The Miraculous Improbability Of Your Entire Existence

Something about this year has been making me think about the brevity of life and how much we take for granted.
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  1. Breno Llonch

    Breno Llonch

    21 giorno fa

    He said a lot of interesting stuff, but did you realized he looks like Harry Potter?

  2. stane_in_the_mood_for


    Mese fa

    Have you ever considered God(Jesus Christ) as the creator



    Mese fa

    Or an ordinary probability of your existence given the circumstances

  4. Sammawardi


    Mese fa

    Your video bring great sensation in my brain and make my mind flow

  5. Srinjoy Paul

    Srinjoy Paul

    Mese fa

    Okay wait Nathaniel. This is weird. I watched this video today but I've thought the exact same thoughts a few weeks before. The exact same thoughts.

  6. hana day

    hana day

    2 mesi fa

    this video is so grounding I don't think you understand how often I watch this video, thank you

  7. Clumpsy Wanderer

    Clumpsy Wanderer

    2 mesi fa

    Thank you for continuously showing us the extraordinary of the ordinary in such a beautiful way.

  8. jsfan882


    2 mesi fa

    Little Nathaniel is soooo *CUTE & ADORABLE!* 😍😘

  9. Mariana Cáceres

    Mariana Cáceres

    2 mesi fa

    6:30 "esta rico?" jajajajaja i love your videos

  10. Laren Battal

    Laren Battal

    2 mesi fa

    I want to type my emotions about this video here, but have trouble translating them into words. Its just incredible, my breath is taken. This is so layered and has improved my mental state for the time-span of this video. Amazing.

  11. Sarah Skali

    Sarah Skali

    3 mesi fa


  12. My watercooler romance

    My watercooler romance

    3 mesi fa

    i needed to hear this, for some reason i feel much better after watching this video :) ❤ "let's pretend that we're not having an existential crisis"😆

  13. Cameron McKee

    Cameron McKee

    3 mesi fa

    This is an absolute piece of art of which I really appreciated every word, every shot and every little noise in the background :)

  14. Carmen Uhlenberg

    Carmen Uhlenberg

    3 mesi fa

    so beautiful!

  15. Munchin' Panda

    Munchin' Panda

    3 mesi fa

    Keeping this beautiful peace of video aside, how cute is little Nathaniel?! ☺️

  16. Nadia LAMTALAA

    Nadia LAMTALAA

    3 mesi fa

    I wish I had enough cute videos of me as a babyy. that's what im mot jealou of in this videos . you are so lucky with your parents Nate

  17. HAT DAWG


    3 mesi fa

    It melts my heart whenever you smile in front of the camera. 😳

  18. 예도러블Destiny Choi

    예도러블Destiny Choi

    3 mesi fa

    Hey Nathaniel thank you for sharing your positive vibes!! I already knew your channel like a year ago, but somehow I wasn't into it. Now I love your videos so much, it just feels different (:

  19. Alana Kambolova

    Alana Kambolova

    3 mesi fa

    I am in love with your content! Thank you for creating and sharing such a deep things!

  20. Iva Peneva

    Iva Peneva

    4 mesi fa

    And what if you are nothing more than a tiny tiny miniature creature that has no power to do anything because you live in your apartment ,in your block, in your neibourhood in your birthtown,which is obviously in country,part of Europe,part of Earth,part of Sun system,part of Milky way part of the Universe,which nobody knows how big is it,and whether The universe is part of other phenomen or not ;0.But in the same time in the physical world you have that urge to live and do something really big that is going to leave something that is going to have good impact on people's lives after your so short life compared to the infinity of the universe.Life is contradicted, in the process of learning in paralell you expand the unknown.You are never really going to know everything.And so the one thing that you can do is JUST LIVING in Full Power,

  21. Rimple Pal

    Rimple Pal

    4 mesi fa

    you are a great human being the way you speak the way you express your feeling inspires me a lot no more words left to say

  22. Brian Huang

    Brian Huang

    4 mesi fa


  23. Bruno Papic

    Bruno Papic

    4 mesi fa

    whats the sooooong please someone! hahahha

  24. Mirna Francis

    Mirna Francis

    4 mesi fa

    This video is a masterpiece

  25. Garfield & Me

    Garfield & Me

    5 mesi fa

    So he doesn't believe in God or a creator then?

