The Reason You're Lacking Confidence (And How to Find It)

These are a few of my thoughts on finding self-confidence.
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  1. Nathaniel Drew

    Nathaniel Drew

    9 mesi fa

    An alternative title to this video could be: "Harry Potter makes a video about Harry Potter"

    • nickky ivy

      nickky ivy

      6 mesi fa

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    • Ashley Souffrant

      Ashley Souffrant

      8 mesi fa

      Te jure y'a pas meilleure sur le web!

    • Nekesu


      9 mesi fa

      I've enjoyed the increasing quality of your videos over the past year. Congrats on the 1 million+ subscribers too, not sure when that happened (usually ITputrs make a video about it :) ). *Random* Still love your logo (the ice cream) and I want to know who made it.

    • Kyle S

      Kyle S

      9 mesi fa

      nathaniel drew: says he's not a potter head also nathaniel: is harry potter

    • Luciano Mcgregor

      Luciano Mcgregor

      9 mesi fa

      I have taken some of your advice and it help alot,but I disagree alot with your vision and ideas

  2. TakeMyWordForIt


    7 giorni fa

    If you guys want a real cheat code to becoming comfortable in any situation no matter how uncomfortable then try putting yourself in uncomfortable positions while high on something small like weed. The weed will make you feel some sort of distance between you and the situation so you don't feel like you're fully there, almost like life is a dream where nothing bad can happen. After a while your mind will get used to the discomfort of life and you will no longer need the distance that weed provides. That's what I did and I'm sooooo different than I was before.

  3. Francis Mausley

    Francis Mausley

    13 giorni fa

    You must know that you are a Noble Spiritual Being... of God. “…it sometimes happens that negative feelings about oneself become an obstacle to successfully passing one’s spiritual tests by making it difficult to believe in one’s own nobility.” ~ The Universal House of Justice, Baha'i Faith

  4. sayad abdelwadoud

    sayad abdelwadoud

    18 giorni fa

    In my personal experience, i figured that self confidence comes from loving yourself, i mean nothing's wrong with setting yourself some challenges, getting of your confort zone and all what comes with that, but doing that without loving yourself is actually rooted to you seeking validation from the external world, which is litteraly impossible, we are all capable of things, we have huge potential as human beings, but society ginving us a hard time with all its rules, and "norms" is what truly kill our self confidence and nourishes the voice of doubt in our heads, so let's get free of all these mental chains and express ourselves of who we truly are with all the confidence of this universe !! Love people ☮️

  5. Garrett Ley

    Garrett Ley

    19 giorni fa

    You should look into a concept I know of called the “worm self vs the god self”. Your talk about insecure Nathan vs ballsy Nathan reminded me of it. It’s about freedom. The worm self accepts a lack of freedom for the ease of daily life where the god self doesn’t settle, purposefully rejects routine and seeks out a more difficult yet more fulfilling life. The worm self is more insecure and comfortable where the god self places themself into discomfort but is more confident. It has changed the way I think about confidence.

  6. Roope Härmälä

    Roope Härmälä

    21 giorno fa

    80% of your confidence propably comes from doing these videos 💁🏼‍♂️

  7. Adithi Govind

    Adithi Govind

    21 giorno fa

    Someone please gift me with self-confidence.

  8. Ravi Ranjan Singh

    Ravi Ranjan Singh

    Mese fa

    seeking perfection is also one of the cause for less confidence.

  9. Monserrat Reyes

    Monserrat Reyes

    Mese fa

    This man has a way to get to your head,in a good way 😂

  10. Reet Rathore

    Reet Rathore

    Mese fa

    every video of his is like a therapy session

  11. Pierre Luc Delaire

    Pierre Luc Delaire

    Mese fa

    I do feel empty with me and I need others to fulfill this emptyness.

  12. Pierre Luc Delaire

    Pierre Luc Delaire

    Mese fa

    Agree. Sit down. Listen. School.

  13. Pierre Luc Delaire

    Pierre Luc Delaire

    Mese fa

    My commmmmmmments don't always agree with your food contents.

  14. ziggy C

    ziggy C

    Mese fa

    I become in my head any marvel character try it.

  15. Hugo Silva

    Hugo Silva

    Mese fa

    I love you, bro!

  16. Sara Kiš

    Sara Kiš

    Mese fa

    Self confidence may come from attitude that you're/ everyone is worthy of well being

  17. Annika


    Mese fa

    People lack of confidence because they compare themselves to other people.

