The Most Underrated Country I've Ever Been To

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A little trip I took somewhere new.
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  1. Rompecabeza


    2 giorni fa

    🇵🇹 is amazing. The people, the food, the buildings, the language well the whole culture! I loved it too ❤️

  2. fitDay always

    fitDay always

    3 giorni fa

    Wow I thought lool it's Portugal AND IT REALLY IS

  3. Margarida Rodrigues

    Margarida Rodrigues

    8 giorni fa

    Portugal is such a beautiful country. I was so lucky I was born here.

  4. Bia Santos

    Bia Santos

    8 giorni fa

    I read the title and was like: what might it be?? And then ohh it's my country

  5. TagusMan


    9 giorni fa

    A wise Azorean once said: "Portugal - The Most Epic Little Country on the Planet" - Clemente Alves

  6. Afonsha


    9 giorni fa

    I'm Portuguese but i don't think it's underrated lol we have a bunch of Bri ish tourists.

  7. Renata França

    Renata França

    10 giorni fa

    that fire truck scene reminds me that we have an instagram just with old people looking at construction sites xD

  8. Patrícia Amorim

    Patrícia Amorim

    10 giorni fa

    Kisses from Portugal ❤️🇵🇹😘

  9. diogo Duarte

    diogo Duarte

    11 giorni fa

    Portugal caralho!!!! Come visit our dope country and sub to jiggls and big_jiggls on Twitch and btw we está a lot of bacalhau filhos

  10. b


    12 giorni fa

    fun to watch the perspective of someone who doesnt know anything about my own country and think about where i would have taken them in order to give a genuine impression of the beauty of my home. amazing video, you definitely visited at the exact time to get the best picture. hope we see you again soon!

  11. Banana Spiel

    Banana Spiel

    12 giorni fa

    Portugal is a secret....🤫 We don’t want to be full tourists like Italy.

  12. fatima s

    fatima s

    12 giorni fa

    Deixem nos estar assim, não queremos ficar no estado lastimável em que se encontra o resto da Europa ... lastimável 😐

  13. Olivia Farrington

    Olivia Farrington

    12 giorni fa

    I'm from England and have lived in Lisbon for almost 2 years. I love this country, it is so beautiful and there's so many gorgeous places to explore. Portuguese people are so friendly especially to tourists. Thank you for sharing this and showing me some gorgeous places to visit :)

  14. Mega Supertramp

    Mega Supertramp

    12 giorni fa

    So which city did you like more, Porto or Lissabon?

  15. gaybrielle hastings

    gaybrielle hastings

    13 giorni fa

    Portugal!!!!! My home!!! So true about the lack of stress here. Whenever I think about revisiting the US the first thing I feel is stress. Life is happier here.

  16. 8 Bites

    8 Bites

    14 giorni fa

    X'D you guys about to fly off Cabo da Roca lmaooo loved the video much love

  17. daniel alexandre

    daniel alexandre

    16 giorni fa

    Hope you liked it:)

  18. paul spillane

    paul spillane

    16 giorni fa

    Portugal is my favourite country, I just feel great when I'm there and the people I came across were so kind. Até mais Portugal que ja tô com muita saudade

  19. Katia Cienciala

    Katia Cienciala

    16 giorni fa

    well i guess i'll start studying Portuguese then :')

  20. Maria José

    Maria José

    19 giorni fa

    Happy to know you have been happy in Portugal! Come back anytime! Loved your video! Obrigada!

  21. SEARCH4 Financial Freedom

    SEARCH4 Financial Freedom

    19 giorni fa

    Underated? where have you been? lol Portugal has been talked about around the world for decades. But im happy you liked it here. Its a great place to live if you have some money lol

  22. Nina's Videos

    Nina's Videos

    20 giorni fa

    It really breaks my heart when my Portuguese friends and family don't recognize the beauty of our country! Obrigada 💙

  23. Pedro Vieira

    Pedro Vieira

    20 giorni fa

    visit madeira

  24. denis frança

    denis frança

    21 giorno fa

    Visit Madeira Islands or Açores next... Or both! Wow... Sure you will enjoy Portugal even more!