  26. maria garcia

    maria garcia

    5 mesi fa

    We are the universe experiencing itself- Allan Watts

  27. Elaine Bowen

    Elaine Bowen

    5 mesi fa

    Planted 9 two gardens, small things help and trees are wonderful....

  28. Elaine Bowen

    Elaine Bowen

    5 mesi fa


  29. Vehement X

    Vehement X

    5 mesi fa

    youre literally my favourite to watch and the most interesting person i swear.

  30. SP3CTRE


    5 mesi fa

    Man I love this video! I’d love to learn photography and do this stuff but I don’t know anything, Any ideas of where can I start ? How is it called this type of photography? How can I learn ? Do I need a professional camera ?

  31. Atif Naushad

    Atif Naushad

    5 mesi fa

    Now that I've listened to memento mori so many times I can't focus on what he's saying, I can only hear the music.

  32. Shadi Abdalla

    Shadi Abdalla

    5 mesi fa

    what's the name of the piano track that starts at 6:06?

  33. John Westmoreland

    John Westmoreland

    6 mesi fa

    0:48 that symbol on the tree is brightburn i think lol

  34. Claudia Auger

    Claudia Auger

    6 mesi fa

    Your baby videos... so freaakkkiin' cute. I LOVE your style of editing. This is what I aim for, I'd love to get on this level to spread universal truths we all run through. You create such beautiful masterpieces. Your perspectives of the world IS art.

  35. nickky ivy

    nickky ivy

    6 mesi fa

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  36. mandy moore

    mandy moore

    7 mesi fa

    And as much as we don’t want this to be true but it brutally is.... we are the architects of our own destruction. “Our paths will split again” is extremely sad.

  37. mandy moore

    mandy moore

    7 mesi fa

    Exactly! It’s actually so odd & confusing. And what happens to our energy once we leave our bodies? Nothing? Really?! It’s just nothing?!? After all this, nothing?

  38. Brandon Milton

    Brandon Milton

    7 mesi fa

    this shit is beautiful man

  39. Darnell World

    Darnell World

    7 mesi fa


  40. Nana Fa

    Nana Fa

    7 mesi fa

    I love your videos. They always are beautiful.

  41. Casey shining through the city

    Casey shining through the city

    7 mesi fa

    the way this video gives me peace and comfort >>>>>>🥺😍

  42. Megan


    8 mesi fa

    I could listen to your voice all day, it’s so smoothing and relaxing.

  43. Mira Aljarrah

    Mira Aljarrah

    8 mesi fa

    I tear up everytime i watch this video . This is by far my favourite video of yours. You have so many rich thoughts and i can relate to you on so many ways. I thought i was the only person (or in my case 15 year old girl) that has these thoughts. I literally feel alienated in some way, eventhough i feel that other people who don't particularly share this depth are the aliens "like how do you not think about these stuff?" . Finding your channel is the best thing that has happened to me in a while ; I wish to meet you one day 😄😀

  44. Esra


    8 mesi fa

    İts like a really cool film rather than a video.

  45. Dr. Apollo

    Dr. Apollo

    8 mesi fa

    Humans think they’re so special

  46. puru


    8 mesi fa

    when this video came out i didnt click on it bc i was pretty on a bad mood and the title wasnt uhm how do you say this --helping? and so i didnt click on it and now im crying of how this is so beautifully produced.

  47. kathrynjoytotheworld


    8 mesi fa

    It really is a miracle to be alive. To this day, I dunno why are we here in this Universe.