  18. Himadri Mondal

    Himadri Mondal

    2 mesi fa

    Takeaway: Do: the challenging thing + in the domain that matters to you. Keep Repeating = Confidence

  19. Queen I am

    Queen I am

    2 mesi fa

    You are a beautiful human being. Both inside and outside. Congratulations on being my first ever hooman crush. 🙃

  20. Gary Barker

    Gary Barker

    2 mesi fa

    For me at least, it is not only what I think about myself, but also finding the relationships that build trust. If I have parents/family/friends that I can trust and who trust me and love me not for what I do but for who I am, then I am grounded. I have a foundation from which to build who I am. Not all of are born into those trust-building families, but we can find good relationships where we are trusted and loved which allow us to in turn trust and love.

  21. A K

    A K

    2 mesi fa

    Thanks, 'random dude on the internet':)

  22. Fred EB

    Fred EB

    2 mesi fa

    I. Love. You. I totally agree with your point. By listening to your video, i realized that during the times where i felt at my lowest in term of self-confidence, there was always a toxic relationship behind it, keeping me down so that i cannot become the best version of myself. I'll work on my well being and my belief. Thanks Nathan

  23. mahin sadeeg

    mahin sadeeg

    3 mesi fa

    confidence the ability to love yourself unconditionally realistically

  24. Ananya


    3 mesi fa

    All the books that you have in your background, have you read them or they are just for!..... Cause if you have read them than you are an awesome person!!✨

  25. Boyro


    3 mesi fa

    the fact that you used the term "potter head" means that you are one, not a bad thing just fax

  26. Catarina Celeste

    Catarina Celeste

    3 mesi fa

    I am 25 and Nathaniel seems like he is already in his late 20s. When I found out his age I was surprised. He’s so eloquent with how he explains his thoughts.

  27. Bekarys Bereketov

    Bekarys Bereketov

    3 mesi fa

    Thanks for subtitles

  28. Iva Peneva

    Iva Peneva

    3 mesi fa

    I have very interesting way of boosting my self confidence by chewing gum,and whenever I am chewing I feel how the bad b*ch want to come out of me and that had really intrigued me because on the surface there is nothing wise.But when I reflect on it it came to my mind that when I was little i had loved this chewing baby things,and definitely that was comforting for me.So I explain it to myself that that way I am getting my brain bussy and he can’t catch me in his maze of self-destructing thoughts.So if you want some confidence try chewing gum☺️😉

  29. Rajshree Pardeshi

    Rajshree Pardeshi

    3 mesi fa

    Love this video!! Thank you for sharing this!! This video’s really helpful and articulate!!❤️😍

  30. Elena Gtz. glz.

    Elena Gtz. glz.

    4 mesi fa

    Yes but not always. And when I do it feels like a stone on top of me, it is not easy but I try to remind myself that I am living my life for me and that is more important 💙

  31. Ashby Orgill

    Ashby Orgill

    5 mesi fa

    I seriously look up to you so much. Not to seem creepy, but I've been watching one of your videos every morning for the last week. Not sure if there's a better way to start a morning. Recently, I've been wanting to get out of this headspace I've been in for what seems like a lifetime and your videos have been one of my positive inputs. Your messages hit me deep, and hand in hand with these books I'm reading (Atomic Habits by James Clear, When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron), and this podcast called "The One You Feed" (awesome interviews with leading authors, they give great book recommendations too:) your changing the way I'm seeing the world, how I'm choosing to look at myself, how I deal with conflict, and much more. I'm starting to pay attention to the right things, and seeing you each morning share your perception of the world and these different techniques you're utilizing in your life, it all makes me excited to keep moving in this direction. You make me want to put this level of good in the world too. I'm sure you understand the difference you're making in the world, I just wanted to share with you my first hand experience so far.

  32. Austin Anderson

    Austin Anderson

    5 mesi fa

    man, you have no idea how much youre helping me during this time

  33. Lisa Palacios

    Lisa Palacios

    5 mesi fa

    And how can someone be confident without being arrogant? Any advice?

    • Lisa Palacios

      Lisa Palacios

      4 mesi fa

      @Next Level Millennial thanks a lot!

