The Fastest Way to Learn a New Language: The Solar System Theory

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I made this video to share how I see language learning. It doesn't have to be the soulless experience that it is for so many of us in school.
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  1. Havisha Jamodhee

    Havisha Jamodhee

    Giorno fa

    You look like Harry potter

  2. Marah Waleed

    Marah Waleed

    Giorno fa

    Where could I contact you??????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. Busy B from Germany

    Busy B from Germany

    2 giorni fa

    That's a great way of seeing the journey as a solar system. From my experience as a teacher for Non-Germans learning German is to encourage the students to talk and interact with each other in German.

  4. Giannis Var

    Giannis Var

    3 giorni fa

    Im trying to learn Finnish.thank you for the video

  5. I don't care lol

    I don't care lol

    3 giorni fa

    Self taught polygot here! I loved the way you broke the whole process.. And tbh I use a similar way to get to it by varying learning by importance.. And it's the best. The most I've done is 5 languages in one year.. I'm 15 yo. But languages fascinate me alot.. And it's lovely to see similar people out here!

  6. On WUN

    On WUN

    6 giorni fa

    Where can you find the most important words in each language? Do you use certain sources usually?

  7. Vijay Panchal

    Vijay Panchal

    7 giorni fa

    1st thing Mercury does not have satelite

  8. Nursing Tips

    Nursing Tips

    7 giorni fa

    I need tips in english learning.

  9. Ishimwe Nzabamwita

    Ishimwe Nzabamwita

    10 giorni fa

    Bonjour Nathaniel Vous vivez a Paris ? ou dans un pays anglophone car votre anglais est vraiment parfait. Moi je suis a Leeds en Angleterre.

  10. Holly barker

    Holly barker

    10 giorni fa

    i always say this to my friends its like, yeah im lost in the middle of france but j'ai un grand chien marron

  11. Ishimwe Nzabamwita

    Ishimwe Nzabamwita

    10 giorni fa

    Your English and French is perfect I mean I am impressed.

  12. Rasputin Disclaimer101

    Rasputin Disclaimer101

    10 giorni fa

    Viewers discretion and discernment is advised. 'We' do not take responsibility for decisions taken by the viewer based solely on the information provided in this video.

  13. Hamiltrash lol

    Hamiltrash lol

    11 giorni fa

    I'm learning Korean and tho I haven't really talked to ppl in Korean it really boosted my confidence and helped with my anxiety 😋 Someday I also want to learn Japanese, Urdu and Tamil 🤗

  14. Ziad Francis

    Ziad Francis

    11 giorni fa

    yay.. I have the secret now some words are actually used more than others its the discovery of the century

  15. Lukaso


    13 giorni fa

    Thanks very much this systems is really fun I get to build the system :D, and I see it very useful, I never thought of learning in this particular way

  16. Dexter Kendall

    Dexter Kendall

    13 giorni fa

    if you think about it, this is exactly how kids learn their first language

  17. I’m Guide

    I’m Guide

    14 giorni fa


  18. ioanna stekiapantou

    ioanna stekiapantou

    15 giorni fa

    Hi i am ioanna and i live in Greece 🇬🇷. I read articles about Spanish wines. I have study agriculture and i am sommelier. So thats why i learn Spanish through these articles. So for my solar system. I have to found the most common Spanish words based on greek? And after that the most important for my language learning reason? Like food fruit nature and others?

  19. Steven Thrasher

    Steven Thrasher

    15 giorni fa

    Where does one find these lists of magic 10%/20% words, and then how do we turn them into flash cards?

    • Steven Thrasher

      Steven Thrasher

      14 giorni fa

      @Kojitsu you rock! Thank you!

    • Kojitsu


      14 giorni fa

      The work has already been done for us :) Download the anki flashcard app then search for an anki deck that is something like "1000 most frequently used _____ words" and make a daily habit.

  20. Danard


    15 giorni fa

    Here starts my journey to learn German being from Colombia. Thank you so much for the advice!!!!

  21. Olivia Arteaga

    Olivia Arteaga

    16 giorni fa

    As I am a beginner polyglot I believe in the universe that if you keep imagining yourself learning 6 languages and apply yourself learning day at a time It can actual come true

  22. Angela Peréz

    Angela Peréz

    16 giorni fa

    Pense que si diria como estudiar y solo conto cosas

  23. Julien Armond

    Julien Armond

    16 giorni fa

    I took a foreign language in college and had a amazing instructor. Though, I ultimately like this video because learning starts with the student and many feel that schools just chug down vocabulary down your throat expecting it to stick- they hardly stick- but if you’re learning a language you have to understand your process

  24. erythrea l

    erythrea l

    16 giorni fa

    This is so helpful, totally changed my views on how to go about learning languages. I love learning languages, but it's often very tedious. I'm certain it would be more fun to learn the most useful words first, in order to start making your own sentences without going to much into the grammar.

