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  1. Jorge Jorge Art Zone

    Jorge Jorge Art Zone

    19 giorni fa

    Man u have a beautiful family, I'm Cuban, immigrant in Spain and I know for sure your parents are very brave people. I want to be like them and raise a wonderful child like u are 👍

  2. Dan Yo

    Dan Yo

    Mese fa

    Nathaniel foreshadows his impending hair loss and shaving his hair 1 year ago

  3. Darla Baltazar

    Darla Baltazar

    Mese fa

    Wow that is such a special relationship you have with your mom. So blessed

  4. John Cabrera

    John Cabrera

    2 mesi fa

    Your awesome!! Thank you for your content.

  5. A K

    A K

    2 mesi fa

    I love your beautiful mother, appreciate her wisdom and the opportunity to listen in on the heart felt sharing you both express and have for one another....inspiration & beauty from the hearts!

  6. Monica Veiga

    Monica Veiga

    2 mesi fa

    I cried with your mom's words. She seems to be fantastic! (Now makes sense why you are the way you are...)

  7. The Library Of Emotions

    The Library Of Emotions

    3 mesi fa

    I always appreciate your honesty about any topics you talk about. It feels like a real conversation.

  8. The Library Of Emotions

    The Library Of Emotions

    3 mesi fa

    I really love the way you think and the perspectives you have toward your life, so I watched all of your videos. And I wish I have a friend like you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts to us.

  9. анастэйша


    3 mesi fa

    какой же ты шикарный

  10. Juliette


    4 mesi fa

    "Who the hell is suscribing to my channel ?" Well...Can't speak for everyone here, but I'm French, I'm 31, longing for a sense of belonging and purpose. Does that answer your question ? :-)

  11. Romi S

    Romi S

    6 mesi fa

    Hola Nathan, acabo de encontrar tu canal, me pone muy triste escuchar la historia de tu mamá, sobre todo porque sé que es verdad. Es un bajon la inflación, la corrupción, y como cada vez está más separada la Argentina. Ojalá termine pronto :( Te mando abrazo!!

  12. Sarah F. T.

    Sarah F. T.

    6 mesi fa

    To answer your question, the people subscribing to your channel are intelectual beings who adore you! Xoxo

  13. nickky ivy

    nickky ivy

    6 mesi fa

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  14. Ulfah Oktarida

    Ulfah Oktarida

    7 mesi fa

    Thank you for your video! i'm 1 years older than you but i'm learning many things through your video especially about myself, and that's so important for me. I got a new understanding about myself and it helps me a lot. Hope you always healthy and have a great life. Greetings from Indonesia :)

  15. Ouroboros Dreaming

    Ouroboros Dreaming

    8 mesi fa

    I love your Mum! She’s lovely!

  16. Jody


    8 mesi fa

    I appreciate what you do. It feels meaningful. I love the open conversation and honesty in what you share. It's comforting and thought provoking. The people who watch your videos are normal people just like yourself who value growth and finding solace in our pain. I hope whoever is reading this can breathe easy and sink into the evening.

  17. Agus Charlone

    Agus Charlone

    8 mesi fa

    Desearia que argentina se convierta en un país sin corrupción. O aunque sea que la economía mejore, asi la gente puede ocuparse mas sobre sus pasiones y las cosas que le gustan y no tanto por el dinero. Gracias Nathan amazing content

  18. Juan Borigen

    Juan Borigen

    8 mesi fa

    Qué loco escucharte hablar como Argentino, me haces sentir muy identificado con vos. Excelente video y gracias por todo Nathan!!

  19. Jeanne.


    8 mesi fa

    I cried

  20. fyiimsuperawesome


    8 mesi fa

    Me encanta Argentina! Pasé un tiempito en Salta. Que bueno escuchar el castellano!

  21. Fernanda de Alencar

    Fernanda de Alencar

    8 mesi fa

    dude, your mom melted my heart.