  34. Kenneth Inyamah

    Kenneth Inyamah

    6 mesi fa

    Confidence is tough to manage and I feel like I over do it sometimes

  35. Kenneth Inyamah

    Kenneth Inyamah

    6 mesi fa

    Confidence is tough to manage and I feel like I over for it sometimes

  36. Lisa


    6 mesi fa

    Your voice is so soothing. Recording meditations may be in your future? 🙂😉

  37. Lauren Barber

    Lauren Barber

    6 mesi fa

    You seem like an enneagram 5

  38. Alexandre Rodrigues

    Alexandre Rodrigues

    6 mesi fa

    Por quê os títulos estão em português??

  39. Tony James Gilpin

    Tony James Gilpin

    6 mesi fa

    Confidence stems from belief! Uncertainty stems from knowledge!

  40. nickky ivy

    nickky ivy

    6 mesi fa

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  41. nickky ivy

    nickky ivy

    6 mesi fa

    Dr Okougbo has finally cured me for my HPV virus I have spent a lot of money to make sure that this virus is out of my body I find nothing but someone introduced me to Dr Okougbo who cured all kind of diseases so I speak with him he told me that I should not be worried about it everything is going to be fine he gave me his herbal medicine and I take it within 14 days I went for a test and I was found negative thank you Dr Okougbo god bless you for making me to get my head back you reach him through this link / or whatsapp +2347062217261

  42. OJ Baps

    OJ Baps

    7 mesi fa

    Really happy I came across your channel, your videos are great and thanks for the insight. I really need it, I've been going through a lot recently.

  43. Sumayya Rehman

    Sumayya Rehman

    7 mesi fa

    This vid made me think belief is superstitious but the confidence it results into is very real...

  44. E J456

    E J456

    7 mesi fa

    The belief comes from parents. If your parents trust you and instil confidence in you in your early years - if they believe in you abs your ability - you’re likely to be a confident adult. If they belittle you, abuse you, gaslight you, you’ll be less confident. Low level gaslighting is rife.

  45. Piers Gorick

    Piers Gorick

    7 mesi fa

    I think it goes the other way though. Isn't confidence intrinsically connected to one's state of self care? I don't think that all the time we rely on these external things because it makes us feel confident, more that it makes us seem like we're afloat, we're not sinking, perhaps as a symbol of respect to others. From my perspective, if I'm having a shower or eating right, it's out of respect for myself but if I'm wearing particular clothes or having a particular hair style or to take it to the extreme, having cosmetics done, I think some of that imperative comes from a place of respect for others. I respect other people enough to want to present myself to them as doing OK or doing well. Perhaps it's a unique feeling to me, and I suppose this is where reading comes in to satisfy a need for a better or different articulation of the same concept, or better yet, to assure us that others experience the same thing but, essentially, I feel that a lack of confidence isn't solved simply by letting go of crutches but more developed through positive experience.

  46. TheEpicPlace


    8 mesi fa

    I think those two Nathans ARE two Nathans. If you've ever done parts work or IFS you know what I mean! I love how curious you are about this and by earnestly seeking you're onto it! For me it's belief in the Divine that connects me to this "confidence" or flow as I know it by and you're so right you can't seek it except by making space for it to show up. You must connect to the great god of play and surrender to the Divine or what some call higher self the you the immaterial I believe to escape materiel concerns and glow.

  47. Beata


    8 mesi fa

    "I" feel most confident when I'm not aware of the "self". When operating spontaneously from the "beingness", even the concept of confidence seems to disappear.

  48. Ruben G

    Ruben G

    8 mesi fa

    Getting confidence is the easiest thing on the planet. Step 1: Figure out the things you would do if you had confidence already Step 2: Do those things

  49. Jade Z.P.

    Jade Z.P.

    8 mesi fa

    Love this harry potter video, felix felicis was my fav potion. And I definitely think that a deep confidence comes from an unconditionnal self acceptance. It's all about love .... Always hahah

  50. White Productions

    White Productions

    8 mesi fa

    The 800th comment

  51. Amanda Ahau

    Amanda Ahau

    8 mesi fa

    At this moment I'm struggling with confidence to start making vlogs in English (my native language is Portuguese) and this video helps me a lot! thanks

  52. A Man of Balance

    A Man of Balance

    8 mesi fa

    Confidence is the absence of an identity (or ego). Observe children. They don’t have egos. They just do what they want. Their minds are programmed with thoughts of fear and then doubt creeps in. Total trust in God or the Source (a man w/o ego) is Confidence.

