We need to do better.

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I discuss the situation with George Floyd and the injustice surrounding his death. This is a tragedy. I have spent a lot of time throughout the last week and a half reflecting, asking questions and getting educated on what is going on.
This is not a stand-alone incident. There is a seemingly endless list of examples including Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, Trayvon Martin...
Black lives matter.
Ways you can help → blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/
Petitions → blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/#petitions

Organizations to support:
Campaign Zero → www.joincampaignzero.org/
NAACP → secure.actblue.com/donate/naacp-1
Black Lives Matter → blacklivesmatter.com/
Reclaim the Block → www.reclaimtheblock.org/home

Podcasts that I recommend/have been recommended to me:
Throughline → www.npr.org/podcasts/510333/throughline
Ear Hustle → www.earhustlesq.com/
Revisionist History → revisionisthistory.com/
On racism in economics → www.npr.org/2020/06/01/867466515/racism-and-economics
On systems that protect that police → www.nytimes.com/2020/06/02/podcasts/the-daily/george-floyd-protests.html?action=click&module=audio-series-bar&region=header&pgtype=Article

Books that I recommend/have been recommended to me:
How To Be An Antiracist by Dr. Ibram Kendi
A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn
I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou
The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander.
Becoming by Michelle Obama

Content creators that I think are awesome:
Jo Franco → itput.info/black/pawk6aEKblSZde6AYKQHSQ
Morgan Harper Nichols → itput.info
CalebCity → itput.infovideos
Nathan Zed → itput.info/zone/video/dKp6i3ho1bnPoaQ
YCImaging → itput.infofeatured
Trevor Wentt → itput.info/zone/video/apuDjH2dz9XPe2E
Karl Shakur → itput.info/black/V_8Y0UpV9uTd0Mh1Nio18A
Cooper Films → itput.info/black/_-7UEGmdVV5RCJ5LTY4CMg

I made further resources available on my website → www.nathanieldrew.com/antiracism-resources


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  5. Do It Yourself DIY At Home

    Do It Yourself DIY At Home

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    See any year of the FBI Uniform Crime Report to see who is doing the killings. In 2019, 9 unarmed b l a c k s were kil led by law enforcement. But 2,200 b l a c k s k i l led by other b l a c k s. To be able to think clearly, you need to form your opinions based on facts, not just mirroring the lies of main stream media or other peoples' feelings.

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    As a black person, thank you Nathaniel ✊🏾

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    Tu falas português?

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    George Floyd died from fentanyl toxicity the facts don't care about your feelings

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    Youth have more sense than adults! Keep doing what you're doing.

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      Neither tend to have any sense.

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    Bonjour Nathaniel, comment tu te sens à Paris ? J'espère que tu liras mon commentaire en français. Je vis proche de Paris et je suivais ta chaîne depuis plusieurs mois. J'ai été agréablement surprise de voir que tu étais installé ici. Je te souhaite de ne pas devenir aussi aigris que les parisiens 😂 Amitiés.

  14. A Ahmed

    A Ahmed

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    Glad you are expressing this but I would recommend also trying to learn through literature the past and current issues systemic and otherwise faced by black people in the U.S. As a starter I would recommend reading the book The Souls of Black Folk by W. E. B. Du Bois (its available online for free!). Best of luck!

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    Thank you for using your platform. Thank you

  16. Itachi Uchiha

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    There’s no statistical evidence that supports the claim that race plays a significant factor in police shootings

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    I read a people’s history in sixth grade and it changed my view on everything

  18. Ryan


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    “If you're going to hold someone down you're going to have to hold on by the other end of the chain. You are confined by your own repression.” We are all too scared to let go, too fearful to fly. Toni Morrison

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    Drew Bladen

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    I feel you are way too full of yourself and this is virtue signaling at its very worst.

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    Keep virtue signalling

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      I disagree with him on this but I doubt he is virtue signaling. I like to think he's more respectable than that.

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    So che conosci l'italiano, l'unica cosa che volevo dire è che tutti abbiamo lo stesso colore del sangue ,nessuno deve essere discriminato o ucciso .

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    Where you from? I mean where have you born? I'm from Brazil. Thank you for this video. Our world need to change all of us have to be better!

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    just found you, glad to see more leaders in this platform speaking out. i've had to unfollow so many of my idols on YT because of their tolerance. thank you. things are changing.