  22. Caro Arancibia

    Caro Arancibia

    8 mesi fa

    Descubrí tu canal hace poco y me gustó muucho tu contenido, las tomas que haces y los mensajes que transmites tienen mucho valor. En este video recién supe que hablabas español 😂 quedé super sorprendida porque aprovechaba tus videos para mejorar mi inglés también, saludos desde Chile!

  23. xshukozu


    8 mesi fa

    *_You're the protagonist or antagonist of your own anime_*

  24. Rafael Panaligan

    Rafael Panaligan

    9 mesi fa

    I envy that moment you had with your mom... #EMINEM

  25. Andrzej Maranda

    Andrzej Maranda

    9 mesi fa

    Nat - thank you for ALL your vlogs. They are really interesting, smart, deep and important!

  26. Jon Javellana

    Jon Javellana

    9 mesi fa

    Congrats Nathan! Speaking of Nathan, I'm nathan too, but its a suffix haha. Jonathan.

  27. Kevin Palmateer

    Kevin Palmateer

    9 mesi fa

    Hey, it's me, someone who subscribes to you. I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the work that you do and the videos that you put out. It has helped me to examine my life and get on the path to clarity and meaning. You're a true inspiration, and I am sure that I won't be the only one to say that you make the world a better place.

  28. Oriana


    9 mesi fa

    Eres maravilloso o esta corta parte que muestras es increíble ♥

  29. robin cespedes falla

    robin cespedes falla

    9 mesi fa

    so you are latino like me owww Argentina the messi and maradona´s country

  30. Lauren R.

    Lauren R.

    9 mesi fa

    Nathaniel, I have never commented on a ITput video before, but I wanted to ask you - do you feel like you haven't been interested in "popularity" contests because you don't fit the "traditional" mold of what is popular? So your rejection of it is a "rejection" of the "rejecters"? Do you ever ponder that maybe you're pursuing a "popular" career, or a path that is focused on "popularity" because you finally found a way to make it your own, in your own space? And that in itself is a rejection of the "traditional"? I don't think it's a bad thing if you actually like the idea of being popular, or if you crave the attention. It would be great to see you embrace it even more, without doubting its meaning, and you can just live in it, freely. I don't think your content or being is harming others so I don't see you doing anything wrong with your popularity. Let's dismantle the traditional ideas of popularity and just exist without doubting or questioning.



    9 mesi fa

    Felicidades Nathaniel! Tú contenido es de mucho valor para mí!

  32. Víctor Luevano García

    Víctor Luevano García

    9 mesi fa

    Quedé re locoo cuando Nathaniel habló con ese acento argentinoo. No sabía que hablaba tan bien español:0 Salu2 desde Mexicoo

  33. Andrea Martínez Guerra

    Andrea Martínez Guerra

    9 mesi fa

    One question, what does it take to get to know you?

  34. Elyana Sekhmet Perez

    Elyana Sekhmet Perez

    9 mesi fa

    Thank you for everything! I wish I can have a conversation with you.

  35. Sandra9135


    9 mesi fa

    I enjoy your videos because they are soulful and you are very much a romantic my dear. The art of life and interaction. Glad I came across your videos this evening.

  36. Becky Huang

    Becky Huang

    9 mesi fa

    your voice is so soothing, it's so unlike the loud, flashy intros we get from most other channels. makes me really want to stop and listen to what you have to say

  37. The Guilty Show

    The Guilty Show

    9 mesi fa

    Are you still in Paris? Would be so fun to meet you!!

  38. Diego Gomez

    Diego Gomez

    9 mesi fa

    Genio, sos mi refugio del mundo moderno

  39. Vida Simples - Junior Kuyava

    Vida Simples - Junior Kuyava

    9 mesi fa

    Esse vídeo, assim como muitos outros seus, me ajudam muito na minha jornada. Eu que digo: Obrigado!

  40. Emunah Ohr

    Emunah Ohr

    9 mesi fa

    I love this quote!!!

  41. Emunah Ohr

    Emunah Ohr

    9 mesi fa

    Your mom is so special.