  53. Kevin Reed

    Kevin Reed

    8 mesi fa

    Love your work Nathaniel. I have a question for you! How has your relationship with self-confidence changed since becoming a ITputr?

  54. khoangtrong123


    8 mesi fa

    Cute guy. You look like 'Harry Potter'

  55. Ashley Souffrant

    Ashley Souffrant

    8 mesi fa

    Une vidéo de Nathaniel Drew chaque matin me garde l'esprit en éveil et ouvert face au monde qui nous entoure. L'énergie positive que tu dégages mon frère, je kiffe grave!

  56. martyspandex


    8 mesi fa

    In philosophy, beliefs were defined as propositional attitudes.

  57. jose caceres porras

    jose caceres porras

    8 mesi fa

    Excelente video y sobre todo la musica del principio... Alguien me puede decir como se llama?

  58. No Name

    No Name

    8 mesi fa


  59. Elise Lilley

    Elise Lilley

    8 mesi fa

    I like the editing at 6.00. Appreciate that cool detail :)

  60. Devika Bhatnagar

    Devika Bhatnagar

    8 mesi fa

    Nathalien drew

  61. João Lucas Galdino

    João Lucas Galdino

    8 mesi fa

    Nathaniel, I came into your channel while trying to learn Italian, but what an incredible channel I have discovered! God bless your works.

  62. zamarco


    9 mesi fa

    ho visto il titolo in italiano e speravo almeno il videoo fosse in italiano o almeno con sottotitoli in italiano ma niente :-( comunque argomento interessante ma il mio livello dìingles enon è sufficiente per capire tutto compuque voto positivo.

  63. •Ami chan•

    •Ami chan•

    9 mesi fa

    Você está me ajudando a aprender inglês :)

  64. Arpita singh

    Arpita singh

    9 mesi fa

    TLDR: Picture what your confidence self would look like and start showing up as her/him. for me what worked was reverse engineering.... Self help books were not helping at all. So I actually saw people in day to day life and decided to mimic their actions. That girl who didn't fit the societal standards of beauty but oozed confidence, she made sure that people remember her as the girl who will make anything magnificent just by touching it. She took project after projects and delivered more than what was expected out of her. Every single time. So I did that. Even the smallest jobs or projects, it was my mission to present the best damn finish product anyone had ever seen. Soon, the shy image was replaced by a girl you could rely on when you wanted perfect results. Sure Instead of 7 hours I was sitting in front of my computer for 9, but it made me feel so good. That guy who didn't give a damn about what people thought of him just because he liked to take care of his skin and looks, helped me realise and that if I don't give people the satisfaction that their taunts affected me, they will eventually back off. So I wore that dark lipstick to that meeting. I wore that dress to the beach. I took back my writing and worked on it. They teased initially but when I didn't let it show on my face, they stopped too. Eventually it stopped bothering.... Confidence is a skill which can be worked upon. May all of you who read this comment realise this and become the very version of yourself you always wanted.

  65. jelluh24


    9 mesi fa

    Dr. K says that confidence comes from failure. When you fail at something and then later realize that it didn't really matter that you failed, then you gain a little bit more confidence because it becomes a little easier the next time. The way to gain confidence is just to do a whole lot of stuff outside of your comfort zone. Look up healthygamer, he explains it far better than me.

  66. Riana Dilley

    Riana Dilley

    9 mesi fa

    “Embrace the discomfort” “outside of your comfort bubble is where the magic happens”

  67. Masnsen


    9 mesi fa

    When he removed glass He look like aminè

  68. nico robin

    nico robin

    9 mesi fa

    FELIX FELICES, also knows as LIQUID LUCK. Hey there POTTERHEADS :) (btw i just finished reading the whole series of Harry Potter today)

  69. Juana Valentina

    Juana Valentina

    9 mesi fa

    Recomiendo el libro de los cuatro acuerdos, el cual toca este tema, como nuestras creencias influyen en nuestra confianza, seguridad y felicidad. Constantemente nos auto criticamos porque consideramos que estamos haciendo algunas cosas mal y todo esto depende de esas creencias que nos han inculcado desde pequeños, nuestros papas, amigos, hermanos, la misma sociedad.