  29. Logan Wolv

    Logan Wolv

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    Absolutely.And i cannot even think in a way that the cop didin't intent to kill him...Like yeah George is tall and strong but he's not invincible...putting his foot on his neck for 10 minutes or whatever the duration was was obviously gonna kill him.

  30. Alana Wolf

    Alana Wolf

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    Thank you for making it a priority to speak about this. Indeed, we MUST do better

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    Come in Bangladesh.

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    You're so cute ❤️😍❤️

  33. Justice And Equality

    Justice And Equality

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    Police brutality has nothing to do with race, it has to do with power. The police officers have too much power. The groups that they like to abuse the most is #1 women and #2 low income/poor people. The media is only discussing one side of things, they don’t tell and show the full story of what police officers do when they abuse their power. All lives matter. Every race and every color. We need to have true equality and fairness in this world. We need to have racial equality and gender equality. So that way children (our future generation) can live in an equal and, hopefully, peaceful world. Saying that “black lives matter” is racist and it supports black supremacy. It’s the same concept as white supremacy. If someone posted “white lives matter” it would be dubbed racist, which it is. The saying “black lives matter” does not support equality, because it does not say that other lives matter - like Native Americans, Latinos, Asians, Middle Eastern, etc. Other races were and are victims of police brutality as well. Another issue is that some of the black men who were killed by police officers were gang members. Gang members kill, steal, torture, and rape. By deleting or reporting this comment, that means your supporting racism and that you do not support freedom of speech.

    • toyoscio


      10 mesi fa

      Of course they abuse women, So many would easily sleep with police and fire that it's easy for both not to repect women. Recall the woman who wanted to lick the policeman's butthole to get out of trouble, or the ones who readily admit to breaking the law in the hopes that police would stop them, andhey would offer to give it up to get out of a ticket or a jam

  34. Masoma Makes

    Masoma Makes

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    Not a lot of content creators that I follow have made such profound statement like this, especially one so we'll spoken and well articulated. Most just said "times are crazy huh" and tried to create as usual. Im glad you took such and informed stance on the topic, and opened your viewership, who's not as well verse on race relations in America, up to the serious problem systemic issues we have in this country and honestly in many others

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    you could provide the list of words you search for when you want to learn a language? I have some language in making the list

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    I don't share your opinion at all for reasons. But your other videos are pretty good so that's why I stay

  37. Leonor Lizardo

    Leonor Lizardo

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    Than you for your heart-felt reaction to what we are experiencing now, also for recommending one of my hero’s, Howard Zinn. I was living in LA and worked in South LA during the aftermath of Rodney King. I remember driving home on the 10 and seeing the dark smoke on my right and going to the epicenter of the burning to pick up the youth to take them to their varied sites. I am hopeful today because young people like you are working to change things for the better. We must do better for equity and justice so that all children will live in a better America.

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    do you think he still meditates for one hour still

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    Again people keep acting like this only ever happens to black people yet it happens to all races (including white people) and saying black lives matter is ignoring the fact that all lives matter. It isolated the incidents to one group of people when it doesn't just happen to them. Also acting like it is every police officers' fault is ignoring the fact that it is only a minority of police officers and taking it out on all of them is just unfair. And no matter what violent protesting does zero good.

    • Dismantled Brain

      Dismantled Brain

      11 mesi fa

      They just want that sweet money, and what a better way to earn it than by preaching to the choir. I love how everyone behaves like George Floyd was the first man, no matter what color, to die by the hand of a police officer. Bunch of bleeding hearts and sellouts, and it's making it harder for me to support them after videos like this one. (I'm aware that I'm the minority and that they obviously won't lose sleep over losing my support, but I felt like getting it out there)

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    It’s happened again-😞shot in the back two times. Why?

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    Eu sou brasileiro e aqui no Brasil também passamos por racismo, aqui no Brasil jovens negros também sofrem com a policia nas periferias. Gostei muito do seu vídeo, estou aprendendo inglês e seu vídeo aprendendo inglês em 7 dias me motivou a continuar praticando e buscando aprender mais sobre a língua e cultura.

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    White genocide is the cultural consensus.

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    Why do you say white and then “people of color”its black people not people of color

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    I don't know man but my Brown friends are having some amazing life better than me in most cases in the US and in Canada. They say they are not oppressed in any way. Generations of Indians have born and died in the US. There are racists all around the world. There are racism and segregation based on caste here in India. Northern people looking at the southerners in a peculiar way because we are darker. I have heard of businesses, not recruiting black people - because they are lazy. More violence within their communities, high college drop-offs in colleges, and more there are even greater things that need to be addressed within black communities like high abortions and black on black attacks. No one talks about that- those are life too. As for Geroge what happened to him was tragic - But looking at stories certain things don't add - like Geroge and the cop worked at the same bar- I am not a conspiracy nut but that's what I analyzed.

