8 mesi fa

    You have your mother's entire face.

  47. anothername


    8 mesi fa

    Someone missed the 'who, what and why' lecture at ITput University. Good luck with...... whatever you are doing in Paris.

  48. Steven Reich

    Steven Reich

    8 mesi fa

    I just moved to Sweden, and this perfectly encapsulates my experience and thoughts throughout the past week!

  49. ashley f

    ashley f

    8 mesi fa

    I love how well you articulate

  50. espressocream


    8 mesi fa

    What kind of dog is that in the beginning, so cute!

  51. Gustavo Caetano

    Gustavo Caetano

    9 mesi fa

    Your parents are beautiful :)

  52. Christian Nikodemus

    Christian Nikodemus

    9 mesi fa

    Who does the remix of la vie en rose at the very end? Love it! Also I feel you could do a how to video including more things on how to set up in a new country, I think that would be valuable to lots of curious people!

  53. Eleni W

    Eleni W

    9 mesi fa

    this is so cool and inspiring :)

  54. Marie-Elène


    9 mesi fa

    J'avais des larmes dans les yeux en regardent cette vidéo, Merci de l'avoir publie. Je viens juste de déménager en France et les Au Revoirs au début m'ont beaucoup rappelé de mes dernières minutes en Allemagne. En général, tous les sentiments que t'as ressenti pendant tes premiers jours étaient les mêmes pour moi. Vraiment merci pour ta vidéo, elle m'a donné le sentiment de ne pas être seule dans mon aventure, d'avoir des gens qui vivent des expériences similaires et qui ressentent des difficultés similaires.

  55. Andrzej Maranda

    Andrzej Maranda

    9 mesi fa

    I think that you are absolutely right!

  56. Fabiola Graceffa

    Fabiola Graceffa

    9 mesi fa

    Omg you're parents are so beautiful

  57. Emily Sam

    Emily Sam

    9 mesi fa

    Im moving to Paris in september for two years and this video really helped me a lot!!

  58. samir mesrane

    samir mesrane

    9 mesi fa

    paris is my dream and im doing all i can just to go there for me , my mom & my vision ^^ so if you see this wish me luck and i hope we get to meet in paris one day

  59. Ana Havana

    Ana Havana

    9 mesi fa

    thinking about giving Germany a try after graduation so will use this video as inspo :)

  60. Golden bird

    Golden bird

    9 mesi fa


  61. Dremndishot


    9 mesi fa

    Dude you look just like Harry Potter

  62. Caileigh Brynn

    Caileigh Brynn

    9 mesi fa

    "This was shot on my phone, by the way" ALL of us just lost our only reason for not filming.

  63. Jairaj Zaveri

    Jairaj Zaveri

    9 mesi fa

    5:37 That is such a Casey Thing 😎

  64. KAi Internet

    KAi Internet

    9 mesi fa

    nice seeing that PDX carpet!

  65. Thaís Barbedo Vigas

    Thaís Barbedo Vigas

    9 mesi fa

    "You feel dumb, even the simplest of things is difficult" I'm Brazilian and I went to Paris in March, right before the lockdown, I arrived at a cold winter night and I couldn't find a way to make the shower hot because it was soooo different. I felt dumb but it turned out well (my gf helped me)

  66. Hamilton Ferr

    Hamilton Ferr

    9 mesi fa

    6 months in Paris!!!! This is going to be the best time of your life!!! Tu m'en dit a(accent) la fin!!

  67. Unicorn Pink

    Unicorn Pink

    10 mesi fa

    8:37 omg hahahahaha I felt that

  68. Mesut Ozil

    Mesut Ozil

    10 mesi fa

    Nathaniel will always be favorite youtuber!

  69. ℙ𝕠𝕦𝕣 ℙ𝕒𝕣𝕚𝕤

    ℙ𝕠𝕦𝕣 ℙ𝕒𝕣𝕚𝕤

    10 mesi fa

    You are a huge inspiration to me! I look up to you so much and I inspire to one day make content like yours! If I could ever be half as good! Keep it up I love your unique perspective on life!☺️💞

  70. Ana Cláudia Cabral

    Ana Cláudia Cabral

    10 mesi fa

    I'm going to Greece, wanna race me there?

  71. phadelix


    10 mesi fa

    Nathaniel, when you was younger, with what organization did you go on your exchange program?

  72. Chase Cryptos

    Chase Cryptos

    10 mesi fa

    Nathaniel you know why it's comforting to have food my man. Maslow's Hierarchy of needs

  73. Nika B

    Nika B

    10 mesi fa

    What made you want to move to Paris? Why Paris specifically? Just curious:)

  74. Игорь Овчинников

    Игорь Овчинников

    10 mesi fa

    That’s brilliant. I like this vlog. I think you need to do the same things in the same direction. It looks interesting.