  42. Celia Montero

    Celia Montero

    9 mesi fa

    Me encanta el contenido que subes!

  43. R G

    R G

    9 mesi fa

    Stories like these give a hope ,when you yourself see such corruption happening in your society . It might not have happened to me but it happened to someone close to me . The person was murdered and his death was falsely claimed as Suicide by the police, due to rich people's influence. Feels like to run away from this environment ,filled with so much negativity and corruption. Seeing your videos and other such positive content , gives hope of the Beautiful world that is out there.

  44. Travis


    9 mesi fa

    Thanks for being real...we need more of that

  45. Michael Evernden

    Michael Evernden

    9 mesi fa

    I’m learning a lot from you - not only life lessons but how to develop video content. I’m a 73 year old Catholic Priest in San Francisco, doing a daily three or four minute podcast as a prayer jump starter, and I run two Zoon live groups; Tuesday Nite Chats and B- Catholics both aimed at deeper spiritual development. Thanks for all your imput.

  46. Nadeshka Holmes

    Nadeshka Holmes

    9 mesi fa

    Solo quiero agradecerte por el contenido que haces, me motiva a vivir mejor. Verdaderamente has logrado crear un espacio en esta plataforma que conforta a muchas personas, yo incluida. La verdad, así como dices, no importan los números, ya sea de visitas o suscripciones. Vengo a tu canal porque veo en tu vida cosas que también veo en la mía. Y escuchar lo que dices y lo que piensas me hace reflexionar y me proporciona una claridad respecto a mi propia vida. Por alguna razón te siento cercano, como alguien ya dijo en otro comentario, te percibo como un amigo que comparte sus pensamientos conmigo. Me parece que a los creadores de contenido como tu puede preocuparles mucho el nacimiento de nuevas ideas y el como llevarlas a cabo. Y, no se si esto proporcione algún alivio, pero quiero que sepas que yo solo espero que sigas siendo tú mismo. En este viaje de la vida me alegra el saber que podemos compartir nuestra vivencias y pensamientos con otras personas aunque cada quien recorra su propio camino.

  47. adna dahir

    adna dahir

    9 mesi fa

    answer= A 20 yr old girl who lives in central Glasgow who is using her time more and more on the lazier side but works on it and acknowledges it due to being more open in seeking clarity and intent on everything she does daily (or tries to) is subscribed to your channel. Nathaniel, somehow watching these videos you upload gives me peace. Thats the word i would describe it, ... peace and a smile. thank you!



    9 mesi fa

    me encantó tu reflexión

  49. Anna


    9 mesi fa

    Your words made me remember. And your mother brought tears to my eyes. What a precious person. People. Hugs from Vienna

  50. Suaibu Jallah

    Suaibu Jallah

    9 mesi fa

    Ur mom literally made me get emotional. Couldn't believe what I heard when she said that the police robbed her home. I was shook to my core.

  51. Roberto Wilder

    Roberto Wilder

    9 mesi fa

    I'm 50 years old and I love this channel. In case some young folks don't know this, Life will take you in directions you never expected which is both good and bad. You devise your plans, you seek your niche, you create a life of your own, but it is sometimes in different forms than we imagine. Again, this is just a thing, it's not good or bad. In any case, my point is, I am here due to this reality about living Life-- We can always learn something new and find comfort and understanding when hearing about another's journey. If Nathan reads this comment (yeah, not likely, understood) you are a deep thinker as I was at your age, you are much smarter than I was, however. I enjoy listening to your ideas about living-- sometimes it reminds me of my own youth, and sometimes I gain a new insight. Often, I wish I had been as adventurous at your age, but my life was very different and that is simply a fact that could not have been changed without great fortune and luck at that time. P.S.: It's clear Nathan's parents, perhaps esp his mother, has played a large role in shaping him. My parents shaped me, too, but in very different and not-so-great ways. As you say, I am still the narrator. As the narrator of my own life's movie or book (or both), I have had wonderful and exciting chapters as well as sad and suffering chapters. I'm currently in a stage of reinvention (for the tenth time) and taking notes on who I want to be next and how I want to contribute to my community. This is an ongoing process in life and I welcome it with open arms, as I see Nathan doing here on his ITput channel as he learns and grows. He's a smart and compassionate person and I wish him all the luck in the world.