  25. Afonso Freire

    Afonso Freire

    22 giorni fa

    Just needed the first 3 seconds to knoe that it was portugal.. those little houses are very popular

  26. Krisigogo


    22 giorni fa

    Portuguese on the board here

  27. luis rosario

    luis rosario

    24 giorni fa

    Limitaram Portugal a Porto e Lisboa...😪😪😪

    • Julio Dias

      Julio Dias

      19 giorni fa

      Pois, Portugal nao é so Lisboa e Porto

  28. Gonçalo Ribeiro

    Gonçalo Ribeiro

    24 giorni fa

    Sun blessed country by the sea. What a privilege to live here 🇵🇹

  29. Helder Nogueira

    Helder Nogueira

    25 giorni fa

    Glad you like it . Portuguese here 😊

  30. EFC Analytics

    EFC Analytics

    25 giorni fa

    Whoa, I just saw the video of you Grandma and now this! I am moving to Portugal with my wife and children next week. NHR

  31. Marcos Martins

    Marcos Martins

    27 giorni fa

    Glad you enjoyed it... It's quite a small country but I've moved here a decade ago, once I discovered it... Food, people, landscape, colors, smells... Great video 😉👍🏾 By the way, I live at Sintra 😜

  32. Diogo


    27 giorni fa


  33. p3p3


    27 giorni fa

    Truth is,Portugal is bonito pa caralho

  34. Carlos Oliveira

    Carlos Oliveira

    27 giorni fa

    Portugal received most international prizes on tourism in the last few years, receives more than 20 million Visitors each year... underrated?!



    28 giorni fa

    As an portuguish pepole, i can say that im luck to be portuguese and that video puts an smile on my face :) Like for you its all new and to me its some one more day, i like to know that we are unique.

  36. João Couto

    João Couto

    28 giorni fa

    As a portuguese I think Portugal is underrated for outsiders and overrated for the people that live in here

  37. Inês Almeida

    Inês Almeida

    28 giorni fa

    You should visit Madeira Island. You would love it!!

  38. Bernardo


    Mese fa

    O gajo a passar por uma rua estreita em completo desacreditar, entretanto o tuga, yah isto nem é assim tão apertado

  39. Beatriz F

    Beatriz F

    Mese fa

    This guy has seen more of my own country then myself...

  40. João Fernandes

    João Fernandes

    Mese fa

    Do you want to know everything about Portugal? 9:57 ! So accurate! Greetings from Portugal! :)

  41. eXtreme


    Mese fa

    How about Algarve dud?

  42. Ladan Weheliye

    Ladan Weheliye

    Mese fa

    This is beautiful. Except for the commercial at the end. I would vote for this in a short film contest.

  43. Bernardo Amaro

    Bernardo Amaro

    Mese fa

    I m from Portugal im glad you like it

  44. Jose Junior

    Jose Junior

    Mese fa

    I live here a almost one year. I just love it. Better place to live

  45. Meehzinho


    Mese fa

    Lol my house it's the vid

  46. InesMaravalhas


    Mese fa

    i would not call Portugal underrated, we been in the tops for turism in the past few years

  47. Joel Pinto

    Joel Pinto

    Mese fa

    Simmm caralho🇵🇹🇵🇹

  48. Aleflower100


    Mese fa

    Very true not only underrated in terms of country but also on the influence it had in the world 🌎 , not only with our ex colonies but also with other countries like Thailand, Japan , malasia etc...

  49. a c

    a c

    Mese fa

    I'm so glad you got to discover how beautiful this country is!

  50. pixxel


    Mese fa

    portugal uwu

  51. xanasantos1


    Mese fa

    A lovely video about your journey. Beautiful country too, I love it too! I miss my friends and family there. Saudade! 🥺🙂

  52. Alexzandra Woods

    Alexzandra Woods

    Mese fa

    So very wholesome!

  53. Critical Frames

    Critical Frames

    Mese fa


  54. Libania Gomes

    Libania Gomes

    Mese fa

    Portugal caralho

  55. H C

    H C

    Mese fa


  56. R0RY M3RCURY


    Mese fa

    The problem in Portugal is that we need a social reform... the corruption is destryoing the country....

  57. R0RY M3RCURY


    Mese fa

    At 5:48 i was there too in that little castle!

  58. TiaraAnne Funflower

    TiaraAnne Funflower

    Mese fa

    why did u tell them ? i wanted to keep portugal an insider secret !

  59. andreia dourado

    andreia dourado

    Mese fa

    thank you for the kind words, i love the beauty of my country too

  60. Real Life Doomer

    Real Life Doomer

    Mese fa

    PORTUGAL! 🇵🇹

  61. leonor quintas

    leonor quintas

    Mese fa

    As a portuguese girl, I am so glad he visited Portugal and enjoyed! It is, in fact, a wonderful country

  62. Global Community

    Global Community

    Mese fa

    Thank you for sharing your trip! Subscribed and will be watching many more!