  25. Ben


    18 giorni fa

    haha, the classic immediate stall on the first attempt to get into 1st gear :D

  26. Noemiea


    18 giorni fa

    I've checked your list of words in Portuguese - I'm bad at learning out of books, stay focused etc. I usually learn while traveling but atm well ... 🤷🏻‍♀️😭😅 So I found it very useful, I've realised that they are plenty of basic/useful words especially verbs, that I don't know in the language I'm learning (aka Russian 🤯). It can be difficult to think about the vocabulary you need before actually needing it for real (my goal isn't to become perfectly fluent, just to chit-chat over a cup of chai with some babushkas), & these lists summarised them pretty well so thanks for sharing! Et ton français, hahaha j'adore, tu te débrouilles super bien ! 👌👌

  27. Allenfalls


    19 giorni fa

    This video is too long.. right now I am in need to learn a new language so bad.. if you have seen this video can you please make a list for what he said in this video..! thanks.

  28. Ingrid Linares

    Ingrid Linares

    19 giorni fa

    Was the first half of this video the sneakiest ad ever or what?

  29. yessika Alexandra perez Villamil

    yessika Alexandra perez Villamil

    19 giorni fa


  30. Scarlet Bennet

    Scarlet Bennet

    19 giorni fa

    Where do you find your lists for the top percentages of words? I have found that some of the lists on the internet are not very good. Love your content btw you are absolutely amazing!!!

  31. Fathma Riyad Ghan

    Fathma Riyad Ghan

    20 giorni fa

    Can't say that your news letters are awesome... Thanks for sharing 😇

  32. Joan Pack

    Joan Pack

    21 giorno fa

    *Your* top percent: commonly used words based on the target language and target language structure + personal interests + other personalization such as what *you* need to know.

  33. Richard Martínez

    Richard Martínez

    21 giorno fa

    I love to learn a new language, your channel is awesome to get this

  34. Cayla van Berkel

    Cayla van Berkel

    21 giorno fa

    This made me laugh and smile! It's so neat to see people enjoying life. Another great video Nathaniel! I always learn great things from you!

  35. Lennart Uecker

    Lennart Uecker

    22 giorni fa

    Found you through Johnny's video. Thanks, that is really helpful for my journey to speak fluent Italian.

  36. Carl Benz Lozano

    Carl Benz Lozano

    22 giorni fa

    Love the second part! Thanks for bringing us along your adventures!

  37. Lissy Anna

    Lissy Anna

    23 giorni fa

    but how do I know which words are the most important. I only can brainstorm by topics which are interesting for me or how can I find the most and less important

  38. Lissy Anna

    Lissy Anna

    23 giorni fa

    pareto principle morning brew

  39. A Broad Scape

    A Broad Scape

    23 giorni fa

    Yep ! I found this very efficient as well when learning other languages. Also how YOU personally like talking is important when researching words. I realized that there's kind of a personality shift happening when using an other language. I don't know about you but, spanish makes me more impulsive, loud and crazy overall. Whereas russian, gives me more confidence, playfullness and calm. I'm french and an introvert intelectual, However, learning english and the other ones really expanded my mind as you stated, and helped me become more flexible in every aspect of my life. Great channel love your content congratulations :) !

  40. DoofMoney


    24 giorni fa


  41. Alfredo Zanetti

    Alfredo Zanetti

    24 giorni fa

    Hola que tal? Te escribo desde Chile. El curso que ofreces para el aprendizaje de idiomas viene con subtítulos en español? Mi lengua nativa es el español y mi ingles es de nivel medio. Lo pregunto en caso que no entienda ciertas cosas. Muchas gracias, muy buenos videos.

  42. st mari

    st mari

    24 giorni fa

    you helped me so much thank youu

  43. PokingAPanda


    25 giorni fa

    This made me miss my stick shift car :(

  44. Bruna do Prado

    Bruna do Prado

    25 giorni fa

    Its a really really beautyfull record... from Brazil, it was like a portal to some expanding reallity. Thak you

  45. claudettedupont


    26 giorni fa

    Do you have any podcasts in French (not language learning or grammar ones; just interesting podcasts that happen to be in French) that you listen to and could recommend ?