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    I appreciate you for making this video🙏🏽

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    Desgraciadamente el racismo, con todo y lo horrendo que es, no desaparecerá nunca. Siempre aparece de una u otra forma mutando como un virus. I wrote these few words in Spanish, because I know you speak it and I felt I could express my frustration better in my native language. Thank you.

  64. Haiat Bachiri

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    I so desperately want to organise a meet-up with people who have the same open mindset as nathaniel!! Comment if you arr interested btw BLM

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    Eu sou brasileiro e sou de total apoio às manifestações nos Estados Unidos. Gosto muito dos seus vídeos. E seu posicionamento diante a isso tudo foi muito lindo, ganhou mais um fã e um inscrito. Abraços do Brasil.

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    Lenguaje in spanish please bro!!

  67. Because No One Is Above the Law

    Because No One Is Above the Law

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    Hi people. I'm Felipe and I live in Brazil. i need a friends for i pratice my pronunciation in english. My english is very very very basic. Pleas imbox me

  69. Fled From Nowhere

    Fled From Nowhere

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    It's irresponsibly rush to conclude that the reason the officers acted so incompetently and used excessive force is because they had racial animus toward Floyd. Also, I see some people assuming this was a murder. REALLY? A murder in the middle of the street, in broad daylight AND while being recorded? Where did these people leave their common sense? Also, I'd like to see data evidence of this claim that racism is "systemic". Nowadays it feels like people reflexively throw around that word without any evidence.

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    Paloma Santos

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    Ja cheguei dando like

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    你们没有想过是资本主义制度吗?读毛选吧(Mr mao)

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    I really hope things will change.

  74. Lara Gutierrez

    Lara Gutierrez

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    Thank you for speaking up through your platform. No one should ever be treated as if they are less human because of racial differences. Everyone must educate themselves so we can break free from the mindset which separates us from people of different race and so we can act rationally about these issues.

  75. The twins production

    The twins production

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    This is happen for muslims everyday unfortunatually ... by west world ...😓

  76. Sami H

    Sami H

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    Hi Nathaniel, your video is appreciated. However, it’d be really great if you could speak out on all the racism that exists in the countries you love to frequent or talk about. Countries like Argentina, Italy, Mexico, and even France have deep history when it comes to racism. Sadly, most, if not all of the aforementioned countries sweep racism under the rug and ignore it. What’s worse: living in a country where racism is around but it’s outspoken and confronted often (like the US) or countries like Argentina, Italy, Mexico, and France where racism is around but never addressed? Nathaniel, hopefully this is just the first video from you on this topic. You have an effective voice and a thoughtful mind that can bring to light the issue of racism in the countries you often visit or talk about.

  77. lynn ly

    lynn ly

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    Thank you for using your platform to speak upon this and share resources

  78. Pedro Godoi

    Pedro Godoi

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    O racismo no Brasil é algo escondido mesmo que aproximadamente 60% da população ser preta. Eu sou afrodescendente branco, meu tataravô casou se com minha tataravó(escrava) e lhe deu a carta de alforria (liberdade), meu avô é preto e minha avó é loira dos olhos azuis meu pai é branco que casou com uma branca e eu surgi, sem contar minha antecedência indígena. Isso é normal no Brasil (misturas de raças) mas mesmo assim ha racismo infelizmente.

  79. Bruno Henrique

    Bruno Henrique

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    Cara, você me lembra muito o ITputr pcsiqueira mds

  80. Henry


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    Couldn't have put it better Nathaniel. The world needs this type of refreshing perspective more than anything. Well done and keep it up

  81. Joseph


    11 mesi fa

    I'd suggest reading The Madness of Crowds by Douglas Murray. It deals with many issues that plague us today from a sympathetic, precise and telling perspective. The Chapter on Race and the chapter on forgiveness is especially poignant.

    • Ruben Espinoza

      Ruben Espinoza

      9 mesi fa

      Thanks for the rec! I’ll look up on it.

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    Man, i learn inglish, put legends in português please. I love u channel.

  83. Lorem Ipsum

    Lorem Ipsum

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    It was staged and paid for by Soros. They've been trying to start a race war since Manson.