  52. Gustavo Manchuca

    Gustavo Manchuca

    9 mesi fa

    Now I feel closer to you, I live in Argentina and yes, things are quite bad, even more so with what is happening, congratulations on everything you have accomplished my good friend!

  53. Lizzie Yang

    Lizzie Yang

    9 mesi fa

    "You can't measure what a human is with number". Thank you for that. And your mom is so sweet, she's the best and she's an inspiration.

  54. JACOBO 2

    JACOBO 2

    10 mesi fa

    Ay:00 hablas argentino

  55. pria tampan

    pria tampan

    10 mesi fa

    Hi nathan, im from indonesia, i just subscribe your channel 😊

  56. Annie A

    Annie A

    10 mesi fa

    Nate, conversations with your mom are always so enlightening and radiate so much comfort. Your videos help bring me a lot of clarity in life every day I watch them and highlight the importance of asking ourselves questions and finding answers through our own means. Thank you for making videos.

  57. Ana Medina

    Ana Medina

    10 mesi fa

    Come to Greece my friend, join my adventure

  58. Pippi Amorin

    Pippi Amorin

    10 mesi fa

    Nathaniel, sos increíble. Sigo tu trabajo hace mucho tiempo y te respeto un montón. Sos inteligente, ético y positivo. Arriba! Te merecés todo esto y mucho más. Un abrazo desde Montevideo.

  59. Erickson Films

    Erickson Films

    10 mesi fa


  60. Matteo Pizzinato

    Matteo Pizzinato

    10 mesi fa

    Affanculo le pippe mentali ❤️

  61. clara frontela

    clara frontela

    10 mesi fa

    I am so glad to have accidentally found your channel two years ago! super FAN. So cute you are! and inspiring jejejeje

  62. terry. berrry

    terry. berrry

    10 mesi fa

    A bit out of context but: Has pensado grabar por lo menos un video en español?

  63. poli


    10 mesi fa

    I think I’m at the crossroads now too, but only at the very beginning of my journey, right now I don’t even have a job, so I just really need to... try and push my dream forward. I think people who subscribe to you, Nathaniel, are people like you. The ones who are “addicted to worrying” and are very curious about life. Thank you for your content

  64. Jonathan Vera

    Jonathan Vera

    10 mesi fa

    Your videos give me a feeling of peace and they have been helping with my personal growing. A lot thanks for your work it is really helpful

  65. Jake Welch

    Jake Welch

    10 mesi fa

    Your mom is a sweetheart. You're a lucky guy

  66. Samie K

    Samie K

    10 mesi fa

    !!! I adore your work, Nathaniel. The way you articulate your thoughts and express feeling through your videos hit so close to home for me that it feels like I'm returning to a long-standing conversation with an old friend. It is a relief to find someone who shares so much of the same curiosity and drive, as well as inspiring to see what you've created with it. I think the things you discuss are incredibly valuable and have the power to inspire change in people's minds and hearts and the way they perceive things happening around them. Whatever course this all takes you, I hope it fuels you to know that you have already made a change for the better. Many kudos and much love.

  67. Lauren James

    Lauren James

    10 mesi fa

    Any filipino's out here also supporting nathaniel drew?

  68. Alessio Rossi

    Alessio Rossi

    10 mesi fa

    I loved the entire video, especially the italian phrase your friends tell you haha

  69. Syn


    10 mesi fa

    I'm trying to be quadlingual and starting it is harder than actually doing it. I'm currently bilingual "English/Filipino(tagalog)" and I want to learn both Japanese and Spanish aswell but it's hard to learn Spanish since there are no shows available like anime that's great for japanese learners. For spanish I only have Cuco's music or my highschool language class (but american school always finds a way to make things boring). I really appreciate the Spanish subtitles, it won't make me learn spanish right away but it's a great start in my opinion :)

  70. DigitalZoom6


    10 mesi fa

    No tenía idea que tenías descendencia latina! Me encanta tu contenido, saludos desde Chile!