  46. melda


    27 giorni fa

    I've been following you since the learning italian video and I just wanted to say your videos are very helpful, thankyou :)

  47. Bom ban

    Bom ban

    27 giorni fa

    You do such a good job at making an idea material and real, thanks:)



    27 giorni fa

    I love your voice when you speak in French.

  49. All Things Man

    All Things Man

    28 giorni fa

    Great video. My only issue is never justify why you charge money for something you put your hard work and experience into making. The people that can’t understand that won’t buy it anyways. Keep up the great videos. I just found you and immediately subscribed.

  50. Latios Hunter

    Latios Hunter

    28 giorni fa

    "How do you think about all this while driving" Well...probably same way a gamer can do long combos and take down the boss even using basic skills. Practice and some stumbles along the way but in the end, even at low health, they pull it off.

  51. Paulo Soares

    Paulo Soares

    28 giorni fa

    Nathaniel: imagine how difficult it would be to have a conversation without using the word "the" Russians: hold my vodka

  52. C J

    C J

    29 giorni fa

    This is so helpful. ❤️

  53. TheFeldhamster


    29 giorni fa

    I'm sorry but how is this /really/ different from traditional language courses? Ok, they don't make you explicitly learn "these are the 100 most used words, now learn them by heart without context" (which is terribly boring) but all courses I've ever seen start with common situations. Yes, a few less used words might sneak in here and there but in the grand scheme of things I don't see any advantage of this method over learning by common scenarios. All language books I've ever seen work like this. Some courses/books might be more focused on a certain application, eg a quick 10 lesson course aimed at tourists going on vacation in Spain might focus more on what to say at the beach and how to buy a ticket for a museum than a course for people who want to correspond with Spanish business partners. But that's the same as the concept of having different core words. And scenarios make it much easier to learn, because they give you a story to connect the vocabulary to. And we humans are storytellers. Those apps that make you rote memorize the most common words never worked for me. IMO, you need some sort of story to embed those common words into. Otherwise it becomes a freaking chore! And if you add story, you're basically where traditional books and courses are already. I really don't get how this is supposedly so much different let alone better.

  54. Aymane El Gaout

    Aymane El Gaout

    29 giorni fa

    My main goal is to become fully fluent at english. Wish me luck 😐

  55. Synkkä Maan

    Synkkä Maan

    29 giorni fa

    - Can you imagine trying to have a conversation without using the word 'the' ? - *Laughs in Latin

    • caprice.t


      8 giorni fa

      Laughs in Turkish

    • Jörmungandr


      10 giorni fa

      *Maledictus Bestia*

  56. Guillequetzal


    29 giorni fa


  57. Life is Never the same

    Life is Never the same

    29 giorni fa

    hmm.. that's not my problem. the problem is intermediate plateau.. it's almost impossible to crack.

  58. CapitalTeeth


    Mese fa

    One very underrated way of learning languages is, surprisingly, captcha.

  59. Buenos Vientos

    Buenos Vientos

    Mese fa

    Hola: ¿El curso de aprendizaje de idiomas tiene subtítulos en español?

  60. Beatrice Porporato

    Beatrice Porporato

    Mese fa

    I am sitting here, waiting for him to start learning German so that he can guides me through this challenging process! Please, hear my prayers! I need you 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  61. Shukozu


    Mese fa

    bruh if the dog at the start would start barking at me like that, we either squaring up or i'm yelling back

  62. Carl G

    Carl G

    Mese fa

    I love the car. ;)

  63. Federica García Carrero

    Federica García Carrero

    Mese fa

    Soy venezolana, mi abuela era francesa e hice mi intercambio en Bélgica, pais donde estoy estudiando actualmente😋✨ So, we can say que hablo 3 idiomas de manera fluida, y aunque nunca pensé querer aprender mas de esos tres, tengo demasiadas ganas de aprender italiano y neerlandés. Doucement, mais on y arrive !

  64. Turtle Jerk

    Turtle Jerk

    Mese fa

    language learning is 50% learning and 50% Brainwashing

  65. Eddy Ng

    Eddy Ng

    Mese fa

    Conclusion: Sounds good, doesn't work.