  63. Ricardo Afonso

    Ricardo Afonso

    Mese fa

    Even though I was born in Portugal grew up in Macau (China) and now living in beautiful Australia there is still a little thing in me that wishes I could one day return❤️🙏 enjoy that gorgeous place it is Devine

  64. Mateus Vieira

    Mateus Vieira

    Mese fa

    Portugal is the best

  65. Chris Gunia

    Chris Gunia

    Mese fa

    Man, I've been to Portugal two years ago. I totally feel this video..

  66. J. Henry

    J. Henry

    Mese fa

    Too small

  67. rafabdc04


    Mese fa

    I can almost see my house from one drone shot in the video

  68. Frost


    Mese fa

    portugal caralho

  69. Diogo


    Mese fa

    Yeah the coast in the thumbnail and the title gave away the country in question. I also gotta say that your pronunciation was pretty good, genuinely surprised

  70. Tigo


    Mese fa

    I watched 1 second of the video and I already know he visited Aveiro

  71. Darío Saquetti

    Darío Saquetti

    Mese fa

    Underrated? You were just late to discover it my friend...

  72. valerie melo

    valerie melo

    Mese fa

    -This video captures some of the beauty and feeling of Portugal, well done!

  73. lurklingX


    Mese fa

    Thank you so much for exposing me to FADO. You could have just put it in the background and let it go without mention. But you DID mention it and I was able to look it up and I really enjoy this style. So, thank you. And I really appreciate the peek into this country and being able to hear this music and also the language itself. Part of my family might be moving there and I wanted to learn more about it. And your video was an excellent intro. --I hope you do some more videos soon that are about either language or culture of different places, or wherever you are living at the moment. They are my favorite! -- maybe even a comparison between Brazilian and European Portuguese. As I started looking at the language I discovered that there are TWO different types. (Not thanks to the green bird... ) I also discovered that European Portuguese sounds not only like French and Spanish as I thought it first. But French and Spanish AND Russian!! And I’ve started to see why, the similarities between European Portuguese and Russian. It’s fascinating.

  74. Tomé WhatsApp

    Tomé WhatsApp

    Mese fa

    Portugal caralho

  75. Mara Silva

    Mara Silva

    Mese fa

    Okay, but didn't you go all the way down to the tunnels in Quinta da Regaleira? Or did you just not show it in the video? Because if you didn't, you seriously missed out...

  76. Luís Rebelo

    Luís Rebelo

    Mese fa

    Obrigado :)

  77. Diogo Spencer

    Diogo Spencer

    Mese fa


  78. Joao Afonso

    Joao Afonso

    Mese fa

    O hope it stays underrated!!

  79. Miguel Cunha

    Miguel Cunha

    Mese fa


  80. Horton PRO

    Horton PRO

    Mese fa

    Portugal caralho

  81. The Fresh Prince Of Buckingham

    The Fresh Prince Of Buckingham

    Mese fa

    I'm a visitor to Portugal from's true. The Portuguese people are polite, welcoming, warm spirited and they live in a fantastic country. The food, the culture and the weather - it takes a lot to make Australia look like crap, but congratulations to Portugal.

  82. hBeja


    Mese fa

    You best believe it baby, Portugal 4ever

  83. Yuri Barbosa

    Yuri Barbosa

    Mese fa

    Portugal extraiu o brasil até não sobrar nada , escravizaram o nosso e outros povos, mataram completamente a cultura originária do brasil (indígena), nos geraram uma dívida externa impagável e hoje fingem que nada aconteceu, são racistas e xenofóbicos com brasileiros porque se sentem superiores por serem europeus. Em situações que o brasil representa a língua portuguesa (mínimo que nós merecemos) os portugueses descordam de todas as formas como se tivessem algum argumento que provasse que eles merecem mais(sendo que n tem nenhum), e por último, todos os problemas do brasil tem raízes das merdas que vocês plantaram aqui. Os brasileiros tem todos os motivos para odiarem portugal.

    • Yuri Barbosa

      Yuri Barbosa

      27 giorni fa

      @Carlos Oliveira amigo, eu ja mudei meus pensamentos como disse acima, se generalizei é porquê tinha motivos para tal, os índices de xenofobia contra brasileiros aumentou em 150% no seu país em apenas um ano, convenhamos que se essa situação não fosse tão absurda eu não teria motivos para os generalizar. A queixa que muitos brasileiros tem enquanto aos problemas que temos, muitos deles foram causados pela exploração de recursos e a distribuição mal feita de terras das qual portugueses desfrutam até hoje, em vez de tentar "reparar o erro" ou nos ajudar de alguma forma, preferem proferir comentários estereotipados sobre favelas ou pobreza contra brasileiros para tirar sarro, o mínimo que vocês poderiam fazer é tentar se colocar no nosso lugar e nos respeitar e nem isso vocês estão fazendo.