  48. percypunto


    8 mesi fa

    Once again, I am in complete awe of you, what you do, what you say, what you think, how you live, how you feel ..... suffice to say I'm a big fan and look forward to your 'breath of fresh air' videos :) From the bottom of my heart man, thank you for being you and sharing everything that you do. Means the world. Peace, Joey

  49. Patricia NoceraBrandy

    Patricia NoceraBrandy

    8 mesi fa

    Enjoy your life gifts

  50. fareeha xoxo

    fareeha xoxo

    8 mesi fa

    Cosmic perspective enhances everything 😍

  51. Jude Alam Hamze

    Jude Alam Hamze

    8 mesi fa

    This is amazing...

  52. Jacqueline Burdan

    Jacqueline Burdan

    8 mesi fa

    So beautiful - the clips the script your soul

  53. Léa


    8 mesi fa

    « We are all just visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to learn, to grow, to observe, to love. And then we return home. » - Australian Proverb

  54. Léa


    8 mesi fa

    « To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all. » - Oscar Wilde

  55. Alicia Sillers

    Alicia Sillers

    8 mesi fa

    You should read The Overstory by Richard Powers

  56. Devika Bhatnagar

    Devika Bhatnagar

    8 mesi fa

    Nathalien Drew

  57. devon levesque

    devon levesque

    8 mesi fa

    I isnt improbable , you just need god in your world of view To make sense of that and in your life.

  58. jippalippa


    9 mesi fa

    Just remember that you're standing on a planet that's evolving, revolving at 900 miles an hour 🎶

  59. Sam Barry

    Sam Barry

    9 mesi fa

    Nathanial is a modern philosopher!

  60. Dalton Steele

    Dalton Steele

    9 mesi fa


  61. Spit Kid

    Spit Kid

    9 mesi fa

    Videos like these make me realized just exactly how impossible it is for all of this to be just an accident. Makes me confident that theres a God.

  62. Ky C.

    Ky C.

    9 mesi fa

    Reminds me of the book I'm reading Fulghum's Uh oh. The one on epiphany day at the grocery store.

  63. Tristan Byrne

    Tristan Byrne

    9 mesi fa

    Knockoff John Fish

  64. sydney thao

    sydney thao

    9 mesi fa

    The great ITput algorithm brought me here and not for a second do I hate ITput for it. Nathaniel has such a beautiful soul and is so intelligent. His videos help project such positive self image and I’m absolutely loving it. His voice is so soothing to the soul and content like these provides such assurance. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  65. 長閑雨


    9 mesi fa

    How does anything exsist? Why am i able to breathe, speak, feel, hear ,see touch. It makes no sense. What is the purpose of existence not of just humans but of the universe(s). Does god really exsist and if so id like to see. Did he create us? How does he exsist. Why does outer space line up so perfectly, that we are able to live. Is this a simulation. Whats the purpose of exsistance. How did the first human exisit, what about the 2nd. Why am i, why are you here? Be thankful for living, espicaly since you dont know what your purpose is, or why we or anything exsist. Life truly is a gift.

  66. Expand Journey

    Expand Journey

    9 mesi fa

    You are my biggest inspiration right now and I know we will meet in the future

  67. Jazzy Sundays

    Jazzy Sundays

    9 mesi fa

    Nice videos! My only advice is to invest in a pop blocker for your mic. The occasional pop when you pronounce something that has "P" in it can be a buzz kill.

  68. Sandy rose

    Sandy rose

    9 mesi fa

    I'm so glad i found this video. I often have these kinds of thoughts but i would never be able to explain my thoughts as beautifully as you have.