  66. Marné not Marnie

    Marné not Marnie

    Mese fa


  67. Zhen Lim

    Zhen Lim

    Mese fa

    This whole video is so cinematic 👁👄👁

  68. Meghan


    Mese fa

    Incredible filming of this, engaging and I completely agree how language has been frustrating through formal education, I'm a 23 soon to be graduated University student, who has spent the last 16 years straight in formal education and learning French and Irish, but also I chose to learn Spanish in my final year of University. Spending 9 years in total with French, I couldn't speak it now really whatsoever, I wasn't able to go on an exchange unlike others, and I think that was the one error to curbing my interactions with locals. Also, I'd a shocking teacher! But for Spanish, even though it's been all online the last year, I have genuinely been interested and engaged with it, and for Italian, currently learning basics so I can take up a job this summer while living with a host family. Thank you for making this content Nathaniel !!!

  69. Cerita Fanda Vancouver

    Cerita Fanda Vancouver

    Mese fa

    I enjoy this video Nat, that I watched it 5 times! I have office and business vocabulary more than kitchen and food vocabulary & I learn a lot from you!

  70. Fae w

    Fae w

    Mese fa

    i originally clicked on because of the title, and i was just curious, but omg your cinematography is FANTASTIC it made me happy and it felt like i was at peace, thank you, i really appreciate it :)

  71. Sandra


    Mese fa

    "Imagine having an entire conversation without using THE word "the"" -there you go

    • Cladaës


      20 giorni fa

      What do you mean an entire conversation ? It sure looks complicated. Not something I'd feel confident about

  72. Jazaki Narsames

    Jazaki Narsames

    Mese fa

    11:30, that's what I need in life, a bit of advantage a friend and doing thing that are not usual. Just getting out of my she'll, if you know what I mean

  73. me me me

    me me me

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    You used Portuguese words that confused me

  74. Max Maxing

    Max Maxing

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    To learn any language I have to know at least the most essential words. That's why I love Linguitive App It's just too easy to be true.

  75. Alex Taylor

    Alex Taylor

    Mese fa

    So, what in hearing is that the top 10% is the “sun” of our language learning solar system... It shines throughout most of the solar system, and without it, the language cannot exist.

  76. Ray


    Mese fa

    You know what’s crazy , I was recently thinking about my life and how toxic my surroundings are. I admire people like you. Always out to learn. I wish I can meet more people like you and have them around. I’m thankful I found your channel :) I am in France too , j’ai réussi le DELF B2 depuis 1 ans! bref je suis archi contente que j’aie trouvé votre chaîne.

  77. Blackcat2807


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    People that dont speak English or Spanish that try to learn a language fast watching this Video: 👁️💧👄💧👁️

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    Fallen Star

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    I am grateful for your video you share so useful info about languages and people interactions!

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    If I started driving like this, I would be very happy hahah Hugs from Brazil !

  80. Paula Fiuza

    Paula Fiuza

    Mese fa

    So my question is: does your method work as efficiently for languages with completely different alphabets and structures such as Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin? I'm fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish. I can speak decent Italian and read most words in French, but I believe that is because those are all similar to each other. Arabic, which I am currently learning, is a completely different ball game... so would like to know your take on it!

  81. Lucas Foltran

    Lucas Foltran

    Mese fa

    i really wish to know how he makes these animations, like in 2:27 min and 4:52 min. I fell in love with his content and i would like to create these things from scratch, but I don't know how, someone can help me? please

  82. Brett McKim

    Brett McKim

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    But where is Brian!?

  83. DosuOnTheBeat


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    Belgium gang

  84. MindOfMine


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    C'est superbe de voire comme tu parles Français très rapide! J'adore la langue et je veux parler plus mieux. Mais, il y a encore beaucoup de travail. Je sais cette phrases ne sont pas parfait. Mais je reste pratiquer!

  85. Shashwat Tripathi

    Shashwat Tripathi

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    can i get some good suggestions to learn french. By good, i mean to say an organized playlist which can guide the beginners in a way they should be guided.

  86. Moy Mo

    Moy Mo

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    Thanks, I already know my plan on how to learn my Spanish as I’ve been doing it for three weeks now (I’m still a beginner but I feel the progress)... your videos help me keep inspired, that and also being able to have the most rewarding 6-12 months by doing little work to learn per day

  87. Germán Martínez

    Germán Martínez

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    For some reason I was watching horror movies trailers, and i saw your video in the thumbnail column and clicked on it. For a second I thought this was another trailer judging from the beginning lol. Good video.