  71. Jassneet Bhatti 3034

    Jassneet Bhatti 3034

    10 mesi fa

    This was so needed as i try to discover myself. I've been what my parents wanted all my life (I'm 17 and Asian). I don't know who I am and your videos help. Bless ya 💙

  72. Jassneet Bhatti 3034

    Jassneet Bhatti 3034

    10 mesi fa

    Damn he's so much like me (ir everybody?)

  73. Oliver Clive

    Oliver Clive

    10 mesi fa

    This was such a wonderful and humble 1M celebration. Love it man. Well deserved.

  74. Christian C

    Christian C

    10 mesi fa

    No me esperaba tu acento argentino! 😍 Me encantas como ser humano! Felicidades, seguí adelante 🙌🏻

  75. MicheleThePilot


    10 mesi fa

    Grandee Nathan!! Sei er mejo 🤙🏼

  76. Jesse H

    Jesse H

    10 mesi fa

    These videos they help so much man. Thanks for creating them and for being such a genuinely nice person. I don’t seen you being someone who is defined by a number but by all of the wonderful advice you give and by sharing your journey. Congratulations on 1 Mil. you earned it!

  77. Ivan Jaen

    Ivan Jaen

    10 mesi fa

    Your mom is awesome, was the placement in front of the horns intentional? That was hilarious! Sending big hugs to both!

  78. Thai Bui

    Thai Bui

    10 mesi fa

    wow wow

  79. Hale Salman

    Hale Salman

    10 mesi fa

    he was our little secret and now he’s gone and got the 1 million subs🥺 every single person truly values your videos but most importantly you nathan :)

  80. Ralby


    10 mesi fa

    Watching you is like looking into the mirror. The resemblance is uncanny- I am nathan (female version)

  81. SoloMora


    10 mesi fa

    Gracias ti.

  82. Agustin Oliva

    Agustin Oliva

    10 mesi fa

    Dude, i discovered your channel a couple months ago and I like a lot what you do. No matter how difficult it may see, no one has to fall in the trap that represents basing what one is or do in the opinion of others. No se si vas a ver este comentario o no, pero acá en Argentina la decadencia se dio y se mantiene por la hipocresía de los políticos y la estupidez colectiva de la sociedad, un claro ejemplo donde si se deja llevar por un discurso vacio y sin pensar el contenido se te va todo al carajo. Si eso puede pasar en un país imaginate lo que es en la actualidad con las personas y la presión de internet y las redes sociales. En la vida hay que evitar el gataflorismo (ask your parents what this is jajaja), hay que reconocer lo que hay y conocerse a uno mismo para saber cuáles son las pautas necesarias para tener una vida en sintonía con lo que uno mismo quiera o necesite. Saludos loco.

  83. Tom Hopehealthy

    Tom Hopehealthy

    10 mesi fa

    I came here when you have 10 thousand subscribers and see how community growth and how you growth as a creator, it’s such a journey for me too, you are like a best friend, listening to you is like taking advice in exact moment when it’s needed and it’s always so hmmm honest, thank you for that 🙏🏽❤️

  84. K B

    K B

    10 mesi fa

    "Who is subscribing ?" A 16 years old and ambitious person. I find immense comfort in seeing your personal journey, whatever it is about. I myself share this tendency with you of worrying too much about the right and perfect thing to do, and it is only at my wisest and most peaceful times that I come to the best conclusion possible: there is nothing that matters to me in this world, besides having faith in God (Allah), and living gratefully of everything that comes my way, as I know life isn't endless, therefore my worries are meaningless. Nathaniel, I would tell you to explore more your capacity of being open to the world and what it holds, and accepting things, as terrifying as they would be if you knew you would never die. Place your faith in the best places, I believe it is everyone's core, and one who doesn't place their faith in something bigger than this life, will undoubtfully place it in painful places. I would love to see you down the path of becoming as peaceful as you could get. I feel like this advice is as much for you as it is for me, because it is a valuable lesson I ought to share with someone I care about. I am very glad you have decided to create on this platform, however, I was surprised to realize you're one of the few people that I don't see any differently from someone close to me, and it is saying something knowing me. As long as your journey is still available, know that you have one girl who does want to follow it as it goes, not for the destination, for the journey.