  69. Arileblance


    9 mesi fa

    i know this sounds strange but have anxiety of death for a few months/years now and that because i always think about how small i am in his universe... and that it wouldnt really matter if i was still here or gone

  70. Eduardo Cornejo

    Eduardo Cornejo

    9 mesi fa

    Great content bro

  71. Miriam Ahmed

    Miriam Ahmed

    9 mesi fa

    I think this is my favourite video from you

  72. John Price

    John Price

    9 mesi fa


  73. John Price

    John Price

    9 mesi fa


  74. John Price

    John Price

    9 mesi fa


  75. GOD.20


    9 mesi fa

    This video deserves a 100 mil. ❤️

  76. Shashank Bangera

    Shashank Bangera

    9 mesi fa

    Toh main kya karu job chod du?

  77. Stefan Op

    Stefan Op

    9 mesi fa

    Don't take your life for granted.

  78. Violeta Kl

    Violeta Kl

    9 mesi fa

    Loved this

  79. Janice


    9 mesi fa

    "God is the reason why in confusion, I understand" You might want to know about God about Christianity (? I don't mean I have the answer or what, well I mean..let's explore! btw like your videos so much they are relaxing and inspiring!

  80. Nidhi Patel

    Nidhi Patel

    9 mesi fa

    You are the cutest kid!

  81. Julia M

    Julia M

    9 mesi fa

    His mind is a gift to this world

  82. Drishti Punjabi

    Drishti Punjabi

    9 mesi fa

    Good luck with your upcoming projects!

  83. J


    9 mesi fa

    While we may all be born and die, not everyone lives.

  84. Ziko Farajzada

    Ziko Farajzada

    9 mesi fa

    amazing video bro.. im so on the board with all you said.

  85. Yugo Moises

    Yugo Moises

    9 mesi fa

    I'm liking Nathaniel, his vlogs are really good. The content was realistic, his perspective in life is somehow related to how I see myself and how I wanted to made an impact. Also having advocacy is huge part of developing oneself which at times helps us reduce our anxiety. Great vlogger! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  86. maria clara fonseca

    maria clara fonseca

    9 mesi fa


  87. Lawrenz Tandoc

    Lawrenz Tandoc

    9 mesi fa

    Ecclesiastes 🍂

  88. Fazil Muhammed

    Fazil Muhammed

    9 mesi fa

    This video gives an insight on existance..

  89. Black Sheep Society

    Black Sheep Society

    9 mesi fa

    I love that most of the people who watch this guy think so alike!!

  90. renae gray

    renae gray

    9 mesi fa

    I love your videos and your perspective on life.

  91. Rida Iftikhar

    Rida Iftikhar

    9 mesi fa

    does the philosophy of religion answer these questions in YOUR opinion? Have you even discovered that aspect of life? Are you qualified enough to make claims? where do you stand?

  92. Tiana Coats

    Tiana Coats

    9 mesi fa

    I think about this all the time!

  93. Jen O

    Jen O

    9 mesi fa

    I love these videos... Glad theres others out there thinking the same way

  94. Pnoplie Go

    Pnoplie Go

    9 mesi fa

    That's an amazing video ! Thank you so much ! PS: are your parents french ? Because i'm french and i thought heard french people speaking on videos when you were a little boy

  95. ArielleAurelia


    9 mesi fa


  96. Zee Lee

    Zee Lee

    9 mesi fa

    ‘We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world. - Buddha

  97. Oriana


    9 mesi fa

    Eres mi alma gemela ♥

  98. Estefania JC

    Estefania JC

    9 mesi fa

    Wow, tus videos hacen que mi mente explote, no me puedo explicar como es que me siento tan identificada con muchas de las ideas que expones, ademas me encantan las tomas que haces, tan sutiles y tan delicadas y al mismo tiempo cargadas de emoción y hasta de sentimientos, simplemente me encanta!

  99. Jaemey matherly

    Jaemey matherly

    9 mesi fa

    Is it wiered that I am afraid listening to this without marijuana. Maybe I need to self reflect more but you are talking about really scary stuff

  100. Майя Николова

    Майя Николова

    9 mesi fa

    boy I'm in love with your mind

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