  88. Patch75P


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    Your videos are like fresh air! J'adore les regarder le matin au petit dèj quand j'ai envie d'un peu de compagnie. Dankeschön ☺️

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    Ајс Нигрутин из Обреновца

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    I came here because i want to learn german in the same way i learned english, but i can't remember how did i learned english in the first place...

  90. 愛莉


    Mese fa

    Something I have come to realize is I literally suck on tests with words like "discover" or "develop" but yet when I chat with natives they say my Chinese is so good for such little study time and I write like a native. Twice they wouldnt believe I wasn't chinese. Those little comments are what keep me going in this journey, right now I might not be able to write an essay or a whole story, but being able to communicate with natives is the best feeling in the world.

    • Chris G

      Chris G

      23 giorni fa


  91. Gepard mic

    Gepard mic

    Mese fa

    True when i was in school my brain hardly worked, and when worked, there was stress in one section only. i max learned 5%/years from homework's. To hard or to easy, non in the middle task. = waste of time. School are not fun learning, most of the time.

  92. rabius sany Apu

    rabius sany Apu

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    Where did I listen this Background music🤔 Is It Dark 😃

  93. Vasco Medeiros

    Vasco Medeiros

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    First ever video I watched from your channel! Thank you for saving me! Subscribed! ❤ Love from Philippines! ❤💪

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    Richard Hugo

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  96. Ron Lugbill

    Ron Lugbill

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    I think your point is you were perfecting your French by not trying to. You were just learning to drive a stick and having a good time with a friend. Not drilling vocabulary or conjugating verbs. You were learning by not trying to learn. Using the language in a meaningful context. By the way, to start out with a stick, you need to learn about the friction point of the clutch. There is just one point on the clutch where you need to give it more gas. The friction point is where you give it more gas.

  97. alexmoonrock


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    The language of Thoeruk people living on the planet W.. Mak/Mek...(emek)=(exertion /process) Çün=(chun)=factor Ka=(Qua)= (which) U=(ou)= it's (that) (Ka-u)= Ki=(Qui)=which that (Çün-ka-u)=(factor-which-that) =Çünki =(c'est-pour-quoi)=(that's why)=(therefore)= Because U-Çün = that Factor İçün=it's for= için=for Gel-mek= to come Gel-mek için = for coming =(the factor to the process of coming) Görmek için= for seeing Gitmek için= for going for deriving new adjectives from verbs A/e=to ...A/e U-Çün =It's Factor To .. suffixes..