  85. Natanya Monroe

    Natanya Monroe

    10 mesi fa

    I wonder what enneagram number you are 🤨

  86. dochnicht


    10 mesi fa

    Well now I'm thinking you're a fraud. I thought you were a vanilla American. Turns out you're an Argentinean who speaks perfect Spanish. Suddenly moving to Mexico or learning Italian or Portuguese in some weeks isn't that remarkable at all any more...

  87. Cle Bak

    Cle Bak

    10 mesi fa

    We need to listen, record and share more of our parents lessons in life

  88. Guilherme Guimarães Cruz

    Guilherme Guimarães Cruz

    10 mesi fa

    OMG! You, Nathaniel Drew, are such a nice guy! Just keep swimming!

  89. Gourish


    10 mesi fa

    I am really in love with your channel ❤️

  90. britney huynh

    britney huynh

    10 mesi fa

    You deserve all the subscribers in the world :)

  91. Letitia Gazetovici

    Letitia Gazetovici

    10 mesi fa

    This made me smile :)

  92. Solitude Wonderland of Rie

    Solitude Wonderland of Rie

    10 mesi fa

    I am so picky with content creators with this kind of video and you're one of the few. I felt the sincerity and passion. You inspired me. Thank you and please keep being you. 🌱🍃☕

  93. jose a

    jose a

    10 mesi fa

    being someone who has probably all his life been focused on personal development I found your channel as one of a few places were I can have someone who is going through the same talk to me in a way none of my friends or family can

  94. Tatyanna Matisse

    Tatyanna Matisse

    10 mesi fa

    Wonderful human being 💖

  95. One Life One Journey

    One Life One Journey

    10 mesi fa

    Who's subscribing? Someone who's been on the same search path for years, thinking "if only there were more people like you with this kind of talk 10 years ago", although I wasn't particularly looking for this kind of real content at that time! Someone who're grateful for and inspired by your vulnerability and courage. In the end, it even contributed (so thank you!) to my motivation to create my own channel and share bits of what I have and am learning from this amazing journey called life! (Also love it when you include shots of Paris, I miss home so it's like "still here and still gonna be here when I go back"!)

  96. Logan Hamilton

    Logan Hamilton

    10 mesi fa

    Nathaniel, I think that posting the audio from your videos to Spotify and other music apps in "podcast" format would be very helpful for some of your audience. I've seen several other ITput Creators do this. Not to take away from your video quality. It's amazing. This just might be a way to make your content more accessible and/or expand your audience. Thanks👍

  97. Joseph Roland Nasol

    Joseph Roland Nasol

    10 mesi fa

    I like this video not just because of your great cinematography and superb story telling, I just feel like inspired and motivated after watching it. You have a vibe that connects to my soul and I love it. Thank you Nathaniel!

  98. Gess Naka

    Gess Naka

    10 mesi fa

    Su madre es muy preciosa y eso es visible en usted. A mí me gusta escuchar las cosas que piensas y como la relación que tienes con tu familia es una gran parte de la persona que eres.

  99. Happywarrior


    10 mesi fa

    omg just found out you have argentinan parents, much love from Argentina!!!! keep the good work going love your videos

  100. David Ruiz

    David Ruiz

    10 mesi fa

    Well, actually I already wrote you on Instagram, but u didn’t see my message 😅🥺 besides this, keep doing your videos! You’re amazing and u are changing my life perspective! Greetings from Colombia 🇨🇴 Pdta: Seu portugués é incrível 👏🏻

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