  70. Captain Lamia

    Captain Lamia

    9 mesi fa

    Nathan, you're so special to me even you can't imagine(though you can!). But truly I've never seen someone understand my inner voice like you. I used to think, either I'm weird or complicated, that's why I find everything in different way than others. You just helping me to not to feel alone.❤

  71. Andrew Nyagin

    Andrew Nyagin

    9 mesi fa

    little bit hard to understand when i'm stoned

  72. Nikita Sarkar

    Nikita Sarkar

    9 mesi fa

    ❤️🦋 it's awesome🤭

  73. natureboy tom

    natureboy tom

    9 mesi fa

    I've moved to many places and countries, that in itself forces one to believe in themselves and it definitely boosts confidence, so absolutely, you're right, my innate beliefs knowing all will be ok because I MAKE them ok builds confidence and if its not ok, I MAKE them work out. My friend asked me when I was moving to a completely different country, "What If I dont like it" and I Replied, " Im Going There TO Like It " . But I also think one has to be their best friend FIRST. Love your videos.

  74. Ben Macmillan

    Ben Macmillan

    9 mesi fa

    Once you get to a "f*ck it, if people like me, they like me, and if not, oh well" state of mind, you'll notice things get a whole lot easier

  75. Andrew James Eastman

    Andrew James Eastman

    9 mesi fa

    Hey man love your work 👏 I live in your old home of Portland, Oregon, been following you since then and am somewhat of a brand new ITputr so much more lofi but, I just did a video on Confidence that ties in some of your existential contemplations as well-if you get a free moment, check it out and let me know your thoughts:

  76. Alyssa Hanes

    Alyssa Hanes

    9 mesi fa

    Most videos I walk away from not really remembering anything (and in effect not really LEARNING anything). I watched this a week ago and still have the belief & action principle fresh in my mind. I appreciate the simple explanation but the deep thinking behind these videos. They're so well produced and I feel like I actually take something away from them. Keep up the great work!

  77. Anna Mikulin

    Anna Mikulin

    9 mesi fa

    Well in order to be a chicken you must have been an egg

  78. Marce Ib

    Marce Ib

    9 mesi fa

    I think you reeeally should read Erich Fromm. His studies are supported in the firm thesis that we humans are constantly looking for healing the feeling of deep loneliness that comes from being a separate entity. He was basically one of the founders of humanist psychology, it really enlightens our basic problems as individuals and as society.

  79. Chacarron91


    9 mesi fa

    I actually wear glasses because it makes me feel smarter lol

  80. Hugo Veiga

    Hugo Veiga

    9 mesi fa

    45 seconds- the blue building where I lived in Lisbon 😀

  81. Eon


    9 mesi fa

    I've felt the over-reliance on extrinsic motivators for half a year now and I only realised the extents of it once I burnt out on my uni assignments. It kind of shifted the way I approach my days now towards looking within for what I want to do instead using grades or approval of my peers to direct myself.

  82. Dragi Ivanov

    Dragi Ivanov

    9 mesi fa

    As my dad put it, self-confidence comes when you do what you say you will. The more you do the things you say you will do, the more confident you will be, because you will believe that since you've done it so many times, you can do it again. Self-confidence declines when you don't do the things you say you will. Also, once you start doing, you will do things that will improve your well being, and the positive, upward cycle begins. You say you will do something, then you do it, your self-confidence goes up, you feel better, you are more willing to do what you say you will, and then it goes. All we need to do is find a way to build and keep the momentum and keep the consistency.

  83. Shirin Najdi

    Shirin Najdi

    9 mesi fa

    Really interesting and guiding video. Thank you. It is also funny that you mentioned alcohol as the first product for "repairing" insecurities. For me personally it is, although I don't drink often. Your video inspired me to think about subjects or things that I have confidence in them. Maybe by reviewing them I can find my way to gain more confidence in other subjects. About the last question, I think all of us place some of our self-worth on external things. But the more you. know yourself and the more you work on yourself, the least you need these external things.

  84. Tristan Deniet

    Tristan Deniet

    9 mesi fa

    You have such an incredible talent to talk to the camera like you're speaking with someone you're close to. I have to remind myself that I don't actually know you lol

  85. Maria Rodriguez

    Maria Rodriguez

    9 mesi fa

    You are right you need to believe in yourself whether others believe in what you are saying or not. Believe is built in us.