(Icı-ici-ucu-ücü) (the pronunciation is like~yuji) (geç-e-u-çün) =it has the factor to pass =Geçici = transient /temporary (uç-a-u-çün) =it has the factor to fly = Uçucu = volatile (kal-a-u-çün) =it has the factor to stay = Kalıcı = permanent (yan-a-u-çün) =it has the factor to burn out = Yanıcı = flammable (yanıcı madde=flammable material) (bağla-y-a-u-çün) =it has the factor to biind/connect = Bağlayıcı = binding/connective for deriving new adjectives from nouns and adjectives Çün=factor (agency /being agent of..) suffixes.. (Cı-ci-cu-cü) or (Çı-çi-çu-çü) = (jui / tchui ) Yaban-cı = (outsider)=foreign-er İş-çi= work-er kapıcı=doorman demirci=ironsmith gemici=sailor denizci=seaman for deriving adjectives from the numbers U-Ne-Çün =that-what-factor suffixes..(Ncı-ncu-nci-ncü) (Bir-u-ne-çün)=Birinci= ~first (initial) (İki-u-ne-çün)= İkinci= second (Üç-u-ne-çün)= Üçüncü=third (Otuz-u-ne-çün)=Otuzuncu=Thirtieth (Ou)=U=( it's - that) (Më-u)=(Mu)=Bu= this (Thë-u)=(Tsu)=Şu= that (şu=~xiou) ..(ts=~th)=θ (Hë-u)=(Hãu)=O= it (he /she) (Al /El)=(bearer /carrier) (Iz- uz) = S (plural suffix for doubling) Der/Dar=(der)= diger= other ...(dar)=(nearest to the other) (Ler/Lar= plural suffixes) (ɜ:ne)=Eun= Ön= (fore/first) = uno/ one (ön,ce=~first,ly)-(öncesi=~before)-(öncü=pioneer) (Kendi= own)=(Ka-eun-de-u= which's at fore/which one at first) (ɜ:z=euz=Öz= self ) (kendisi=own self/ oneself) (This one)= Mu-eun= (Men)= Ben= Me (That one)= Tsu-eun= (xien/thien)= Sen= You (These ones)= Mu-eun-iz=(miŋiz)=Biz = We (Those ones)=Tsu-eun-iz=(siŋiz)= Siz =You (Plural) Ou-al=Ol =O= it (he /she) El=someone else (bearer / hand) (El-der)= Eller= other people (different persons) Ou-al-dar= (Ouldar) =Onlar (The bearer and other-s nearest to it/him) Ou-eun-dar= (Ondar)=Onlar= They Dayı=(maternal) uncle Dayım=my uncle Dayımlar=my uncle and other ones closest to him=(~my uncle and his family) or (~my uncle and his close friends) Dayılarım=my uncles ikiz=(two similar ones) =twin ikiler =two and other dual ones üçüz=(three similar ones)=triplet üçler = three and other triple ones Men-niŋ=Meniŋ=Benim=My Sen-niŋ=Seniŋ=Senin=Your Ou-al-niŋ=Olniŋ=Onun=his/her/its Miŋiz-niŋ=Bizniŋ=Bizim=our Siŋiz-niŋ=Sizniŋ=Sizin=your (Plural) Ou-al-dar-niŋ=Oldarnıŋ=Onların=their Ka=(Qua)= which U=(ou)= it's (that) Ka-u=Ki=(Qui)=which that (Meniŋ-ka-u):=which that my...= benimki=mine (Seniŋ-ka-u):=which that your = seninki=yours (Olniŋ-ka-u):=which that his/her/its= onunki= his/hers/its Annemin pişirdiği tavuk çorbası =(Anne-m-niŋ Biş-dir-di-ka-u Tavğuk Şorba-tsu)= the chicken soup which (that belong) my mom cook-ed... Arkadaşımdan bana gelğen mektubu okudum= (Arkadaş-ım-dan baŋ-a (gel-ka-eun) mektup-u oku-du-m)= I've read the-letter (which-one-comes) from my friend to me Sen eve giderken = (Sen Ev-e Git-e-er u-ka-en) = (that-which-time You get-to-Go to-Home)= While you go home Seni gördüğüm yer = (Sen-u Gör-dü-ka-u-m yer) = (which-that-place (belong) I Saw (that) You) = Where I saw you İşe başlayacağı gün= iş-e başla-y'a-çak-ka-u gün (.Ki o gün işe başlayacak)=(which) the day s/he's gonna start to work