  75. Don't Worry about it

    Don't Worry about it

    10 mesi fa

    Omg your dad's hot

  76. culturue


    10 mesi fa

    How did you shoot this on your iPhone??

  77. Sofia Negroe

    Sofia Negroe

    10 mesi fa

    Hello! I’m thinking about moving to Paris and I would like to know more about your experience!!

  78. Ana Dias

    Ana Dias

    10 mesi fa

    you could provide the list of words you search for when you want to learn a language? I have some language in making the list

  79. Maria Lupi

    Maria Lupi

    10 mesi fa

    Literally every video of yours touches my heart. Thank you.

  80. missmayflower


    10 mesi fa

    Yes. In Paris the lesson I learned was to be comfortable with ambiguity. It’s difficult.

  81. Giulia Vigoriti

    Giulia Vigoriti

    10 mesi fa

    you are the best!

  82. Kristine Stefanija

    Kristine Stefanija

    10 mesi fa

    What is this la- la-la french song called?

  83. Annamae Joy

    Annamae Joy

    11 mesi fa

    Hi! I am new to your channel and just want to say I appreciate and admire your attitude/outlook on life. Your editing and filming of Paris is beautiful and it really takes me back to my visit there. This whole video is 100%!! Can't wait to watch more.

  84. Couth karma

    Couth karma

    11 mesi fa

    I love how u monologue ur thought process the first day 👌

  85. John Plumley

    John Plumley

    11 mesi fa

    This is amazing.

  86. Atravels


    11 mesi fa

    wow its nice also check our videos

  87. Aastha Sharma

    Aastha Sharma

    11 mesi fa

  88. Mien Anije

    Mien Anije

    11 mesi fa

    Not entirely what momento mori is about but great message

  89. Brittany in Paris

    Brittany in Paris

    11 mesi fa

    i am a french american student living in paris. Ive been here for the past two years and i am baffled about how fast you got an apt. They are so stingy about paperwork and having a CDI to even qualify for the apt

  90. Hannah Andersson

    Hannah Andersson

    11 mesi fa

    When I first moved to Paris I was terrified and overwhelmed, and my anxiety and fear got the better of me for about a month. So the first month was horrible. But then I decided that I couldn’t go on like that, so I told myself, either I go home and give up, or I change my approach and transform this into an adventure. Going home and living with that regret was NOT an option (i would hate myself if I gave up) so I chose the latter! With a lot of determination and constant check-ins with myself to make sure I was not sinking into negativity and fear again, I ended up having the time of my life and it altered the course of my life - met my husband in Paris, started a career in Paris, etc!

    • JACQUELINE Moreno

      JACQUELINE Moreno

      5 mesi fa

      Oh wow that’s amazing! I am planning to move there with my husband, we are both from California as well. Where did you find a job and start your career? Did you have it lined up before moving out there? Also, which section did you move to?

    • Jessica


      8 mesi fa

      This is so inspiring ❤️ thank you :)

  91. hic et nunc mon amour

    hic et nunc mon amour

    11 mesi fa

    Being friends with French people is a hard task, even harder in big cities. But when you'll get the chance to be friend with one of them, this will be a long lasting friendship. Lots of love from Paris.

  92. Fernanda S

    Fernanda S

    11 mesi fa

    A R T

    • Fernanda S

      Fernanda S

      11 mesi fa

      I don’t even know why am I crying, I just loved every bit of it!

  93. Angela


    11 mesi fa

    Your videos have such a beauty to them

  94. Hannah


    11 mesi fa

    I don't know how to explain this but this video gives off such main character energy.

  95. Sofia Amel SI YOUCEF

    Sofia Amel SI YOUCEF

    11 mesi fa

    Making friends in Paris is not that easy ... I have friends now from different countries and I 'am happy cause it took Time to have a group of people to enjoy time out ... you can join us for a coffee !

  96. Matthew Hyatt

    Matthew Hyatt

    11 mesi fa

    I love your little dog, dude.

  97. Leslie Blanco

    Leslie Blanco

    11 mesi fa

    Your parents are so attractive !!!

  98. Fatima Jaffer

    Fatima Jaffer

    11 mesi fa

    Where and how do you do your apartment search?

  99. mancini projects

    mancini projects

    11 mesi fa

    The way this thing inspires me is incredible Thank you Nath

  100. MJ H

    MJ H

    11 mesi fa

    Love this video! Welcome to Paris. Building a new chapter in life is always exciting and I think you’ve captured that so well! I’m sure post confinement you’ve already made lots of connections but feel free to reach out! Would love to connect.

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