    • Carlos Oliveira

      Carlos Oliveira

      27 giorni fa

      Já faltava o habitual brasileiro vitimizando-se por tudo o que de mau acontece no seu país séculos após a independência, descarregando as suas frustrações em cima dos atuais portugueses como se estes tivessem alguma culpa do que os antepassados doa atuais brasileiros fizeram séculos atrás. A cereja em cima do bolo: faz generalizações torpes sobre os atuais portugueses, numa atitude tipicamente xenófoba. Pobre o Brasil. Se tiver tanta gente com esta mentalidade mesquinha e imatura, impregnada de ódio e rancor.. pobre Brasil.

    • Ana Mira

      Ana Mira

      Mese fa

      @Yuri Barbosa ohh 😊 obrigada, é tão bom receber elogio da minha escrita depois de ter estudado português por tantos anos. Tudo de bom pra você.

    • Yuri Barbosa

      Yuri Barbosa

      Mese fa

      @Ana Mira eu que agradeço, acho que exagerei um pouco sobre a parte da xenofobia, não quis generalizar todos os portugueses (apesar de ter sido o que eu fiz, então me desculpe), mas são de entristecer os tipos de coisas que os brasileiros já ouviram lá e eu tenho medo de ir para portugal e ouvir isso também. Em relação ao seu português, está ótimo, eu estava achando que você era portuguesa até você revelar que era espanhola, então não se preocupe quanto a isso.

    • Ana Mira

      Ana Mira

      Mese fa

      @Yuri Barbosa Obrigada pela sua resposta. Fico feliz por ter entendido que só queria esclarecer e não xingar. Concordo com você relativamente à xenofobia, talvez eu tenha desvalorizado o assunto. Eu pessoalmente nunca vi um brasileiro a ser sujeito a preconceito por parte dos portugueses quando vou a Portugal mas isso não significa nada, é um acaso. Eu sei que eu nunca ter visto não significa que não aconteça. Espero que com a gerações mais novas e mais mente aberta isso melhore. Só sei que nunca se deve generalizar porque em todos os países há pessoas boas e más e de todos as maneiras. Desculpe os meus erros de português, eu sou fluente mas já não pratico à algum tempo.

  84. Cheems


    Mese fa


  85. Cheems


    Mese fa

    Man when I saw the title I was like “yeah he’ll probably be talking about Denmark or something, let me click anyways there might be a chance”

  86. 100px


    Mese fa

    100% agree

  87. Thy Underworld Productions

    Thy Underworld Productions

    Mese fa

    Hope u had a great time in sintra bud :)

  88. Michael


    Mese fa

    Portugal is not really underrated in my opinion. At least Porto is a really famous travel destination for a lot of Germans I think, at least the ones I know

  89. Reddy pt

    Reddy pt

    Mese fa

    Next time came to Tavira shit lit out here

  90. LeoTheObbiest


    Mese fa

    me in portugal speaking to american ppl: ok this is cool / me speaking with my portuguese friends vamos laaa CARALHO VAMOS PA PARTY

  91. lalala


    Mese fa

    Its not underrated its actually overrated trash try to leave here like us and you´ll see, absolute shit poor corrupted country

  92. Shivangi Agrawal

    Shivangi Agrawal

    Mese fa

    Ayyy I know Bernardo from his vlogs when he took a semester in India. 😊 He sounds so sweet tbh.

  93. RodrigoC PT

    RodrigoC PT

    Mese fa

    Portugal KRL É isso memso vão a Portugal !!

  94. Júlio Rocha

    Júlio Rocha

    Mese fa


  95. Jose Lobo

    Jose Lobo

    Mese fa


  96. Nelson Freire

    Nelson Freire

    Mese fa


  97. PPinthehouse


    Mese fa

    2:03 *California is the West Coast Portugal of North America.

  98. Gonçalo Amaro

    Gonçalo Amaro

    Mese fa


  99. Antonio Miranda

    Antonio Miranda

    Mese fa

    Seja Sempre bem vindo, amigo ! Welcome, always, bro !

  100. natalia melnychuk

    natalia melnychuk

    Mese fa

    that’s what I thought of Portugal when I went there the first time about 10 years ago. and it is still true. can’t understand why

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