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      21+ tenses in turkish language... Anatolian Turkish.verb conjugations A= To (toward)(~for) (for the thick voiced words) E= To (toward)(~for) (for the subtle voiced words) Okul=School U=(ou)=it= (it's that)=(it's about ) Git=Go (verb root) Mak/Mek (emek)=exertion /process Git-mek=(verb)= to Go (get-mek =to get there now on ) Gel-mek= to Come Gör-mek= to See 1 .present continuous tense (now or soon, right now or later, currently or nowadays) it's used to explain the current actions or planned events (for the specified times) YOR-mak =to tire (~go over it) (~ to try , to deal with this) (for the subtle and thick voiced words) A/e Yormak= to try only mentally (to arrive at a non-final conclusion) I/i/u/ü Yormak=to try both physical and mental about (to arrive wholly on it) is used as suffix="Yor" (iəʊr) positive. Okula gidiyorsun ( you are going to school)= Okul-a Git-i-yor-u-sen ( School-to Go-to-try it's-you) (You try-to-Go to school) Evden geliyorum ( I'm coming from home) = Ev-de-en Gel-i-yor-u-men ( Home-at-then /try-to-come-I-am) (from home I try to come) negative A)..Mã= Not B)...Değil= it's not (equivalent) examples A: Okula gitmiyorsun ( you are not going to school)= Okul-a Git-ma-i-yor-u--sen (School-to go-Not-it-try that-you) -(You that try-it's-not-Go to school) B: Okula gidiyor değilsin ( you are not going to school)=Okul-a Git-i-yor değil-sen (You aren't try(ing)-to-Go to school) Question sentence: Mã-u =Not-it =(is) Not it? is used as....suffixes ="Mı-Mi-Mu-Mü " Okula mı gidiyorsun? ( Are you going to school?)= Okul-a Ma-u Git-i-yor-u-sen ? ( To-school Not-it You-try-to-go ?)(~Towards the school or somewhere else are you going ?) Okula gidiyor musun? ( Do You go to school?)= Okul-a Git-i-yor Ma-u -sen ? ( To school Try-to-go Not-it-you?) (~Are you going or not going towards the school ?) Okula sen mi gidiyorsun ? (~Are you the one going to school ?) 2 .present simple tense ( it's used to explain our own thoughts about the topic) (everytime, always or never ,at all, often,rarely, any time or sometimes, now on, soon or afterwards, so it's possible of course inshallah) In the question sentences it's means: what do you think about this?, is not it so positive VAR-mak =~ to arrive (at) ...(to attain).....(for the thick voiced words) is used as....suffixes ="ar-ır-ur" ER-mek=~ to get (at) ...(to reach).....(for the subtle voiced words) is used as....suffixes ="er-ir-ür" examples Okula gidersin ( you go to school)= Okul-a Git-e-er-sen (You get-to-Go to school) Arabaya Biner (s/he gets in the car) =Araba-y-a Bin-e-er (s/he gets-to-ride to car) Kuşlar gökyüzünde uçar ( the birds fly in the sky )=Kuş.lar gökyüzü.n-de uç-a-var ( the birds arrive at flying in the sky) Gece olduğunda uyursun ( You sleep when it's night)= Gece ol-du-ka-u-an-da uyu,y-a-var-sen (You arrive in asleep at that which time it became night) Bunu görebilirler = (they can see this) = Bu-ne-u Gör-e-Bil-e-er-ler =(They-get-to-Know-to-See what's-This) =They've got inform to see this negative Bas-mak =to dwell on, (~ to press onto/into) (~to pass over) (for the thick voiced words) Ez-mek = to crush (~ to press down) (~to compress) (for the subtle voiced words) Mã= Not Ma-bas=(No pass)=na-pas=(not to dwell on)=(to give up)=(vaz geç-mek) (in the thick voiced words) suffix ="MAZ" Ma-ez= (No crush) =(do/es-not)=(to skip)=(es geç-mek) (in the subtle voiced words) is used as suffix ="MEZ" example Okula gitmezsin ( you don't go to school)= Okul-a Git-ma-ez-sen (You no-crush--Go to school)=( you skip of going to school) O bunu yapmaz (s/he doesn't do this) = Bunu yap-ma-bas ( s/he no-pass--Do this)=(s/he gives up doing this) Niçün şuna bakmazsınız = (why don't you look at that )=Ne-u-çün şu-n'a bak-ma-bas-sen-iz (2. plural)= what-that-factor at that you give up looking 3.simple future tense (soon or later) it's used to explain the events we thought that will happen Çak-mak =~to fasten ~to tack (for the thick voiced words) Çek-mek=~to attract , ~to take , ~to will, ~to bring beside, ~to keep close (for the subtle voiced words) suffixes= ("CAK"-djäk) - ("CEK" -djek) positive.. Okula gideceksin ( you'll go to school)= Okul-a Git-e-çek-sen (~You bring ( in the mind)-to-Go to school) (~Attracts-you -to-Go to school) Ali Okula gidecek ( Ali is going to go to school)= Ali Okul-a Git-e-çek (~Ali keeps close to Go to school) negative A. Okula gitmeyeceksin ( you won't go to school)= Okul-a Git-ma-e-çek-sen (You will-not-to-Go to school) B. Okula gidecek değilsin (the one is not you to go to school)= Okul-a Git-e-çek değil-sen (it's not you take-to-Go to school) 4 . simple past tense (currently or before) it's used to explain the completed events which that we're sure about Di = now on (anymore) Di-mek(demek) = ~ to deem , ~ to mean, ~ to think this way is used as...suffixes=.