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    È un video molto utile ,soprattutto noi italiani,europei che cerchiamo di "esercitarci" con il listening♥️🇮🇹

  85. Maia Kipping

    Maia Kipping

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    As a mixed-race woman I feel like there is so much to say and it is hard to not take everything going on personally. I am using my social platforms to share my voice and it is liberating but change definitely needs to happen. This isn't just a small issue it is a global one that cannot be ignored, and it is finally being made so that it cannot be ignored.

  86. Crafty Coach Will

    Crafty Coach Will

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    Thank you for speaking out and using your platform in a postiive way!

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    Thank you for speaking up.

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    BLM: "we're going to abolish the police." Wypipo: "yeah! let's *reform* the police!" BLM: "that's not what--" Wypipo: "REFORM THE POLICE! RACISM IS BAD!"

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    Why do I have this on my notifications? I'm not even subscribed...

  91. Tauan Conceição

    Tauan Conceição

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    Great video as usual, Nathaniel! And If you guys are looking for other black content creators I recommend Ronald L. Banks here on ITput. He talks about minimalism too (and much more) and I think it fits well with what we see here from Nathaniel.

  92. espressocream


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    Thanks for this.

  93. Sophie Sutter

    Sophie Sutter

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    Very well spoken, Nathaniel. I'm with you completely.

  94. Julia


    11 mesi fa

    What happened with George Floyd was inexcusable. Everyone knows that. But you talk like white cops are doing this to black people every day because they are black. They aren't. The racism I see on a daily basis as a white American teen girl is directed towards white people. A black woman my age would have an infinitely easier time getting a business loan from the bank because she is black. Any black person at all has an easier time getting into a prestigious college like Harvard simply because they are black. And the black people I know yelling racist slurs and insults at me and my family, including my 8 year old sister and 5 year old brother, have excuses made for them and nobody pays much attention if they steal from us, do drugs on our property or anything else much. Because they are black. I live in the suburbs of a big city so I've delt with this since I was a kid. What's more is protesters for Black Lives Matter in my country are burning black owned stores. Looting grocery stores and burning bus stops so that elderly black women can't do something as simple as getting groceries so they can eat. And in case you didn't know, these are black people doing this to other black people in the name of stopping racism. That is wrong. There is no justification for that either, Nathaniel. So yes. I agree. Racism is a huge issue. But it's not just white Americans. And now, with riots, there are even more people looking for an excuse to get whitey. Violent crime is overlooked because it is done to a white person. And robbing and beating a white teen is okay because "white people used to own black slaves" and " whites are so racist." Because, in the words of rioters looting and burning small businesses owned by people they didn't know, people who had done nothing wrong to them, people who only wanted to make a living for themselves and their families while offering to the community, " We built this country. We will tear it down." We have protests. For Goarge Floyd. And he was a criminal. People care about criminals. Will no one care for us because we are white or because we don't support riots? WHO WILL CARE ABOUT US?

  95. TequilaChanel


    11 mesi fa

    Good Morning, been a while since I wrote something. Hope it helps 🙏🏾 To ignore your intuition is to deny your true self, the direction in decision making is now up to the Ego. Consisting mostly of society and the world around us since childhood, the Ego can sometimes make decisions that are not in alignment of who we really are. The key is to understand how the Ego works, by doing so we bypass the surface level of thinking which allow our responses to flow from a pure logic. The Ego in many ways, tends to be self serving, quick to react, in most cases completely disregard the impact it may cause on those around us. A more healthy way of thinking is understand that we are all connected, whether we realize or not. What we do to others, we in a way do to ourselves. So it is important to seek all perspectives to receive all logic. Our intuition is always there, all it takes the shedding of the Ego embody It. -•Tequila Chanel•

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    It is difficult and overwhelming

  97. Gabriella Arango

    Gabriella Arango

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    We all need to engage as individuals and collectively to generate ongoing changes to end the injustice that had prevailed for such a long time

  98. Gabriella Arango

    Gabriella Arango

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    The first boat with slaves came to the American shotes in 1619......and George Floyd was as you said executed on May 25th 2020. The math is simple 1619 - 2020 , this adds to 400 years of Oppression and injustice,, It is a burden for all of us

  99. Dami Alao

    Dami Alao

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    Great video

  100. Marta Peregrin

    Marta Peregrin

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    Have you ever considered having your own podcast? I find that your ideas, lifestyle, values and priorities are not common and highly valuable. You'd have a platform where you could talk without a 10-15 minutes limit and you could elaborate more on those topics you're interested in and feel the need to share (such as racism in this case)

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