  86. Lali95


    9 mesi fa

    I feel like I draw a lot of my self-confidence on experiences, past-performances, and reflection. It is only when I feel that I was able to learn something from previous events, that I feel like I can tackle future ones.

  87. Katie Alexander

    Katie Alexander

    9 mesi fa

    From a scientific point of view, I think you are essentially referring to a lot of research on core self-evaluations. It was initially introduced in management and applied psychology in 2001 and measured in 2003 across four dimensions: self-esteem, locus of control, self-efficacy (all three are related to belief), and emotional stability (i.e., well-being). I completely agree that self-confidence is multi-dimensional. Understanding and developing those dimensions within ourselves is so important. If you are interested in this line of research, I could start with Judge et al., 2003: Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this subject! Your videos always help me pause, and the topics always help me rethink my own research.

  88. Lolo 2222

    Lolo 2222

    9 mesi fa


  89. Nina


    9 mesi fa

    This was so inspiring & i could relate to you a lot Nathan ! Thank you for the great content !

  90. Yeebba _

    Yeebba _

    9 mesi fa

    Love the comment section too, very wholesome, with everyone sharing their own solutions. These days I have set myself into depressive pits over and over something insignificant. I am taking a break off then realisation hits me is that what genuinely is my antidote to my problems is physical work and mental breaks.

  91. Basheer Badran

    Basheer Badran

    9 mesi fa

    Thank you for the inspiration, greetings from Syria

  92. JuliaSarkozy


    9 mesi fa

    I agree, "life begins at the end of your comfort zone"!

  93. Dr Syl

    Dr Syl

    9 mesi fa

    Confidence isn't the ability to go into a room and have everybody like you, it's the ability to go in a room and not need them to.

  94. Alex Villarreal

    Alex Villarreal

    9 mesi fa

    I was thinking on what I have confidence in and why. Based on past experiences, I have confidence that the world and the people will behave in the way they have before. So with that in mind, I trust, or have confidence, if I drop an apple; it will fall to the ground. Likewise, if I swam a cross the pool; I have confidence that I can do it again. It's those things that are new or a new person is judging my work that I start to have doubts. I also doubt myself when I have made mistakes, where I have failed. In the first category, if I don't give myself time to think about it or am having fun; its no big deal. I did it, it's done. I can do it again. The people judging is just hard. It's always hard. I complain a little then grit my teeth and bare it. The important thing is to not give myself an out. It needs to be done so it will. But the struggle is real. Back to the second category. My relationship with failure is a problem. I hate the feeling of disappointment. When I screw up, I like to promptly fix it and move on. I got it eventually. The chronic things I struggle with make me neurotic. It hurts to continue making the same mistake or not hit a bench make over and over again. The worse feeling in the world is not knowing how to improve even after trying different things. It's awful. One of my friend said something, though. "If it is worth doing; it is worth failing." If it important to me; then it is worth it to fail a million times. I grew up hearing, "if it is worth doing, it is worth doing it right." That one simple antithesis means so much to me. It is that resiliency that gives me confidence. I have fallen before and I know I can pick myself back up.

  95. Leti Montes

    Leti Montes

    9 mesi fa

    Not a Potterhead but read the entire series 🙄

  96. JustAnotherYoYoEr


    9 mesi fa

    I love Harry Potter and the fact that you, one of my favourite creators, pointed out such a small detail of the saga (that eas at the back of my memory) makes you so much cooler in my mind.

  97. Katka Veselá

    Katka Veselá

    9 mesi fa

    Hello! Have you ever consider making a podcast? It would be great to listen to your thoughts and ideas anytime ❤️

  98. joao paulo

    joao paulo

    9 mesi fa

    I love your voice... Amazing. Thank my dear.

  99. Flozya Creative

    Flozya Creative

    9 mesi fa

    If you can handle any circumstances in life that are thrown on you without feeling shitty about yourself you are automatically confident. You don't need money, status, possession, good work, you don't need anything to be confident, you can be deaf, blind, with no limbs on a wheelchair and mentally impaired in the same time but very confident because you accept what is, with peace, and you are not crying about yourself. People think that they need to own or do something in order to build their confidence. If you can do, do, but don't build your confidence on it. If you can't do, don't do, and don't feel any less confident about yourself.

  100. Mateus Macedo Quintano

    Mateus Macedo Quintano

    9 mesi fa

    Being devoid of confidence is like being broken into smithereens... Thank you for talking about it!

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