(Dı-di-du-dü) positive Okula gittin ( you went to school)= Okul-a Git-di-N Okula gittin mi ? (did you go to school ?)= Okul-a Git-di-N Ma-u ?( You went to school Not-it ?) Dün İstanbul'da kaldım (I stayed in Istanbul yesterday)= Dün İstanbul-da kal-dı-M negative Okula gitmedin ( you didn't go to school)= Okul-a Git-ma-di-N Bugün hiç birşey yapmadık (We did nothing today) =Bu,gün hiç bir,şey yap-ma-dı-K Beni zaten görmediler (They did not already see me) =Ben-i zaten gör-me-di-Ler 5 .storial past tense (which we did not witness)- (just now or before) it's used to explain the completed events which that we're not able sure about MUŞ-mak = ~ to inform , (muş=moush) (muşuş=mesaj=message...muştu=müjde=evangel) means... I'm informed about - I realized that- I got it- I learned such - I heard that - so they say...or it seems such (to me) if it's within any question sentence .Do you have any inform about? .do you know..have you heard?.are you aware?. or does it look like this? is used as suffixes= (Mış-miş-muş-müş) positive Okula gitmişsin ( I heard about) you went to school)= Okul-a Git-miş-sen (I'm informed about) You've been to school) Bir hata yapmışım (I realized I made a mistake) = Bir hata Yap-mış-men (Seems that I've made a mistake) negative A. Okula gitmemişsin (I heard that) you didn't go to school)= Okul-a Git-ma-miş-sen (I learned about) You're not gone to school) B. Okula gitmiş değilsin (I've been informed about) you hadn't gone to school)= Okul-a Git--miş değil-sen (Got it) You haven't been to school. İbrahim bugün okula gitmiş mi? (do you know /have you heard-Did Abraham go to school today?=(İbrahim bugün okul-a git-miş ma-u) 6.Okula varmak üzeresin (You're about to arrive at school) 7.Okula gitmektesin (You're in (process of) going to school) (~ you have been going to school) 8.Okula gitmekteydin (You had been going to school) 9.Okula gitmekteymişsin (I learned that /you had been going to school) 10.Okula gidiyordun (Okula git-e-yor er-di-n) (You were going to school) 11.Okula gidiyormuşsun (Okula git-e-yor er-miş-sen) ( I heard that) You are going to school)(2.I learned you were going to school) 12.Okula gidecektin (Okula git-e-çek erdin) (You would go to school after/then)(2.~I had thought you'll go to school)(3.~You'd said going to go to school) 13.Okula gidecekmişsin (Okula git-e-çek ermişsen) (I heard that) then You'd like to go to school)(2.I learned that you'll go to school) 14.Okula giderdin ( Okula git-e-er erdin) (You used to go to school bf) (2.~you would go to school bf/then) 15.Okula gittiydin ( Okula git-di erdin) ( I remember you went to school) (2.~I saw you'd been going to school) 16.Okula gitmiştin ( Okula git-miş erdin) ( I know that) you had gone to school) (2.~I had seen you went to school) 17.Okula gitmiş oldun( Okula git-miş ol-du-n) (you have been to school) Bu bir Elma = This is an apple Bu bir Kitap = This is a book Dur-mak=to keep to be present there Durur=it keeps to be present there is used as suffixes=(Dır- dir- dur- dür- or Tır- tir-tur-tür) It's usually used on the correspondences and literary language... (formal) Means within the official speeches =(that keeps to be present there) Bu bir Elmadır= (bu bir elma-durur)= This is an apple (that keeps to be present there) Bu bir Kitaptır= (bu bir kitap-durur)= This is a book (that keeps to be present there) Means within the daily speeches =( I think that or I guess that) (informal) Bu bir Elmadır= (bu bir elma-durur)= (I think) this is an apple Bu bir elma gibi duruyor=Looks like an apple is this Bu bir Kitaptır= (bu bir kitap-durur)= (I think) this is a book Bu bir kitap gibi duruyor=Looks like a book is this 18.Okula gidiyordursun =(Guess that) You were going to school /before or after that) 19.Okula gidiyorsundur =(I think that) then you are going to school ) 20.Okula gidecektirim =(Guess that- probably) I'd have going to school /before or after that ) 21.Okula gideceğimdir=(I think that) ~I'm going to go to school )(it's pointless to use about ourself) 21.Okula gideceklerdir=(I think that -probably) they are going to go to school ) 22.Okula gitmiştirler =(Guess that) they had gone to school /before or after that) 23.Okula gitmişlerdir = They have been to school (officially) 23.Okula gitmişlerdir =(Looks like that) they have been to school ) ....(informal) 16..."Okula gitmişlerdi"or"Okula gitmiştiler" =They had gone to school Anlayabilir misin= Aŋı-la-y-a Bil-e-Er Ma-u-sen? =Not-it-you Get-to-Know to-Understand = Can you understand ? Anlayabilirim= Aŋı-la-y-a Bil-e-Er-Men = I Get-to-Know-to-Understand =(I've got an inform to understand)= I can understand Anlayamam = Aŋı-la-y-a Al-Ma-Men = I doNot-Take-to-Understand = I can not understand Aŋ= moment Aŋı= memory Aŋıla=get via memory (save in memory)

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    Chapeau pour ta conduite et ton français, resté impec", même sous stress et deep focus !

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